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Used Broadcast Equipment

DigiBroadcast is home to an amazing range of audio and visual broadcast equipment from industry-leading manufacturers including SennheiserSony and Panasonic. No matter what your requirement, you’ll find our range of film equipment, including used camcorders, lenses, tripods, headphones and more, all of which you’ll find in great condition and ready to operate immediately.

Our broadcast equipment is available at amazing prices, and we ensure that each and every one of our products is given a stringent examination to identify any faults and ensure that the equipment is in full working order. With a fantastic selection of second-hand cameras and camcorders available for all of your filming and broadcast needs, whether professional or a budding hobbyist, there’s a massive range of used VTR & DDRs, cameras, lenses, accessories, microphones and much more to pick from among our premium selection of pre-owned products.

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  • Reference: FMP57833ABBR

    Leitz Thalia, 7 Lens Cine set, used

    Amazing quality, 3 month warranty

    The Leica Thalia prime lenses offer a consistently cinematic look and feel throughout the range of the 7 lenses.


    The lenses are incredibly lightweight and compact with a matched from diameter of 95mm and are available in PL mount with /i Technology metadata contacts. The unique always-round iris design creates a bokeh that is smooth, distinct and full of character. And although these are not vintage lenses, the Leica Thalias offer many of the characteristics that have led cinematographers to pair older lenses with digital sensors.

    They are smooth, forgiving, and clear without being overly sharp.


    The Leica Thalia is a prime cine lens with a PL mount that is compatible with the ARRI Alexa 65. 

  • Reference: FMP56917ABBR

    Kowa Anamorphic Rehoused by PS Technik, Lens Set, used

    The KOWA Anamorphic lenses have been produced until the 1970's. P+S TECHNIK has four different focal lengths available for lens



    KOWA Anamorphic 40mm

    KOWA Anamorphic 50mm

    KOWA Anamorphic 75mm

    KOWA Anamorphic 100 mm

    The KOWA Anamorphic lenses are rare and popular because of their small and compact form factor. That's why they are ideal for handheld, Steadicam or drone camera work. They are low in contrast, warm in color, and can be made to flare easily. The flare is warmer in color rather than the standard blue anamorphic flare.


    But the original KOWA anamorphic lenses are built with very fragile mechanics which tend to wear out. With the formerly offered rebarreling since 2014, P+S TECHNIK made the first step to improve the mechanics of these valuable lenses.


    The rehousing now offered by P+S TECHNIK replaces the original mechanics completely and equips the lens with more durable parts while keeping the same compact form factor. Thus, the stability of the whole mechanism is ensured and the lenses are less prone to service. And as an additional benefit P+S TECHNIK now has the spare parts for the entire mechanism in stock.


  • Reference: FMP57807ABBR

    Lomo Anamorphic Set, PL Mount, T2.3-T4.0, Super 35mm, used

    This rehoused Lomo Anamorphic set is practically equal to the first Vantage Hawk-C lenses. These lenses are known for their beautiful vintage look, distinct flares, and a nice warm atmosphere.


    The rehousing solves the mechanical problems that the Lomos are known for and makes them similar to the Hawks in terms of exterior. Be aware; the focus mechanism works so that the lenses slide out on the front so you can't use a clip on Mattebox.

  • Reference: FMP48484TGBR

    18mm T-Stop Range T2-T22 Angular Rotation of Iris Scale 96° Min. Marked Object Distance 250 mm 9 in Close Focus from Lens Front 60 mm 2.5 in Angular Rotation to MOD Endstop 300° Max. Diagonal Angle of View for Super 35 Format 80° Length from Front of Lens to Lens Mount 113 mm 4.5 in...

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  • Reference: FMP57751ABBR

    Arri Alexa LF, Large Format Digital Camcorder, 350 hours, used

    3 month warranty, great condition


  • Reference: FMP48472TGBR

    Mount Stainless steel ARRI-PL Focal Length 18mm 25mm 35mm 50mm 75mm 100mm Coverage >34mm diameter image circle Aperture T2.0-22 + closed Rotation Iris Scale: 77° Focus Range: 300° Close Focus Marked: 18mm: 12" (30.5 cm) 25mm: 12" (20.5 cm) 35mm: 14.4" (36.6 cm) 50mm: 24" (60.96 cm) 75mm: 31" (78.7 cm) 100mm: 39" (99.1 cm)...

