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Sony DVCAM Recorder DSR-80P Digital Videocassette Recorder, 1290 hrs, used

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Sony DVCAM Recorder DSR-80P Digital Videocassette Recorder, 1290 hrs, used

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The DSR-80/80P is a/-inch digital video cassette 4 recorder that uses the DVCAM digital recording format. This system achieves stable, superb picture quality by digitally processing video signals that are separated into color difference signals and luminance signals (component method).The DSR-80/80P unit is equipped with the variety of functions that are needed for videocassette recordersand players used in professional digital video editing systems.

It supports the ClipLink™ function developed by Sony Corporation for highly efficient video editing. When connected to a Sony Edit Station™, the unit serves as part of a powerful non-linear editing system.

The unit is also equipped with a full-fledged analog interface to support hybrid systems that combine conventional analog equipment with digital equipment.The DSR-80/80P's main features are described below. DVCAM Format DVCAM is based on the consumer DV format, which uses the 4:1:1 component digital format, and provides a 1/-inch digital recording format for professional use. 4 High picture quality, high stability Video signals are separated into color difference signals and luminance signals, which are encoded and compressed to one-fifth size before being recorded to ensure stable and superb picture quality. Because the recording is digital, multi-generation dubbing can be performed with virtually no deterioration of quality Non-linear editing. This is an editing method that uses video and audio signals that have been digitally encoded and recorded on a hard disk as digital data. When compared with conventional (linear) editing methods, non-linear editing offers vastly improved efficiency in editing operations,such as by eliminating tape transport time.

Wide track pitch

The recording track pitch is 15 µm, fully 50 percent wider than the DV format's 10-µm track pitch. Thanks to this feature, the DVCAM format sufficiently meets the reliability and precision requirements of professional editing. High-quality PCM digital audio PCM recording makes for a wide dynamic range and a high signal-to-noise ratio, thereby enhancing sound quality. There are two recording modes: 2-channel mode (48- kHz sampling and 16-bit quantization), which offers sound quality equivalent to the DAT (Digital Audio Tape) format, or 4-channel mode (32-kHz sampling and 12-bit quantization). Playback compatibility with DV format A DV cassette recorded on a DV-format VCR can be played back on this unit. (Cassettes recorded in LP mode cannot be played back.) Choice of two cassette sizes The unit can use both standard-size and mini-size DVCAM cassettes.

• According to cassette size, it automatically changes the position of the reel drive plate.

• The maximum recording/playback times are 184 minutes for standard size cassettes and 40 minutes for mini-size cassettes.

Digital interfaces

The unit provides the following two digital interfaces.

• SDTI (QSDI): This interface enables SDTI (QSDI)-format video, audio and time code signals to betransferred between this unit and the Sony EditStationat normal speed.

• AES/EBU interface : This interface enables AES/EBU-format digital audio signals to be input andoutput.As an option, you can also use the SDI (Serial DigitalInterface) as an interface for D1 (component) formatdigital video and audio signals.Analog interfacesThe unit also comes with analog interfaces enabling itto be connected to analog video and audio equipment.

• Analog video : These interfaces include a componentinterface (can be switched to RGB), compositeinterface, and S-video interface.• Analog audio : 4-channel input and 4-channel outputare both provided.Facilities for High-efficiencyEditingThe unit provides an abundance of functions thatenhance editing efficiency and precision


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Power requirements: AC 120V, 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 145W

Operating temperature: 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)

Storage temperature: -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)

Tape speed: 28.193mm/sec.

Y/C delay: Less than 30ns

Frequency response: 2CH mode (48kHz)20kHz + 0.5dB/-1.0dB4CH mode (32kHz)14.5kHz +0.5dB/-1.0Db

Dynamic range: More than 85dB

Distortion (THD + N): Less than 0.05%

Fast forward/rewind time: Standard size: Less than 3 minutes with PDV-184MEMini size: Less than 1 minute with PDVM-40ME

K-factor (K2T, KPB): Less than 2.0%

Format: DVCAM

Cassette tape type: Mini (w/h/d): 66 x 48 x 12.2mm(2 5/8 X 1 15/16 X 1/2 inches)Standard (w/h/d): 125 x 78 x 14.6mm(5 x 3 1/6 x 19/32 inches)

Record/playback time: Standard size: More than 184 minutes with PDV-184ME Mini size: More than 40 minutes with PDVM-40ME

Picture search speed: Via RS-422A:Up to 32X normal, fwd and revVia optional SVRM-100A:JOG modeFrame by frame x2 fwd, x-1 rev SHUTTLE mode8 steps, still to x16 normal, fwd/revDigital slow mode2 steps, still to x1/10 normal speed, forward and reverse JOG audio mode1/30 to x1, forward and reverse

Signal to noise ratio (via analog component I/O): More than 55dB

Analog Outputs: VIDEO OUTComposite, BNC w/through outRGB/COMPONENT (Y,R-Y,B-Y)BNC (x3)S-VIDEO OUT4-pin S-VideoREF VIDEO OUTBNC (gen out)AUDIO OUTXLR 3-pinAUDIO MONITOR OUTRCA pin

Other I/O: REMOTE IN/OUT9-pin, femaleTBC REMOTE15-pin, maleHEADPHONE OUTJM-60 headphone stereo jackCONTROL-SMini jack

Humidity: Less than 80% relative humidity

Bandwidth (via analog component I/O): 5.0MHz ±1.0dB5.75MHz ±0dB/-3.0dB (typical measurement)

Analog Inputs: VIDEO INComposite, BNC(w/through out)RGB/COMPONENT (Y,R-Y,B-Y)BNC (x3)REF VIDEO INBNC(with through out)AUDIO INPUT (XLR 3-pin female (x4)2CH mode: 48kHz, 16 bit lock4CH mode: 32kHz, 12 bit lock

Digital I/O: QSDIBNCAES/EBUXLR 3-pin (x2)

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