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Canon EOS C300 EF with DAF professional camcorder

code: EOSC300DAF
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Canon EOSC300DAF (EOS C300DAF, EOS-C300DAF, EOS/C300DAF, eosc300daf) EOS C300 EF with DAF

Canon Cinema EOS C300 EF super 35mm digital cinematography camcorder with EF lens mount and DAF - Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus

Features Highlight 

- Super 35mm CMOS Sensor

- Built-in Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus technology (for EOS C300 DAF only)

- Full HD MPEG-2 4:2:2 Color Sampling

- DIGIC DV III Digital Image Processor

- "Canon Log Gamma" to enlarge the dynamic range by 800%

- 24.00p recording mode to complement the prevalent film format

- Dual CF Card Slots support multiple recording modes

- Compact size with enhanced mobility

- Ultra-Large multi-angle 4-inch 1,230,000-dot High Resolution LCD Panel 

- Diverse Industry-Standard Input/Output format 

- Compatible with Brand new Canon EF Cinema Zoom Lenses

- Industry-standard MXF format to facilitate post-production efficiency

EOS C300 DAF* and EOS C300 PL# are the two brand new interchangeable-lens digital video camcorders after Canon usher in a new era of professional digital video recording by introducing the Cinema EOS system. The EOS C300 DAF comes with an EF mount that supports all EF lenses of Canon’s EOS DSLR cameras, while the EOS C300 PL features a PL mount that is compatible with standard PL lenses. Designed with ultra-compact bodies, EOS C300 DAF and EOS C300 PL incorporates Canon’s newly developed Super 35mm 8.29-megapixel CMOS sensor, DIGIC DV III Image Processor, MPEG-2 4:2:2 color sampling and a 50Mbps recording bit rate, offering accurate color reproduction and unrivalled imaging quality. The new camcorders offer a unique combination of exceptional imaging performance, lens compatibility and mobility, facilitating filmmakers with the highest levels of support.

* EF mount version compatible with Full series of EF lenses and new EF Cinema (EF mount) series lenses 


# PL mount version compatible with industry-standard PL lenses and new EF Cinema (PL mount) series lenses

Super 35mm CMOS Sensor with higher light sensitivity and resolution

EOS C300 DAF and EOS C300 PL incorporate a newly developed Super 35mm CMOS Sensor with an active image size of 24.6 x 13.8mm. It delivers 8.29-megapixel (3840 x 2160) resolution to process 3 primary colors separately; and since each primary color possesses 2-megapixal clarity without the need of “Color Interpolation”, this can effectively reduce moiré artifacts and jaggies, offering smooth images with 1000 lines of resolution. Thanks to the Super 35mm CMOS Sensor, each pixel is an enlarged 6.4 x 6.4 micrometers in area and the distance from the microlenses to the photodiodes has been reduced, enhancing light-gathering capability that can produce better low-noise night video with crisp and detailed images. Also, it can achieve attractive shallow depth of view. The new sensor features 2x shutter scanning speed that can effectively reduce rolling shutter skews when shooting fast-moving subjects to produce perfect images.

Super 35mm CMOS produces perfect images

Full HD MPEG-2 4:2:2 Color Sampling

EOS C300 DAF and EOS C300 PL adopt the industry-standard MPEG-2 Long GOP 4:2:2 Codec (Canon XF Codec), unleashing the power of Super 35mm CMOS sensor and HD video lens. Supporting a maximum recording bit rate of 50Mbps, EOS C300 DAF and EOS C300 PL deliver professional film-standard quality in a compact size. Also, 4:2:2 color sampling offers twice the volume of color data, doubling the level of color resolution, minimizing jagged edges to ensure ample quality for chroma key composition and color corrections.

MPEG-2 4:2:2 color sampling provides a superior color resolution

DIGIC DV III Digital Image Processor for high-speed HD image data processing

Leveraging on Canon’s advanced digital imaging technology, the EOS C300 DAF and EOS C300 PL are equipped with proprietary DIGIC DV III digital image processor made especially for Canon’s HD digital camcorders. The processor handles massive HD video data with enhanced algorithm speed and efficiency, ensuring sharp and true-to-life HD videos in rich colors. DIGIC DV III is low in power consumption, enabling the camcorders to capture longer videos.

“Canon Log Gamma” to enlarge the dynamic range by 800%

The new “Canon Log Gamma” is designed to facilitate post-production by enabling users to enjoy greater freedom in fine-tuning images. By managing the image quality with excellent tonal reproduction of both highlights and shadows, Canon Log can increase a total dynamic range by 800%. Canon Log Gamma also allows for seamless conversion to the industry-standard 10-bit Cineon format for colour grading. Both camcorders provide view assistance function which can display a normal gamma setting image on LCD monitor as reference.

Dynamic Range increases 800% under Canon Log Gamma

24.00p recording mode to complement the prevalent film format

The EOS C300 DAF’s and EOS C300 PL’s 24.00p mode matches the exact frame rates of 35mm film cameras, saving the time needed for frame-rate conversion. Whether the two new models are used for shooting solely, or as a complementary tool for other film cameras, they can perform with the industry standard flawlessly.

