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Canon ME20F-SH Professional Multi-purpose Video Camera

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Canon 1002C003AA (100-2C003AA, 100/2C00/3AA, 100-2C00 3AA, 100/2C00-3AA) (ME20FSH , ME20F/SH, ME/20F-SH) ME20F-SH Professional Multi-purpose Video Camera

Capture ultra low light footage as ‘never seen before’ in colour and IR

With the release of the ME20F-SH, Canon introduce a professional multi-purpose video camera capable of capturing full colour images in extremely low-light environments. Boasting an industry leading unrivalled maximum ISO in excess of 4 million (+75dB), the ME20F-SH is designed to be as small as possible whilst delivering high quality professional grade Full HD footage.

This compact and lightweight innovative full-frame, Full HD video camera delivers ultra low light performance and infrared capability at unrivalled sensitivity to open up a new world of creative shooting possibilities.

Image capture is viable now in situations where it previously would not have been possible - the ME20F-SH is ideal for use within specialist applications such as TV productions of night time wildlife, deep sea/cave exploration, astronomy and surveillance. The ability to install the camera in a semi-permanent location, with remote control operability also means that this camera is a useful tool for documentary and natural history filmmakers.

Shooting in low-light conditions often requires the use of infrared illumination, a technique that traditionally is captured in black and white. The ME20F-SH however, achieves impressive high-sensitivity performance enabling the capture of colour Full HD video with reduced noise, even in low-light conditions and without the need for infrared illumination.

  • A unique, 35mm full-frame, video camera with extreme low light performance in colour, over ISO 4 million and IR support.
  • Shoot Full HD 1080p/1080i/720p to an external recorder and benefit from Canon Log and Wide DR.
  • Automatic control with AE, AWB, AF and Custom Picture settings, plus ISO 800 to 4 million for shooting day/night time.
  • Experience a wealth of lens options via an EF mount with Cinema Lock and a 12-pin terminal for Canon Servo lens support (with compatible lenses).
  • Works with the Canon Remote Control RC-V100 to control the built-in IR and ND filters.

Exceptionally high sensitivity 

  • Designed to be used in situations where ambient light levels are extremely low, the ME20F-SH features a newly developed Full Frame 35mm with 2.26 MP CMOS sensor and a DIGIC DV4 processor. The sensor’s pixels and readout circuitry use Canon’s proprietary technologies to achieve both reduced noise and exceptionally high sensitivity, allowing you to capture subjects illuminated with less than 0.0005 lux. Similar to Canon’s Cinema EOS cameras, the ME20F-SH includes Canon Log and Wide DR settings, which enable a wide dynamic range (800%), delivering high-quality results across a variety of ambient lighting conditions, without the need for supplemental lighting.


  • The ME20F-SH offers several options with regard to connectivity to external third party devices for recording or remote viewing purposes, and is also compatible with Canon’s RC-V100¹ for full remote control over the camera.

Enabling a wide range of imaging possibilities 


  • The new ME20F-SH employs Canon’s EF mount with Cinema Lock, as found on the Cinema EOS C500, allowing users to take advantage of the company’s extensive lineup of interchangeable lenses². By enabling operators to select the ideal lens based on their shooting or application requirements, taking into consideration such factors as angle of view and level of brightness, the multi-purpose camera facilitates a wide range of shooting possibilities.


  • Ultra low-light performance at ISO 4 million
  • High quality Full HD 1080p/1080i/720p output
  • Flexible control with auto and custom settings
  • Compatible with a wide range of EF lenses
  • Remote control of camera settings and built-in ND and IR cut filters possible
  • Small and lightweight for ease of integration


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