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  • Reference: FMP56851ABBR

    Sony Venice + R7 Recorder and Extensive Kit, 1000 hours Camcorder, used

    Great Condition,


    3 Month warranty,


    VENICE offers complete production flexibility. Internally, VENICE can support XAVC, ProRes or MPEG HD recording onto an SxS memory card.

    Additionally, by using the AXS-R7 recorder, it can record 16-bit RAW or X-OCN (16-bit eXtended tonal range Original Camera Negative) onto AXS memory card.


    A key benefit of VENICE is simultaneous recording using two recording media.

    For example, a production could use RAW/X-OCN data recorded by AXS-R7 for online editing and also use XAVC, Apple ProRes or MPEG HD for offline editing without waiting for any file conversion. VENICE can also record XAVC 4K and RAW/X-OCN* simultaneously. Therefore, another option would be to use XAVC 4K for quick turnaround mainstream production while using simultaneous recording RAW/X-OCN as a future-proof archive suitable for the highest quality HDR applications. Even without using AXS-R7, VENICE itself can record XAVC 4K and Apple ProRes 422 Proxy* simultaneously. VENICE is designed to support both the highest quality imagery and high-speed workflows.

    Now £48,000.00 Was: £50,000.00
  • Reference: FMP56761MLBR

    Kowa Cine Prominar Set PL Mount - 15mm 20mm - 40mm - 100mm, Used 

    3 months warranty


    The Kowa Cine Prominar lenses are vintage Japanese cine primes from the 1960's. Optically offering low contrast images with a cooler colour transition, and coming with unique warm flare characteristics. One of the lenses is TLS converted (the 20mm), the others are in original shape but with focus gear rings, all lenses are good condition, no fungus, working well mechanically, some minor/light scratches as most of lenses this old will have

  • Reference: FMP57869ABBR

    Lens comes with: .     feet scale .     meters scale (separate) .     1.4x extender Optimo .     2.0x extender Optimo .     calibration shims .     lens holder (2 parts) vertical .     zoom stick .     NO lens horizontal holder (bridge) neither rods (15 or 19)

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  • Reference: FMP57645MLBR

    Features:       327 degrees focus rotation with over 70 precise markings Calibrated focus marks available in feet or metric (easily interchangeable) Short MOD of 4'   (1.2m) Adapted to extreme production environments (back focus temperature compensation system from -20°C to +45°C) Robust zoom / focus mechanism Mechanical components based on light-weight material with...

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  • Reference: FMP57008ABBR

    Arri ALEXA SXT Plus Camera, 205 hours, Kit, used 

    ARRI's ALEXA SXT Plus (Super Xtended Technology) cameras represent the next exciting step in the continuing evolution of the ALEXA family. Retaining the rock-solid foundation on which ALEXA is built, ALEXA SXT Plus cameras additionally offer ProRes 4K recording, improved image quality, powerful colour management and three fully independent HD-SDI outputs.

    Ever since its launch, the ALEXA system's fundamental advantage has been its unique combination of the highest overall image quality with the most efficient workflows on set and in post. Based on extensive market feedback, the ALEXA SX PlusT line of cameras further improves upon those qualities, raising the widely-accepted gold standard set by ALEXA still higher.

    The Alexa SXT 35mm-format film-style.

  • Reference: FMP57009ABBR

    Arri Zeiss Ultra Prime lenses, Set of 4, used 


    ARRI / ZEISS Ultra Prime Lenses have the widest focal range of prime lenses giving you the flexibility to get the coverage you want. The Ultra Prime lenses are lightweight standard speed lenses that are a perfect optical match to the high speed ARRI / ZEISS Master Prime lenses. They have been developed in a cooperation of ARRI and ZEISS.



  • Reference: FMP57729MLBR

    Sensor Size: 30.72mm x 18mm Sensor Resolution: 5120 x 3000 Video Resolution: 5K Resolution: 1920 x 1080, 2048 x 1080, 2048 x 864, 3072 x 1296, 3072 x 1620, 4096 x 1728, 4096 x 2160, 5120 x 2700, 5120 x 3000, 5552 x 4164 Dynamic Range: 16.5+ stops Native ISO: ISO 3200, ISO 800 CODEC:...