Dual CF Card Slots support multiple recording modes

The EOS C300 DAF and EOS C300 PL use the popular CF cards as recording media. Both camcorders feature built-in dual CF card slots where two cards can be recorded simultaneously and support Relay Recording function, which will automatically switch to the other CF card for continuous recording when one card is full. This flexibility expands the recording capacity. Two 32GB CF cards can record 2.5 hours of full HD video in 4:2:2 codec at a maximum of 50Mbps recording bit rate. The dual CF card slots also support Hot Swappable function, making it possible to take out the CF card not in use while recording for uninterrupted shooting.

Compact size with a multi-angle control panel


The EOS C300 DAF and EOS C300 PL are ergonomically designed for enhanced mobility. With body-only dimensions 133mm x 171mm x 179mm and a weight of 1430g, the new camcorders can accommodate different situations with separate unites like handgrip and viewfinder. The removable, rotating handgrip can turn 360 degrees in 15 degree increments, this can assist users to access the Start/Stop buttons, aperture and other functions effortlessly. The operating buttons layout has also been redesigned with four sets of Start/Stop buttons in four different locations, 15 assigned buttons and two dials to suit individual shooting styles, allowing a greater level of control. Both models feature a built-in cooling fan and a heat-dissipating system to make long shooting possible; plus a highly durable dust- and drip-proof construction designed for use at harsh environment.

Ultra-Large 4-inch 1,230,000-dot High Resolution LCD Panel for accurate framing


The EOS C300 DAF and EOS C300 PL feature an ultra-large 4-inch 1,230,000-dot high resolution LCD Panel which rotates 270 degrees vertically and horizontally for different shooting angles. A range of user assist functions can be displayed on the LCD panel, such as the waveform monitor function provides an objective analysis for users on image brightness and brightness of red, green and blue primary colors for accurate exposure adjustment. The built-in vectorscope function helps check the balance between image hue and saturation for white balance adjustment. Together with the edge monitor function, the status of focus can be indicated in green and red waveform on the bottom of the LCD panel, allowing users to quickly adjust the focus point. Plus, a 0.52-inch, 1.55 Megapixel color electronic viewfinder that can tilt up to 60 degrees, best suited for shooting in narrow spaces.

Wireless connectivity with Industry-Standard Input/Output format

In achieving a whole new level of mobility, EOS C300 DAF and EOS C300 PL can offer wireless connectivity. With the aid of the WFT-E6D wireless file transmitter through an 802.11b/g/n network, camera settings like start/stop buttons, focus, white balance, gain and other parameters can be controlled remotely through computers, smartphones and tablets.


EOS C300 DAF and EOS C300 PL are built with HD-SDI output terminal that can output uncompressed full HD 4:2:2 1920 x 1080 native signals for post-production. Genlock allows multi-camera shooting; a SMPTE Time Code input/output facility is included for streamlined output compatibility with post-production workflow.

Supplied in the Box

EOS C300 DAF or EOS C300 PL Body

Monitor Unit

Handle Unit

BP-955 Battery Pack

CG-940 Battery Charger

CA-940 Compact Power Adapter


Viewfinder Cap

Thumb Rest

TB-1 Tripod Base

WFT Attachment

Measuring Hook

DC-940 DC Cable

SS-1200 Shoulder Strap





Recording System


Video compression: MPEG-2 Long GOP;

Audio compression: Linear PCM, 16 bits, 48 kHz, 2 channels

File type: MXF


Image compression: JPEG

DCF (Design rule for Camera File system), compatible with Exif Ver. 2.3

Video Configuration (recording/playback)

50 Mbps (CBR, 4:2:2, 422P@HL)

1920x1080: 59.94i, 50.00i, 29.97P, 25.00P, 24.00P, 23.98P

1280x720: 59.94P, 50.00P, 29.97P, 25.00P, 24.00P, 24.98P

35 Mbps (VBR, 4:2:0, MP@HL)

1920x1080: 59.94i, 50.00i, 29.97P, 25.00P, 23.98P

1280x720: 59.94P, 50.00P, 29.97P, 25.00P, 23.98P

25 Mbps (CBR, 4:2:0, MP@H14)

1440x1080: 59.94i, 50.00i, 29.97P, 25.00P, 23.98P

Recording Media


Compact Flash (CF) Card Type I (two slots)


SD or SDHC (SD High Capacity) memory card

Maximum Recording Time*2

16GB CF memory card

50Mbps: Approx. 40 min. 

35Mbps: Approx. 55 min. 

25Mbps: Approx. 80 min.

64GB CF memory card

50Mbps: Approx. 160 min.

35Mbps: Approx. 225 min.

25Mbps: Approx. 310 min.

Image Sensor

Super-35mm-equivalent CMOS sensor, 

approx. 8,290,000 pixels (3840 x 2160)


1.3 cm (0.52 in.), approx. 1,555,000 dots, 100% coverage

Monitor Unit


Modular unit can be rotated 270° in its axis; includes the LCD panel, recording and playback controls, XLR terminals and related audio controls.

