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Hague Handy Jib

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Hague Handy Jib 

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 Suitable for lightweight handheld camcorders & DSLR's

* Supports up to 1.5kg.

* Quick & simple use

* Compact & lightweight

* Create smooth jib shots

 The Hague K1 Handy Jib is a compact and leightweight handheld jib system for small handheld cameras. You simply mount the camcorder or DSLR camera onto the Handy Jibs camera plate which is fastened to a pulley wheel and has a control cable running down to a second pulley which is attached to a tilt handle. It is this handle that is used to tilt the camera up or down. A second handle on the telescopic pole enables you to control and counterbalance the jib. The jib's tilt control enables you to smoothly tilt the camera, you can have the camcorder pointing directly downwards or upwards or anywhere through 360 degrees, creating some very unusual shots.

You use the camcorders flip-out screen to monitor your shot. Walking with the Handy-jib creates tracking shots, which gives the camera a floating effect. You can pan the jib arm from side to side or go from a low shot to a shot over 10ft. high, making it easy to see over people or fences. The camera will reach places normally unattainable, you can go through windows, under or over tables, over water, you'ld be amazed at the shots that can be achieved with a little bit of practice. The Handy-jib can also be used as a monopod, by adjusting the telescopic pole to the required height, you can then use the tilt handle to change the angle of the camera.

Supports up to 1.5kg. Transit Size 123cm. x 17cm. x 10cm. Weight 1.25kg.

Price includes:- Jib Arm with variable tilt control and Camera Screw. Optional Extras shown in the photos include K1W Weight, K1T Tripod Plate, Manfrotto Tripod & Camera. Please see below for recommened accessories which includes the LA L-Shaped Adaptor for DSLR cameras.


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