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  • Reference: 9304

    PAG 9304 PAGlink PL96T Time Battery

    Model 9304 FEATURES:

    • 96 watt-hours, 14.8V 6.5Ah
    • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
    • V-Mount compatible
    • Batteries in any state of charge can be linked to combine capacities
    • Current draw capability of 12A when linked
    • Hard-wearing, high-current contacts
    • Numeric run-time and capacity display
    • Provides percentage display of capacity with multiple viewfinder information systems
    • Charges on PAG or Sony V-Mount Li-Ion chargers
    • Batteries can be charged whilst linked
    • Battery can reveal status and usage data stored in microprocessor
    • Battery software can be updated externally
    • 2 year guarantee with no restrictive conditions
    • 133 x 84 x 50mm, 0.73kg

    The PL96T is a high-power, intelligent linking battery, and part of the PAGlink system.

    PAGlink is the only system that allows you to combine the capacities of two to eight batteries in any state of charge, to achieve super-high capacities and a higher current-draw capability.

    It is the only system that allows you to charge batteries whilst linked.

    PAGlink batteries can be used individually or linked to power a variety of cameras including: high-definition broadcast cameras, digital cinema and 3D camera set-ups, HDSLRs and handheld camcorders.

    An individual PAGlink battery has a capacity of 96 watt-hours, making it unrestricted, in quantity, for air transportation. Linking two batteries doubles the capacity to 192Wh; three batteries provide 288Wh. No other system offers as much power.

    Hard-wearing, heavy duty contacts are incorporated for high-current applications. The rated maximum continuous output is 12A when linked (8A individually).

    PAGlink is smarter. Other manufacturers use more expensive cell-technology to sustain a current draw of only 10A, while PAGlink achieves a superior 12A, using cheaper, standard Li-Ion technology.

    As well as being smarter, PAGlink batteries are smaller and lighter, with a higher energy density than any linking system marketed to date.

    Linked batteries form a high speed serial network that enables them to communicate with each other to control charge and discharge.

    The rear battery can be hot-swapped for constant, uninterrupted camera power.

    The battery features long-life, premier-quality Li-Ion cells, which have no memory effect, and are completely recyclable. In keeping with PAGs total battery design philosophy it is designed and constructed to provide the longest possible working life.

    The PL96T Time Battery incorporates a numeric run-time and capacity display, unique to PAG. Remaining run-time is shown, on-load, expressed in hours and minutes, to a resolution of 1 minute. Remaining capacity is shown as a percentage (1% increments).

    The display maintains its accuracy by tracking the performance, and adjusting calibration values to compensate for the ageing of the cells, and does not require a periodic ‘service’ charge.

    The PL96T can be linked to a PL96e battery to provide a numeric display of remaining run-time for all linked batteries.

    PAGlink batteries support four different data systems that display capacity in the camera viewfinder: Sony, IDX, Red and Anton-Bauer, and adapt automatically when connected.

    PAGlink batteries store data in their microprocessor, such as capacity, voltage, number of cycles and software version, which can be revealed using the PAGlink Battery Reader (Model 9647), to assist with the management of battery stocks.

    The battery software can be updated using a PAGlink Battery Programmer, ensuring that you benefit from PAGs continually advancing technology.

    PAGlink batteries can be charged while linked, using any reputable V-Mount Li-Ion charger.

    The new, 2-position PL16 charger (Model 9707) will simultaneously charge up to 16 PAGlink batteries (8 on each position), from any state of charge.

    PAGlink batteries display their individual status during charging. When using the PL16 charger, the PL96T numeric display can be inverted, for legibility, with a single button press, and reverts automatically after removal from the charger.

    The PL96T has been independently tested and certified to comply with UN transport safety regulations. Its capacity is below 100 watt-hours and it is therefore suitable for air transport on passenger aircraft, in hand-luggage, without quantity restriction.

    The batterys advanced electronic protection system is fail-safe and features Parylene coated circuits to protect against electrolyte.

    Enhanced low temperature performance allows PAGlink batteries to operate at -20°C.