LCD Panel

Articulated panel, 270° vertical rotation, 180° lateral rotation

LCD Screen

10.1 cm (4.0 in.), wide, color, approx. 1,230,000 dots, 

100% coverage

Two XLR Terminals


MIC setting: -60 dBu / 600 Ω

LINE setting: 4 dBu/ 10k Ω

Microphone attenator: 20 dB


Approx. 620g

Lens Mount

Canon EF mount compatible with Canon EF lenses (including EF-S lenses)

PL Lens mount without data interface terminals

Lens multification factor: Approx. 1.53 

(for 35mm equivalent focal length)

ND Filter

Built-in (Off, 2, 4 or 6 stops), motor operated

White Balance

Custom white balance (two sets, A and B), color temperature setting (2,000K to 15,000K); two preset settings (daylight, 5,400K and incandescent lamp, 3,200K) that can be further fine-tuned


1/2-stop increments, 1/3-stop increments, fine-tuning


ISO Speed

1-stop increments: ISO 320, ISO 400 to ISO 12800, ISO 20000

1/3-stop increments: ISO 320 to ISO 20000


-6dB to 30dB (3-dB increments), 

0dB to 24dB (fine-tuning in 0.5-dB increments)

Shutter Speed

Speed (1/3-stop increments, 1/4-stop increments), angle, clear scan, slow, off

Lens Peripheral Illumination Correction

Available for Canon EF lenses*3


Sensor Sensitivity 

(ISO 640 (0 dB), 2000 lux, 89.9% reflection)

NTSC: F9 (1920x1080 at 59.94i)

PAL: F10 (1920x1080 at 50.00i)

S/N Ratio 

(ISO 850, using Canon Log gamma)

54 dB (typical, 1920x1080, NTSC at 29.97P, PAL at 25.00P)

Subject Illumination 

(24 dB, with a f/1.2 lens)

NTSC: 0.30 lux (29.97P, shutter speed 1/30)

PAL 0.25 lux (25.00P, shutter speed 1/25)

Size of Video Recordings

50Mbps, 35Mbps: 1920 x 1080 pixels, 1280 x 720 pixels

25Mbps: 1440 x 1080 pixels

Size of Photos

1920 x 1080 pixels, 1280 x 720 pixels 

(only when capturing a photo from a clip)


HD/SD SDI Terminal

BNC jack, output only, 0.8 Vp-p/75 Ω, unbalanced



Video (1080i/720P), embedded audio, time code (VITC/LTC)



Video (480i or 576i), embedded audio, time code (VITC/LTC)

HDMI OUT Terminal

HDMI connector, output only

Sync OUT Terminal

BNC jack, output only, 1 Vp-p / 75 Ω

Output signal: HD component video luminance signal (HD-Y), HD analog tri-level signal, Analog blackburst signal, SD composite video

MIC Terminal

Ø 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack, -72 dBV (manual volume center, full scale -18dB) 600 Ω

Microphone attenuator: 20 dB

Headphone Terminal

Ø 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack, -∞ to -12 dBV (16 Ω load, volume range Min to Max) 

/ 50 Ω or less

GENLOCK Terminal

BNC jack, Input only: 1 Vp-p/75 Ω

TIME CODE Terminal

BNC jack, input/ output

Input: 0.5 Vp-p to 18 Vp-p / 10 k Ω

Output: 1 Vp-p / 75 Ω

REMOTE Terminal

Ø 2.5 mm stereo mini jack

Grip Unit Connection Terminal

Proprietary connector for the supplied Grip Unit connection plug

WFT Terminal

Proprietary connector for the optional WFT-E6D Wireless File Transmitter


Power supply (rated)

7.4 V DC (battery pack), 8.4 V DC (DC IN)

Power consumption*4

LCD screen and view finder

11.7 W (NTSC, 24.00P recording), 

11.4 W (PAL recordings)

Viewfinder only

10.7 W (NTSC, 24.00P recordings), 

10.4 W (PAL recordings)

10.6 W (NTSC, 24.00P recordings), 

10.2 W (PAL recordings)

Maximum rated power consumption: 20.9 W

Operating temperature

0 – 40 °C

Dimensions *5 

(W x H x D)

Minimal Configuration with thumb rest

133 x 179 x 171mm

133 x 179 x 177mm

Configuration with grip unit and grip bel

174 x 179 x 171mm

174 x 179 x 177mm

Configuration with monitor unit

185 x 249 x 187 mm

Configuration with handle unit and monitor unit

185 x 284 x 301 mm

Weight *5 (camcorder body only)

Camcorder unit only



Camcorde with grip unit and grip belt, monitor unit, BP-955 battery pack and two CF cards



Camcorder with grip unit and grip belt, monitor unit, handle unit, BP-955 battery pack and two CF cards



* All data is based on Canon's standard testing methods. Subject to change without notice.

*1 Custom picture files, camera settings and user memo files can be saved and loaded

*2 Approximate figures based on continuous recording

*3 Some Canon EF lenses are not compatible with peripheral illumination correction

*4 Recording at 50 Mbps with AF on, viewfinder/LCD screen normal brightness, SDI output on


*5 All dimensions and weights are approximate

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