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Canon HJ14ex4.3B IASE Lens, Used

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Canon HJ14ex4.3B IASE Lens, Used

3 month warranty

Good condition

Enhanced Digital Drive technology

Widest Angle Lens to Date in the TV Industry

With a minimum focal length of 4.3mm the HJ14ex4.3 lens features the widest angle among presently available 2/3-inch lenses with an angular field of view of 96.3° in the 16:9 format at the wide end. This is significantly augmented with the 14x zoom range reaching to 60mm (120mm with extender), producing an unsurpassed operational combination that greatly expands HDTV production applications.

Optical Technologies

Newly developed high index optical glass materials and the Aspheric Lens Elements allow improved control over chromatic aberrations and geometric distortion especially at the very wide angle settings. Canon's three-part Internal Focus innovation reduces changes in aberrations when focusing to different object distances while also exercising tight control over any tendency for focus breathing.

Digital Technologies

New third-generation enhanced digital servo systems using Canon-developed 16-bit optical rotary encoder devices introduce new creativity to handheld acquisition systems. Enhanced Digital Drive technology - encompasses a microcomputer driven servo control that embodies position memory and user-defined digital functionality to significantly empower the camera operator. A 16-bit rotary encoder for aperture control reports to the associated camera Iris control system (10-bit compatibility). Maximum Zoom speed is 0.5 seconds and Focus is 1.5 seconds.

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Lens Model Number HJ14ex4.3B IRSE / IASE 

Image Size 2/3"

Zoom Ratio 14x

Built-in Extender 2.0x

Range of Focal Length (with Extender) 4.3 - 60mm

8.6 - 120mm (2.0x)

Maximum Relative Aperture (with extender) 1:1.8 at 4.3 - 40mm

1:2.7 at 60mm

1:3.6 at 8.6 - 80mm (2.0x)

1:5.4 at 120mm (2.0x)

Angular field of view (with Extender) 4:3 Aspect Ratio

(8.8 x 6.6mm) 91.3° x 75.0° at 4.3mm

8.4° x 6.3°at 60mm

54.2° x 42.0° at 8.6mm (2.0x)

4.2° x 3.2° at 120mm (2.0x)

16:9 Aspect Ratio

(9.6 x 5.4mm) 96.3° x 64.2°at 4.3mm

9.1° x 5.2° at 60mm

58.3° x 34.9° at 8.6mm (2.0x)

4.6° x 2.6° at 120mm (2.0x)

Minimum Object Distance (M.O.D.) from lens front 0.3m (10mm with Macro)

Object Dimensions at M.O.D. (with Extender) 4:3 Aspect Ratio

(8.8 x 6.6mm) 69.9 x 52.4cm at 4.3mm

4.8 x 3.6cm at 60mm

35.0 x 26.2cm at 8.6mm (2.0x)

2.4 x 1.8cm at 120mm (2.0x)

16:9 Aspect Ratio

(9.6 x 5.4mm) 76.4 x 43.0cm at 4.3mm

5.2 x 2.9cm at 60mm

38.2 x 21.5cm at 8.6mm (2.0x)

2.6 x 1.5cm at 120mm (2.0x)

Size (W x H x L) 163.5 x 110.8 x 247.8mm

Weight IRSE A 1.99kg (4.39lbs)

IASE A 2.07kg (4.56lbs)

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