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  • Reference: FMP57612MLSH

    ARRI Amira Camcorder (1600 Hours) With Premium Licence, Used


    3 month warranty


    Premium Licence


    Good condition


    MPEG-2 recording, 50 MBit/s  422p@HL in MXF container: XDCAM HD workflow compatible


    AMIRA multi-cam interface: camera remote control with Sony RCPs


    Intervalometer: for sophisticated time lapse and stop motion recordings


    WiFi remote control support: full camera control with WiFi devices


    Viewfinder status overlay enhancements, other useability improvements and improved support for accessories


    Support for Lexar CFast 2.0 cards: LC 128GB and LC 256GB 3600x cards


    Product AMIRA


    Sensor Type 35mm format ARRI ALEV III CMOS (28.17x18.13)


    Sensor Pixel Count 3200x1800 (4K UHD, 3.2K) 2880 x 1620 (HD), 2868 x 1612 (2K), for monitoring with surround area: 3168 x 1772 (HD), 3154x1764 (2K),

    3414 x 2198 (4K UHD, 3.2K)


    Recording Pixel Count 1920x1080 ProRes HD and HD outputs, 2048 x 1152 ProRes 2K, 3200x1800 ProRes 3.2K, 3840 x 2160 Pro Res 4K UHD and UHD outputs*


    Lens Mounts PL mount w/ Hirose connector and LDS, B4 mount w/ Hirose connector, EF mount, PL mount titan (ALEXA Mini)


    Shutter Electronic shutter, 5.0° to 356.0°


    Exposure Index EI 160 to EI 3200 (EI 800 base sensitivity)


    Exposure Latitude 14+ stops over the entire sensitivity range from EI 160 to EI 3200 as measured with the ARRI Dynamic Range Test Chart (DRTC-1)


    Audio Recording 4 channels, 24 bit PCM, 48 kHz


    Integrated motorized ND Filters FSND 0.6, 1.2, 2.1


    Sound Level < 20 dB(A)


    Weight ~ 4.1 kg/9.2 lbs (camera body with PL Lens mount)


    Dimensions Length: 309mm/12.1", width: 139 mm/5.4" , height: 149mm/5.8"

    (camera body with PL lens mount)


    Environmental -20° C to +50° C (-4° F to +122° F)


    Viewfinder AMIRA Multi Viewfinder MVF-1 (OLED and LCD)


    Outputs Video 2x HD-SDI outputs: 1.5G, 3G and 6G; uncompressed HD/UHD video with embedded audio and metadata***


    Outputs Audio 3,5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth audio


    Outputs Power Hirose 12pin (for ENG type zoom lenses); 12V: D-tab, Hirose 4pin, Lemo 2pin; 24V: RS 3pin


    Inputs Genlock, HD-SDI**, Timecode (In and Output), all BNC


    Other Interfaces USB 2.0: For importing and storing AMIRA Look Files, user set up files, frame line files and feature license keys. Stores captured still image formats in DPX (.dpx, 10 bit) or JPEG (.jpg, 8 bit) format.

    Stores log files. Also used for installing Software Update Packets (SUPs.; Ethernet LAN RJ-45 for camera remote control.


    Recording Media CFast 2.0 memory cards


    Recording Formats HD 1920x1080 (interlaced & progressive)


    3.2K ProRes 3200x1800*


    4K UHD 3840x2160*


    Recording Framerates 0,75 - 100 Fps (progressive) HD, 2K


    0,75 - 60 Fps 4K UHD & 3.2K*


    MPEG-2: 23.98p, 25p, 29.97p, 50i, 59.94i


    Recording Codecs (w/ embedded audio & metadata) ProRes




    422 LT




    Rec709/LogC Rec709


    Looks 3 fix Looks (in camera adjustable)


    Adjustable image parameters Knee, Gamma, Saturation, Black Gamma, Saturation by Hue


    Import of custom 3D LUTs -


    Focus and exposure control Peaking, Zebra, False colour


    Whitebalance Auto WB


    Wifi and Ethernet Camera Remote Control -


    Audio monitoring Headphone output (mini jack)