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  • Reference: 9647

    PAG 9647 Battery Reader


    • Reveal data stored in the battery’s microprocessor
    • Manage a large battery inventory
    • Track battery usage
    • Track battery performance
    • Easy-to-read alphanumeric display
    • For use with PAGlink, V-Mount L96T, L96e, L95e and Sony Professional Info Batteries
    • 77 x 52 x 28mm / 50g

    The PAGlink Battery Reader is designed for use with PAGlink intelligent, digital batteries. It enables you to access data stored by the battery’s microprocessor. The data it reveals will assist you in your battery management even if you have only a few batteries.

    The PAGlink Battery Reader is a compact and lightweight tool that you slide onto the contacts of the battery to display data. It features an easy-to-understand, alphanumeric display that will firstly reveal the battery state of charge, as a percentage. The up and down buttons can then be used to reveal the other categories:

    1. State of charge as a percentage
    2. Available capacity in ampere-hours
    3. Cell temperature in degrees Celsius
    4. Number of charge/discharge cycles
    5. Voltage
    6. Full capacity in ampere-hours
    7. Date of birth (manufacture)
    8. Software version

    This information is extremely useful for managing battery stocks, tracking their usage and performance.

    Cell temperature data can be used to avoid charging or discharging if the battery is too hot or too cold.

    Software version will help tell you if the battery is running the latest program. It is then possible to update the battery software, and benefit from PAG’s continually developing technology, by obtaining a PAGlink battery software update.

    When applied to linked batteries the Reader will display the total capacity.

    The PAGlink Battery Reader can also be used to read data stored by the latest standard PAG V-Mount Li-Ion batteries (L96T & L96e), and Sony V-Mount Professional Info Batteries. Older PAG L95e V-Mount Li-Ion batteries are also compatible, but do not provide date of manufacture or software version.

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  • Reference: 9702VR

    SPECIFICATION:Range of Batteries Charged:PAG V-Mount Lithium-Ion batteries. Sony V-Mount Lithium-Ion batteries. PAG V-Mount Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries. Sony V-Mount Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries. Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries are charged sequentially.Battery Connectors: 4 x V-Mount.Main Charge Program:Li-Ion Intelligent Parallel Charging program. Maximum output 6A at 16.8V (100W approx.).Recovery Charge Program:This special program...

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  • Reference: 9510

    PAG 9510 Adapts Gold Mount for V-Mount batteries


    • Adapts the camera Gold Mount for use with V-Mount batteries
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  • Reference: 9581V

    PAG 9581V (9581V 9581-V 9581/V) V-Mount Series/Parallel Power Module


    • Series/parallel unit that combines battery voltages or capacities
    • Achieve higher voltages for powering 24V or 30V lighting
    • Achieve higher capacities for longer camera run-time
    • Achieve continuous power in parallel mode
    • Two V-Mount Connectors
    • Utilise existing battery stocks, Li-Ion and Ni-MH
    • Output via XLR4 connector
    • Includes carrying handle and shoulder-strap

    This series/parallel unit can be used to connect two V-Mount batteries in series; it produces an output voltage equal to the sum of the two batteries' individual voltages (up to 30V), for applications such as powering lighting or microwave links.

    Connecting the batteries in parallel produces a capacity equal to the sum of the two batteries' individual capacities (up to 14Ah), for extended equipment run-time. This mode provides continuous operation. Output is via an XLR4 socket.


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  • Reference: 9313

    Capacity:Nominal 10 Ampere-hours (94 Watt-hours).Cell-Technology:Premium-grade, highcurrent, sealed, Lithium-Ion rechargeable cylindrical cells.Battery Connector:Anton/Bauer Gold Mount compatible.Voltage:14.8V nominal. 12 cells connected in series/parallel. Each cell has a nominal voltage of 3.7V.Output Current:Individual rated maximum continuous output current 10 Amperes (12 Amperes for two or more linked batteries).Run-Time...

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  • Reference: 9711

    Range of Batteries Charged: Individually or linked:PAGlink PL96T Model 9304 PAGlink PL96e Model 9303 PAGlink PL150e Model 9308 PAGlink PL150T Model 9309Individually:PAG L90 Slim Model 9307V PAG L96e Model 9310V PAG L96T Model 9305VBattery Connectors: 4 x V-Mount.Main Charge Programs:Li-Ion Intelligent Parallel Charging program: maximum output 6A at 16.8V...

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