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Hague HPS-E Power Slider

code: HPS-E
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 Hague HPS-E (HPSE, HPS E, HPS/E, hps-e) Hague Power Slider

Motorize your Igus camera slide - Compatible with the Hague Camslide & Glidetrack
The new Hague Power Slider enables you to upgrade your Hague Camslide, Glidetrack SD/HD or Igus camera slider to a motorized version. The Power Slider gives you much better control, creating much smoother camera movement than can be achieved by pushing the carriage by hand.The variable speed controller enables the camera to go smoothly from a still position up to a required speed by turning the control knob, the knob can then be turned back until the carriage comes to a stop at the required stop position. The carriage can be controlled in either direction.The drive cable supplied with the unit is suitable for 1 metre length rails, if the rail's length is less than 1 metre the cable can easily be shortened to suit. An optional longer drive cable is available for rails between 1 to 2 metres.The controller requires a power supply of 6 - 12v DC depending on the speed range required. A UK mains adapter is supplied with the Power Slider which can be used at 6v, 9v or 12volt, this gives a good range of speeds.
Weight Limit: - When the track is in a horizontal position the Power Slider's motor will move the carriage along the rail/track with a maximum load of 5kg, or 12kg if the carriage has hybrid bearings. (This is total weight on the carriage, camera plus head.)Please note the motor drive is not silent, so the camera's onboard microphone is likely to pick up the sound of the motor, especially at the higher speeds.
Approximate speeds powered at 6v and 12volt.Distance the carriage will travel, per second, when powered at 6 volts - Set at minimum speed 1.6mm. Set at maximum speed 54.6mm.Distance the carriage will travel, per second, when powered at 12 volts - Set at minimum speed 12.6mm. Set at maximum speed 112mm.The speeds are variable from minimum to maximum and the supplied mains adapter can be set at either 6v, 9v or 12volt
This price is for the motorized control unit only, it does not include the rail or carriage.


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See product codes below for the different rails

Product code HPS10-40 for Hague Camslide CSLID, Igus Rail WS-10-40, Glidetrack SD
Product code HPS10-40H for Glidetrack Hybrid SD
Product code HPS10-80 for Igus Rail WS-10-80
Product code HPS16-60 for Hague Camslide 16-60 HCS16-60, Igus Rail WS-16-60, Glidetrack HD 
Product code HPS16-60P for Hague Pro Camslide PCS1000.
Product code HPS16-60H for Glidetrack Hybrid HD.
Product code HPS-E for Hague Camslide Easyglide 1000/640.

The unit is supplied with a drive cable suitable for 1m length rails and this can be shortened if required for shorter length rails.

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