    Pre Record function -


    Intervalometer Intervalometer


    Multicam interface Multicam interface


    S16 lens mode S16 lens mode


    * Requires installed 4K UHD license


    ** not available in 4K UHD mode


    *** embedded audio only in 1,5G and 3G




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  • Reference: FMP56931ABBR

    Angenieux Optimo 15-40mm, Lens, used 

    3 month warranty

    PL Mount lens

    In Feet scale

    Superb image quality from T2.6 open aperture Compact and very light (1.92 kg / 4.2lbs) Identical center of gravity on all Optimo lightweight zoom lenses enable quick lens interchange Perfect homogeneity of color, contrast and resolution. Low distortion No ramping, minimal breathing, very fast for 2.7x zoom ratios Close focus of (2ft / 0.6m) facilitates shooting in tight locations Internal focus, internal zoom, constant lens volume Precise and ergonomic focus ring with scale rotation of 320 degrees & over

    50 focus marks.

    Interchangeable focus scale ring from feet to meters Adapted to extreme production environments (back focus temperature compensation system from -20°C to +45°C) Compatible with Optimo 1.4x and 2x extenders 21-58mm T3.7 (with 1.4x) 30-80mm T5.2 (with 2x) Image coverage: S35+ (Ø 31.4 mm), expanded to Ø 35 mm when used with Optimo extenders (more info in DOWNLOAD section) Available in PL mount. Easily interchangeable to Panavision, Canon EF, mounts Compatible with ASU servo unit (integrated motors for FTZ remote control through industry standard control systems) 

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  • Reference: FMP57648ABBR

    Canon CJ25ex7.6B IASE-S, lens, used

    3 months warranty, great condition


    High grade 4K optical performance

    Capture broadcast quality high resolution footage with sharpness assured all the way from screen centre to screen edge


    25x zoom and built-in 2x extender

    A versatile focal length of 7.6 to 190mm is further enhanced by the built-in 2x extender, boosting the lens maximum focal length to 380mm with no loss of 4K performance.


    Light weight and compact size

    A magnesium alloy body for lightness and exceptional durability is further enhanced by superior ergonomics for maximum operator comfort.

    Now £12,800.00 Was: £13,000.00
  • Reference: FMP57647ABBR

    Canon CJ12ex4.3B IASE-S, lens, used

    3 month warranty, great condition


    Canon's first 2/3" 4K portable lens


    The CJ12ex4.3B is the first in Canon's 2/3" 4K lens range. A lightweight portable wide-angle lens featuring a 12x zoom, its exceptionally short focal length is just 4.3mm at the wide end, enabling users to capture impressive wide-angle shots like car interiors. Focal length extends to 52mm with full zoom applied (104mm using the built-in 2x extender) to create even more shooting options and possibilities. Current HD lens users will find the CJ12ex4.3B integrates seamlessly with 2/3"4K broadcast cameras and setups while delivering consistently stunning performance in a wide range of ENG and studio environments.



    Breathtaking optical performance


    Striking 4K resolution and high contrast are sustained uniformly from the centre to the edge of the image thanks to Canon's proprietary optical design technologies. Contrast and resolution remain consistent throughout the focus and zoom ranges, in both the HDTV and 4K frequency bands. The lens features a host of clever features that prevent colour bleeding and minimise ghosting and flare: leaving you with stunning quality right to the edge of the image.

    Now £11,800.00 Was: £12,000.00
  • Reference: FMP57646ABBR

    Canon CJ20ex7.8B IASE-S, lens, used

    High grade 4K optical performance Capture broadcast quality high resolution footage with sharpness assured all the way from screen centre to screen edge


    20x zoom and built-in 2x extender

    A versatile focal length of 7.8 to 156mm is further enhanced by the built-in 2x extender, boosting the lens maximum focal length to 312mm with no loss of 4K performance.


    Light weight and compact size


    A magnesium alloy body for lightness and exceptional durability is further enhanced by superior ergonomics for maximum operator comfort. 

    Now £11,300.00 Was: £11,500.00
  • Reference: FMP56756ABBR

    DVCPRO HD AJ-HD1800P, ex-demo. cassette recorder

    Used, good condition, 3 month warranty

    The Panasonic AJ-HD1800 is a studio DVCPRO HD VTR designed to tackle the most advanced needs in high definition acquisition and delivery. The VTR features support for DVCPRO HD-LP recording which provides extended recording times over previous versions, allowing up to 126 minutes of HD footage on a single cassette tape.


