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Tv One TV1-C3-540-1001 C3-540 CORIOmaster Dynamic Video Display System

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Tv One TV1-C3-540-1001 (TV1C35401001, TV1 C3 540 1001, TV1/C3/540/1001, tv1-c3-540-1001) C3-540 CORIOmaster Dynamic Video Display System

C3-540 CORIO®master offers a new, more efficient approach to building video systems. Using TV One's latest CORIO®3 technology, it gives the user access to new levels of video processing power to achieve new heights of creative and dynamic video displays. All this is possible in one 4RU chassis.

CORIO®3 video processing technology allows the use of layouts which define where each output is used. Outputs can be independently rotated through 360º in real-time, without adding delay, for use in creative video wall applications. Projectors can be used off axis with brightness controls to aid in an even distribution of the projected image. Warping controls allow for projection on curved surfaces. Multiple layouts can be used at the same time or one layout can be designed to tie multiple projectors or monitors together as one large image.

Edge blending, monitor walls and multiple projectors can show any combination of inputs by setting up canvases to design each layout without the limitation of a monitor or projector dedicated to just one source input. Multiple canvases can be used at the same time to define multiple layouts to aid in choreographing a video design. To further assist functionality, multiple windows can be used to design a canvas with the capability to resize and rotate each window on the canvas which is then sent to the predefined layout. The same canvas can be sent to more than one layout design. This allows for duplication in more than one area or used for status display on one monitor of the entire canvas.

The CORIOmaster also includes a multi-viewer to monitor the inputs to aid in previewing the sources during live events or used as a status monitor in various types of installations. Graphic images can be loaded into the CORIOmaster to use as backgrounds as well as for use on each canvas.

Control of the CORIOmaster is provided by a multiplatform software package that provides an intuitive way of setting up layouts and defining the canvas to be used for each layout. Presets can be saved and recalled. Changes can be made to the canvas and then transferred to the layout.

The flexibility to use various input formats and the ability to up, down, and cross covert those signals on the outputs of the CORIOmaster to various displays and projectors of any format allow for easy installation without the use of multiple pieces of equipment to accomplish the same task all accomplished in a 4RU chassis.

The CORIOmaster is high power in its capabilities, but low in its power consumption. It typically requires only 160 watts, fully loaded. A traditional video system that performs the same tasks can consume ten times as much energy. Over its life, that is a lot of savings.

Physical Properties

The C3-540 has 16 Uuniversal AV Module slots available and the CORIOmaster automatically recognizes the modules inserted as either input or output modules. There is no dedicated input or output slots when using 2-Channel DVI-U or 3G-SDI modules. This flexibility allows end user configurations to be based on their own needs. Additional DVI-U or 3G-SDI modules can be added later in spare slots without having to reset the unit. All AV modules are hot swappable and recognized for immediate auto configuration.

CORIOmaster also provides independent Up, Down and Cross conversion for every output between a variety of analog and digital video formats thru 3G-SDI and WUXGA. The modules selected determine what format will be accommodated and the matrix size. Signal parameters of the incoming video may be adjusted. All settings are stored in non-volatile memory and are retained even when power is switched off. User defined presets are also available to customize settings for various applications.

All the functions can be controlled via serial connection via RS-232/422/485, USB or IP. A front panel LCD option makes direct setup easy. The unit is housed in a standard 4RU rackmount case and features an optional redundant hot swappable internal PSU and power inlet.

Advanced Features

The CORIOmaster includes advanced Digital Flicker Elimination circuitry and high 4:4:4 full bandwidth sampling rate ensures crisp, clear images, while full bandwidth chroma sampling ensures faithfully reproduced, high resolution colors. Pixel Level Motion Adaptive Diagonal Interpolation and Noise Reduction ensures high quality de-interlacing of PAL, NTSC and 1080i signals. 3:2 Pull-down ensures proper 24 fps film extraction from NTSC and 1080i sources.

Integral audio switching is provided to route audio from the DVI (HDMI-compatible) input or SDI input to the DVI and SDI outputs. An optional Audio Module can provide AES and analog or digital I/O breakout capabilities as well as audio delay and can link to our A2-7300 range of audio break-out units.

Software Control

The unit is provided with PC software package for simple intuitive control of the unit. Starting with the ability to set up the input and output signal requirements, the user is guided through the graphical interface in configuring the outputs into the layouts.

Once the system has been configured your visual artistic talents can be unleashed by positioning, sizing, stretching and rotating windows onto the canvases. Windows can be easily layered and overlapped and layer priority of each window can be easily changed. The canvases can be designed off-line and then checked and adjusted when connected to the unit.

By use of presets, the different arrangements of the windows can be recalled live by use of simple commands from third party controllers.


The DVI-U universal interface utilizes a single DVI-I connector to provide the following signal formats: HDMI, DVI-I, plus analog YUV, YPbPr, RGBHV, RBBS, RGsB, Y/C and Composite Video. A variety of adapters are available to convert from DVI-I to other connectors.

DVI-U Modules

The system features the following types of modules for the inputs and outputs. All modules only use 1 AV Slot.

DVI-U Universal Input Module - 2 Inputs

DVI-U Universal Scaling Output Module - 2 Outputs

The high resolution DVI-U outputs are selectable as virtually any PC or HDTV resolution. Our exclusive AutoSet feature takes the hassle out of setup by automatically sizing and positioning the computer image to fit exactly on the video screen. NTSC, PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N, SECAM standards are supported.

SDI Modules

3G/HD/SD-SDI Input Module - 2 Inputs

3G/HD/3G-SDI Output Scaling Module - 2 Outputs

HD/SD-SDI Input Module - 4 Inputs

HD/SD-SDI Output Scaling Module - 4 Outputs

Note - Use of the four-output modules does impose some slot restrictions.

Data Modules

Tally Module - Uses 1 of 3 Data Slots Provided

Audio Interfaces

The optional CM-AUD-8IN-8OUT Audio Interface Module allows connection to any of the following optional external breakout units via HD-44 Connector.

A2-7312 Converts AES-3id I/O to 16x BNC Connectors 8x AES-id In and 8x AES-3id Out

A2-7302 Converts AES-3id I/O to 16x XLR Connectors 8 AES Stereo In and 8x Stereo Out

A2-7342 Converts AES-3id I/O to 16x XLR Connectors 4x Analog Stereo In & 4x Analog Out

A2-7322 Converts AES-3id I/O to Analog Stereo on Terminal Blocks, 8x Analog Stereo In and 8x Analog Stereo Out, Balanced or Unbalanced

Future Modules


Additional types and formats of Video, Audio and Data Modules will be added in the future. Please check our websites for the latest list.


Single or Multiple Output Layouts

Single or Multiple Canvases

Real-time 360º Output Rotation

Projector Off-Axis Correction w/Brightness Control

Output Warping for Projection on Curved Surfaces

Simultaneous use of Multiple Layouts and Canvases

One or More Windows (PIP's) on each Canvas

Layouts and Canvases Can Be Created Off Line and Saved for Later Recall

Internal Still Image Store

3 Levels of User Access and Control

PC and Apple Desktop Software

Controllable by Web Browser

Low Power Consumption - 160w

Video Choreography Design Possibilities


Live Event Using Multiple Projectors

Edgeblending w/Side Projectors

Stage Monitoring

Video Walls 

Number of Monitors Determined by Number of Outputs

Rotation of Monitors Possible using Canvas Window Rotation

Command & Control

Monitoring of Various Video Sources & Formats


Distribution with Windowing to Various  Operating Rooms or other locations

Status Display of Video Equipment in Use

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