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  • Reference: SW-QPRO2B

    SPECIFICATION:PC or laptop specification    Operating system: 2000, XP Pro, Windows 7 Professional    1GB RAM    40GB hard drive    2 USB ports    Intel Pentium or higher processor  

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  • Reference: SW-QPROSE

    SW-QPROSE QPro Software with ShuttleXpress Controller


        ShuttleXpress substituted for 2-Button

    The QPro prompting software is a robust software-only application designed for Professional shoots, without the need for live edits or newsroom interfaces

        Runorder management with multiple scripts and ability to display rundown and prompter output simultaneously on screen.

        XP Pro and Windows 7 Professional compliant with ability to easily import QPro, MS word, .txt, and .rtf files.

        Supports all unicode languages.

        Multiple font types, sizes and colours.

        Can be used with any of our Master or Professional Series prompters.

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  • Reference: OCU-PSP08D

    OCU-PSP08D  8" Professional Series Direct View/ Straight Read

    Mounted to shoe on top of camera


        Hood replaced with direct-view hardware

    The PSP08 has been designed for indoor DV and ENG camera shoots where portability and lightweight equipment is paramount

        Clear and crisp prompting image (300 Nits) recommended for all but the most extreme sunlight or studio lighting

        Mount to an ENG camera on matte box bars or chroziel adaptors for an extremely lightweight solution or to a standard shoulder mount using our versatile Gold Plate which slides backwards and forwards to accomodate any size of camera (DV or ENG).

        The PSP08 uses the same lightweight and collapsible hood, enabling easy transportation. The hood moves up and down to enable you to shoot through the centre of the glass with no need to raise the camera.

        The PSP08 features image reverse on the monitor ensuring that the software doesn't need to work so hard, providing a smoother scroll for the operator

        A 5" image reversing prompter monitor can be substituted for the 8" for an even lighter solution.


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  • Reference: ESP-MAN

    SPECIFICATION:Conference Stand    Stand Height: 86" (220cm) max; 56" (142cm) min    Stand Weight: 2.2 kgs (5 lb) excluding monitor  

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  • Reference: SW-DONGLE

    SW-DONGLE Replacement for lost or stolen software dongle


        Re-programmed dongle

    Purchase the dongle version of QStart to be able to install the full QStart software on any machine and prompt from whichever machine you plug the dongle in to.

    By default, the license for QStart is tied to the Mac address of a specific machine in which it is installed. To be able to move your QStart license around and have the flexibility to prompt from any machine, purchase this security dongle which will allow you to prompt from whichever machine the dongle is connected to.


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  • Reference: DN-VGA/003

    SPECIFICATION:AUTOCUE AND SELF-DETECTING MONITORSComputer Input    Signal Type - Analog RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, YPbPr    Sync TTL Level, 10K, Pos or Neg    Termination Auto-terminating into 75     Connectors 1x HD-15 Female with Loop-thru     R-G-B Level Range 0.5-2.0 Vp-p    Scan Rate Detection Automatic     PC Resolutions Any up to 2048x2048     HDTV Resolutions Any up to 1080p     Vertical Refresh Rate Any...

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  • Reference: CON-2B/USB

    SPECIFICATION:    USB Connection    1.8m cable length  

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    £409.00 RRP: £410.00
  • Reference: CON-MB/USB

    SPECIFICATION:    USB Connector    Cable Length: 1.8 meters  

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    £519.75 RRP: £660.00
  • Reference: CON-SP

    SPECIFICATION:    Max Operating Temperature: 40c    DC Voltage: 5v USB    Weight: 0.197kg 0.43 lbs    Compliance: CE, FCC, ROHS

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  • Reference: MT-CW/EXT

    MT-CW/EXT (MT-CW-EXT MT CW EXT MTCWEXT) Extendable Counter Balance Weight for Pro Plate or Gold Plate


        Counter balance weight (5lbs.) and extension rods

    An extendable counterbalance weight that mounts to the back of the pro plate and offers the ability to mount an additional 4 regular counterbalance weights to the back of it. This not only gives additional weight but also pushes it further back on the prompter head to better counter balance the heaviest prompters. Highly recommended for MSP20 with TFM22 rigs.


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    £110.25 RRP: £140.00