    Capable of recording three flavors of HD (1080/60i, 720/60p, and 1080/50i) the AJ-HD1800 is a versatile performer. Mastering for digital cinema purposes couldn't be easier; The VTR can directly convert Varicam 720/24p footage to 1080/24p. With the ability to handle a wide range of HD content along with standard definition formats such as NTSC and PAL, the AJ-HD1800 is a perfect solution for high end studio mastering applications.

  • Reference: FMP56965RHSH

    Mount Type PL   Image Circle 31.5 mm diameter (supports 27.45 x 15.44 mm sensors)   Focal Length 19 - 90mm   Zoom Ratio 4.7x   Aperture Max: T2.9   Min: T22   Iris Blades 9   Gear Pitch 0.8   Focus Rotation 200°   Zoom Rotation 120°   Barrel Markings Metric/Imperial switchable   M.O.D....

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  • Reference: FMP56866ABBR

    In great condition:   Rialto Front Extension for Venice + Ratworks Cage - £10,000 1              Aluminium Flight Case Total weight - 16.2 kg. 1              Camera Body Adapter 1              Ratworks Extension Cage 1           ...

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  • Reference: FMP57016MLBR

    Covers Super 35 & Full-Frame Sensors T1.5 Maximum Aperture, 8-Blade Iris Internal Focus and Minimized Breathing Dual-Sided Focus Markings in Feet 250° Focus Rotation Same Gear Positions Across Celere Lenses

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  • Reference: FMP57613ABBR

    Sony F65 Super 35mm 8K Camera with media, OLED viewfinder and accessories, used

    Great condition, 3 months warranty


    The F65 CineAlta camera is the ultimate expression of the digital cinematographer's art. Optimised for motion picture and TV production, the flagship F65 captures uncompromising images with truly breathtaking colour, depth and detail. 

    The F65 draws viewers deeper into your story, capturing images with unprecedented fidelity, colour and dynamic range that's delivered all the way into post production. With the F65 you'll see - and keep - a more accurate picture of reality that conventional cameras just can't achieve.

    Now £10,000.00 Was: £13,000.00
  • Reference: FMP57844ABSH

    Sony PXW-FX9 (PXW_FX9, PXW/FX9, PXW FX9) XDCAM 6K Full-Frame Camera System 

    Original accessories, great condition, 39 hours and a 3 month warranty


    Combined Sony's technology in Digital cinema camera Venice, FS series and a

    (Alpha) ILC cameras. Sony's full-frame 6K sensor camera with Fast Hybrid AF, dual base ISO and cinematic colour science and S-Cinetone.


    The Sony PXW-FX9 is the long awaited successor to the legendary PXW-FS7 is here and it brings some fantastic upgrades with it. The FX9 has a Full Frame 6K dual native ISO sensor, VENICE colour science, upgraded auto-focus capabilities, built in genlock and timecode and much more.


    The FX9 features a full frame 6K 35.7 by 18.8mm back-illuminated Exmor-R CMOS sensor. This sensor is stated to have 15 plus stops of dynamic range and has a resolution of 6008 x 3168.  You will be able to shoot QFHD full frame up to 30fps, 1080p full frame at up to 120 fps and QFHD S35 up to 60fps and 1080p S35 at up to 120fps. The planned firmware updates will bring Full frame DCI 4K up to 60p, Full HD full frame up to 180fps and QFHD in Super 35 mode at up to 120fps while using an external recorder.


    You can also customise the autofocus, tweaking things like the AF transition between slow, for stuff like promo videos where you want slow smooth focus movements to fast which will be great for sports. You can also change the AF subject shift sensitivity which defines how easily the focus is switched to another subject. This goes from locked if you are wanting to do a walk and talk for example to responsive which you may need to keep better general focus.


    You can record up to four channels of audio with a range of different input options, The FX9 has an internal scratch mic, two XLR's, you can use a dual channel receiver with the MI shoe on the handle or you can now use the DWX series of drop in receivers and transmitters with the new XDCA -FX9 back module.


    The FX9 does not feature SLOG2 only SLOG3 with S-Gamut3 & S-Gamut3. Cine, this is because the SLOG2 gamma curve is designed for 8-bit whereas all of the codecs on this camera are 10-bit. They have also added an S-Cinetone colour profile which is aimed to bring the colour science from the VENICE to the FX9.


