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Dedolight Dedo 3 Head DLH4 Classic Kit with carry case, used

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The award-winning, compact, 150w DLH4 features a pair of aspheric lenses, zoom focus, a dimmable power supply and may optionally be fitted with a battery power-pack, image projector and a range of light modifiers.


Buy right, Buy once! The Dedolight is an Academy Award winning lighting fixture which is highly regarded as an essential by many camera operators. Dedo's multi award winning optical system is used throughout the film and television industry it is indispensable and highly versatile and reliable. The fourth generation DLH4 light head is the single, bestselling professional, precision light source in the world. This new generation incorporates the award winning Aspherics lens combination and zoom focus. The many power options and unprecedented range of accessories make it a uniquely versatile instrument.


Today's digital cameras and camcorders are extremely light sensitive - Bright images can be achieved in even dimly illuminated environments, which means that we no longer need to use massive and powerful 'key' lamps in every situation. Instead we can travel lighter, equipped with smaller and more versatile lights such as dedolights which allow us to delicately and precisely paint our pictures with light!


We can utilise the ambient (natural) light as our main source and use our own artificial lights to add depth and effects. No other system features Dedolight's unique optics which allow the beam to be focused so accurately that you can project crystal clear gobo shadows onto your subject.


Because Dedolights are 12v / 24v volt they can also be used as camera lights, powering directly from the camera battery or a battery belt - Dedo also produce a great soft-box for the dedolight which helps a dedolight to deliver a beautiful soft light - perfect as a camera-top fill.


Furthermore, because dedolights are so compact a complete four-head kit with dimmers and stands fits into a small soft carry case. Perfect for cameramen and DOP's who are on the move!

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Number of Heads 3

Power Source 12/24v via mains power adaptor

Size 17 x 12.4 x 12.7 cm

Wattage 150

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Included Accessories

3 DLH4 heads, 3 DT24-1E - Power supply 1 x 24V/150W (230VAC), 3 Dedolight stands, Dedolight clamp, 3 sets of barndoors, 3 gel filter holders, plastic box, large softcase, 2 spare bulbs


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