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DJI A2B-79B-675 Zenmuse X7 DL/DL-S Lens Set

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DJI A2B-79B-675 (A2B79B675, A2B79B-675, A2B-79B675, A2B/79B/675 ) Zenmuse X7 DL/DL-S Lens Set

DJI DL/DL-S Lenses are professional prime lenses specially designed for aerial photography. Featured light-weighting carbon fiber casing, those lenses are able to reduce the payload of the gimbal and camera, improving the stability when shooting. With the DJI DL mount (diameter: 58mm), the lenses can be mounted onto Zenmuse X7, providing varying focal lengths. When used with Zenmuse X7, the focal length multiplier is 1.5 when taking stills.

Features :


Featuring a light-weight carbon fiber casing, each lens weighs less than 190g. The low weight puts less stress on the Zenmuse X7 gimbal, camera and attached drone, improving the stability when shooting.

8K ready optics

Complex optical constructions with aspherical elements, provides all the DL lenses in the set with the optical resolving power for sharp 8K video.

Variable aperture: f/2.8-f/16

All the DJI DL/DL-S lenses in the set features variable apertures to enable users to control their exposure for both better exposure- and depth of field control. Previously fixed lens Zenmuse cameras needed neutral density (ND) filters to achieve slower shutterspeeds in bright light.

Built-in ND4 neutral density filter (DJI DL-S 16mm F2.8 ND ASPH lens only)

A Built-in ND4 filter in the DJI DL-S 16mm F2.8 ND ASPH lens decreases the amount of light that reaches the lens by 2-stops. This enables you to shoot at slower shutterspeeds and/or wider apertures, giving you more creative control.

46mm filter thread


A standard 46mm filter thread on all the DJI DL-S / DL lenses enables using filters for creative effects and exposure control. Any filter with a thread diameter of 46mm that weights 10-12g and is no thicker than 4.4mm can be used with a DL lens

In the Box :

  • DL-S 16mm F2.8 ND ASPH Lens × 1
  • DL 24mm F2.8 LS ASPH Lens × 1
  • DL 35mm F2.8 LS ASPH Lens × 1
  • DL 50mm F2.8 LS ASPH Lens × 1
  • Lens Protector × 4
  • Lens Carrying Box × 1
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