    Realise beautiful 4K imagery with the creative freedom made possible by oversampling a huge high resolution full-frame sensor. Capture every detail from the scene with shallow depth of field and stunning bokeh with a truly cinematic look. 15+ stops of dynamic range and Dual Base ISO enable capture of every nuance, from subtle shadow detail to specular highlights and with an immaculate colour palette.


    Capturing the Impossible


    Make sure your story's always clear with enhanced Fast Hybrid AF that tracks your subject with unprecedented speed, smoothness and precision. Its impact is transformative for premium documentary, commercials and event applications.


    Shoot in Comfort, Expand your Horizons


    FX9 revolutionises full-frame cinematography with peerless ergonomics and advanced technology for on-the-go shooting. The world's first full-frame electronic variable ND filter* transforms possibilities for shooting in variable lighting conditions. Built-in Wi-Fi and 12G-SDI support advanced workflows while the optional XDCA-FX9 extension kit further expands the operational possibilities of the PXW-FX9.


    6K Full-Frame "Exmor R" Sensor for Stunning Picture Quality


    The camera's full-frame 6K sensor provides superb recording in DCI 4K*, Ultra HD and HD resolutions. Powerful image processing with debayering and oversampling ensures image quality beyond the limits of conventional Super 35mm sensors. The back-illuminated CMOS image sensor also uses Sony's Exmor R technology for improved sensitivity and noise reduction. Compared to a 4K Super 35mm sensor, the FX9's 6K sensor has over twice the surface area while providing a wider angle of view and shallower depth of field.


    DCI 4K (4096 x 2160 at 17:9 recording) will be available with future firmware release.


    Phenomenal 15+ Stops Dynamic Range for Limitless Expression


    FX9 offers an exceptional 15+ stops of dynamic range - beyond the normal range of human perception - allowing for unprecedented creative freedom in colour grading and post. Camera operators can concentrate on framing the scene they want while relying upon the FX9 to capture every nuance and detail using either 4K 4:2:2 10-bit internal recording or 16-bit RAW external recording.* In grading, colourists can find colour and detail beyond the normal viewing abilities of the camera operator to create a final image that exactly portrays the mood of the scene.


    RAW recording requires future firmware release and external recorder.


    Dual Baso ISO for stunning images in any light


    FX9 features a base sensitivity of ISO 800, providing the optimal dynamic range for typical documentary applications such as shooting outside or in brightly lit interiors. A secondary High Base sensitivity of ISO 4000 excels in low light conditions such as early morning and evening shoots while maintaining superb image quality. ISO 4000 is also ideal whenever you're using slow lenses. Combining Dual Base ISO with the camera's electronic variable ND Filter provides superb creative control in almost any shooting environment, with truly next generation responsiveness to changing conditions.


    ISO 800 and ISO 4000 are used in S-Log3, Cine EI mode.


    Cinematic Colour Science with S-Cinetone


    S-Cinetone is the default look of FX9 that's tuned to meet the requirements of today's content creators with rich mid-range colours, alluring facial tones and a softer tonal look - developed with the same expertise as Sony's world-leading VENICE digital cinematography camera. S-Cinetone means that straight out of the camera your content looks fresh and vivid, with subjects that really stand out while retaining plenty of latitude in post production thanks to the high performance full-frame image sensor. The advanced default looks delivers alluring facial tones and a softer tonal look.


    Selectable Frame Rates in Both Full-Frame & Super 35


    Choose your desired frame-rate from 1fps up to 180fps* for impressive quick and slow-motion footage. FX9 creates an immersive image with a wide angle look and shallower depth of field provided by its full-frame sensor in combination with quick and slow-motion. Engage your audience with this new creative look. FX9 also offers a Quality priority setting* that maximises full HD slow motion image quality with advanced oversampling technology.


