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Sony F65RS/VF F65RS Camera with HDVF-C30WR Viewfinder

code: F65RS/VF
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Comes with 2 Years Sony Prime Support Warranty - Beware of grey imports.

Sony F65RS/VF (F65RSVF, F65RS VF, F65/RS/VF, f65rs/vf) F65RS Camera with HDVF-C30WR Viewfinder

The F65 is a top-end motion picture camera. It features a true step-change in sensor technology, using a 20 Mega pixel 8K CMOS sensor. The F65 runs up to 120Fps, creates HD/2K or genuine 4K resolution images with a huge colour gamut, outstanding dynamic range, and high sensitivity.

The dockable SR-R4 SRMemory unit records 16bit linear SRRAW directly on to an SRMemory card at up to 5 Gbps. This can be developed with industry-standard NLEs from companies such as Adobe, Avid, Apple, Film light, Quantel, Sony and many others. For maximum operational flexibility, the SR-R4 can also support SStP (same as HDCAM SR) recording which can be used natively on the same NLEs.

Integration into 4K live production environment 


With the SKC-4065 live camera adaptor, the F65 integrates seamlessly into the 4K live production environment, offering enhanced 4K, high quality HD cut-out and 2x High Frame Rate (HFR) 4K/HD recording capabilities.


Super 35mm CMOS sensor with 20 Mega pixels

The F65 features superb image quality in HD/2K and True 4K. There is a choice of format composition as required, including 1.85:1, 1.78:1, 1.66:1, 1.33:1, 2.35 spherical, 1.3x anamorphic, or 2x anamorphic cropped. The F65 has a 14-stop latitude, high sensitivity and ultra-low noise. It offers filmic colour reproduction with an unrivalled colour gamut.

Compact and light-weight

Smaller and lighter than the F35, the F65 allows for even easier handling for applications such as Steadicam.

Records on to SRMemory with dockable SR-R4 SRMASTER Portable Recorder

The SR-R4 is a 4K recording system specifically designed for Sony's new top-of-the-line F65 cinematography camera. It takes full advantage of the ultra high-speed SRMemory platform to record super-rich RAW data from the F65 at speeds as fast as 5 Gbps.

SRMemory is unique – nothing can match its combination of capacity, sustained data throughput, security and portability. It opens up completely new ways for end-users to work. With huge transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps, SRMemory media also has massive capacity up to 1TB for long recording times.

Wide range of interfaces for on-set workflow

The F65 provides 16bit RAW output for recording onto SRMemory in the dockable SR-R4. Other interfaces include monitoring via HD-SDI and HD viewfinder with LUT, camera remote connector, LAN connecter, WiFi Camera Control and Cooke /i support.

Rotary shutter

The optional mechanical rotary shutter eliminates the rolling-shutter effect common to CMOS sensors.

Built-in ND Filters

Four Neutral Density Filters are supplied with the Rotary Shutter option.

Records at up to 120 FPS

The camera features higher frame rate recording up to 120P, which is especially useful on productions such as commercials that require a slow motion effect.

Fully integrates into Sony 4K live production environment

The SKC-4065 4K live camera adaptor seamlessly integrates the F65 in a 4K live production environment. The 4K live camera adaptor, which bolts onto the back of the F65 alongside a CA-4000* 4K fibre transmission camera system adaptor, significantly increases the capabilities of the Sony 4K live production solution. The SKC-4065 provides a future-proofed system compatibility with the same 4K live system as the PMW-F55. 


* SKC-PB40 power booster is required.



Power Requirements DC 10.5 V to 17 V

Power Consumption Approx. 65 W (Mechanical rotary shutter operating.) (without lens, viewfinder, at 23.98PsF mode)

Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C

32°F to 104°F

Storage Temperature -20°C to +60°C

-4°F to +140°F

Mass 5.0 kg (6.5 kg with accessories)

11 lb (14 lb 5 oz with accessories)

Camera Section

Pickup Device 1-chip Super 35 mm type CMOS

Aspect Ratio 17:9

Built-in Filters Clear, ND0.9 (1/8ND), ND1.2 (1/16ND), ND1.5 (1/32ND), ND1.8 (1/64ND)

Lens Mount o54 mm PL mount

Flange Focal Length 52.00 mm (+/-0.04 mm adjustable in 0.01 mm increments by shim replacement)

Latitude 14-stop

Registration Within 0.02% (all zones, without lens)

Distortion Below measureable level (without lens)


DC Input Lemo 8-pin (male) (x1), DC 10.5 V to 17 V, DC 20 V to 30 V

DC Output DC 12 V: 11-pin (x1), max. 4 A

DC 24 V: 3-pin (x1), max. 4 A

Viewfinder 20-pin (x1)

Lens 12-pin (x1)

SDI Output BNC (x2), HD-SDI (4:2:2)

HD-Y Output BNC (x1), 75 Ω, 1.0 Vp-p

Genlock Input BNC (x1), 75 Ω, HD 3-level sync, 0.6 Vp-p

Remote 8-pin (x1)

External Input/Output Lemo 5-pin (female) (x1)

Ethernet RJ-45 type (x1), 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX

Lens Mount Hot Shoe 4-pin (x2), conforming to ARRI LDS (Lens Data System) and Cooke /I Intelligent Electronic Lens System)

USB Type A, USB2.0 Hi-Speed (x1)

"Memory Stick" (MS)/SD Memory Card "Combo-connector (x1) 

Supports ""Memory Stick Duo"", ""Memory Stick PRO Duo"" 

Supports SD memory cards, SDHC memory cards up to class 10" 

Supplied Accessories

Supplied Accessories Belt bracket (1)

Cable clamp belt (1)

19mm dia carbon rod (1)

+B3 x 5 screws (4)

Center handle (1)

Viewfinder mounting plate (1)

Riser plate (1)

Power cable connector (LEMO 8-pin) (1)

Operation manual (CD-ROM) (1)

Operation guide (1)

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