    Up to 120fps with Ver1.0. Full-HD 180fps will be supported with future firmware


    In Full-frame scanning mode: selectable at 1-30fps / In S35 scanning mode:

    selectable at 1-60fps


    Supported in future firmware update


    Supported in future firmware update. RAW output only


    Supported in the future firmware update. Scanning area is cropped around 83% of full-frame and 122% larger than S35. (diagonal)


    Catch the Action with Enhanced Fast Hybrid AF


    Effortlessly track fast moving subjects with pin-sharp focus, even when using wide lens aperture settings to maintain a shallow depth of field with the camera's full-frame sensor. Developed by Sony's α camera engineers, enhanced Fast Hybrid AF combines phase detection AF for fast, accurate subject tracking with contrast AF for exceptional focus accuracy. In addition, Face Detection intelligently recognises and locks on to human faces.


    The dedicated 561-point phase detection AF sensor covers approximately 94% of the whole image area width and 96% of height, allowing consistently accurate, responsive AF tracking, even with fast-moving subjects.


    Customisable AF Settings


    FX9's comprehensive autofocus settings provide the creative flexibility to integrate with any project. Customisable AF settings can be used for a wide range of situations, depending on your requirements.


    7-level AF transition speeds from Fast - switching between subjects as quickly as possible - to Slow, where speed is reduced to fit a more measured shooting style, such as a historical TV drama.


    5-level AF subject shift sensitivity ranges from Locked-on - ignoring other moving subjects in the frame - to Responsive that switches focus from one subject to another - ideal for snapping between race cars as they speed by.


    AF Assist


    You can control MF ring during AF shooting if AF Assist is set to ON. You can adjust the focus manually even in AF shooting, you can manually operate the ring to focus the person behind.


    One Push AF


    While you are shooting in MF, pushing One Push AF button enables you to change to the focus mode to AF.


    Autofocus with all E-Mount Lenses


    Experience smooth, responsive autofocus with every E-mount lens, including Sony's new Cinema Lens Series with premium optical performance and operability for demanding cinematography applications. Advanced E-mount lever lock operation allows quick, easy lens exchange in the field, plus added stability and security with large lenses.


    World's First Electronic Variable ND Filter for Full-Frame Sensor


    Realise even greater creative control with Sony's unique built-in electronic variable neutral density (ND) filter - a world first* for professional full-frame camcorders. Set to Auto, or adjust filter density manually in smooth increments from 1/4 to 1/128 as you shoot, for perfectly exposed images without affecting depth of field as lighting conditions change. Use higher density settings with a slower shutter speed for breath taking artistic effects.


    The built-in variable ND filter, with no need to prepare multiple ND filters separately can be flexibly and immediately used for every exposure change situation; when you move from inside to outside, and when you shoot under the natural light condition where exposure changes moment by moment.


    Proven Ergonomics & Accessories Compatibility


    FX9 chassis is the latest refinement of the revolutionary FS7 design, so you can be sure it will feel great to shoot with from almost any position, while also offering compatibility with a large proportion of the countless FS7 accessories including U-Series batteries, chargers, E-Mount lenses, plus third-party rigs, arms and lens adapters.*


    The control arm is easily adjusted without tools, so FX9 adapts effortlessly to your physique and preferred shooting style - handheld, at waist level or shoulder mounted.


    The smart grip features an updated design, more compact than before while still holding all the key shooting controls, allowing you to concentrate on the scene without distractions. FX9 also introduces a micro USB interface for improved responsiveness and support for a wrist strap.


    16-bit RAW Capability


    16-bit RAW offers a phenomenal increase in post-production creative freedom to fully exploit FX9's exceptional 15+ stops of dynamic range. FX9 supports export of 16-bit RAW at either 4K or 2K resolution using the optional

    XDCA-FX9 extension unit with a single BNC cable connection to compatible external RAW recorders.**


    RAW output will be enabled with a future firmware release. Limited to 10-bit recording during 120fps high frame rate shooting within Super35 image circle


    Stable, Shake-Free Handheld Footage


    Advanced image stabilisation information means even handheld footage can be transformed with Sony Catalyst Browse/Catalyst Prepare software* in post-production to look as smooth as if it were shot with a gimbal.Unlike in-camera or lens stabilisation, meta data generated by FX9's built-in gyro allows you to creatively choose the balance between the level of shake-compensation and the resolution of trimmed 4K imagery. This feature is also compatible with any E-mount lens and allows for far faster processing than conventional NLE stabilisation workflows**.


    Catalyst Browse/Catalyst Prepare Ver.2019.2 is required.


    Resolution and angle of view reduced compared to native footage.




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