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Bags, Cases & Covers Buying Guide

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If you’ve paid good money for cameras, lenses or any other broadcast equipment, then it is only natural to want to protect it against any bumps, knocks or scratches, and although these can occur naturally during storage and transit, some reliable bags or cases can help prolong the lifespan and aesthetics of your gear.

Here at DigiBroadcast we stock a wide variety of bags, cases and covers to cover the whole spectrum of broadcasting equipment, giving you everything you need to ensure your gear stays in top condition. And with so much available, we’ve put together this bag, cases and covers buying guide to help you make an informed decision on which product is going to be the best for you.

Camcorder bags and cases: 

For protecting your camera when on the go, soft cases or backpacks are the perfect solution. Camcorder soft cases typically follow a holdall or shoulder bag design and offer easy access to your equipment whenever you need it, while camcorder backpacks are perfect for those who need to travel with their equipment, offering users a compact yet thorough design which still allows you to access your gear with ease. Both the soft case and backpack come without any of the bulkiness of hard cases and are practical alternatives which still offer a good level of protection. 

Pelican cases, or Peli cases, are sealed airtight and watertight cases used to offer a high level of protection to camcorders and equipment. These cases are perfect for air travel as they include a barometric relief valve to prevent pressure damage to the case and each one can be stacked without any damage to the goods inside, meaning it can put into cargo on flights. Pelican cases meet the international standards for waterproofing, stacking, impact, durability, water immersion up to 1m and comply with the Air Transport Association standard for durability in shipping. 

For using your camera underwater thenyou will need to invest in some underwater camera housing. This form of housing encases your equipment and is water resistant up to a certain depth (this varies between products) allowing you to capture stunning footage from below the surface. 

Camera gloves and rain covers:

A camera glove, or camera body armour, is a snug-fitting protective layer, which is designed to fit around your camera while it is in use and is available for both shoulder and handheld models. This protects from bumps, hits and scratches, which can occur on the job and reduces the risk of damage to your camcorder from precipitation, dust, sun and other abnormal conditions.

As their name suggests, rain covers are covers which offer a level of waterproofing so that cameras and camcorders can be used outdoors in the elements without the worry of damage from precipitation. These rain covers are available for both handheld and shoulder cameras. 

Equipment cases:

As well as stocking the above bags, cases and covers for your camera and camcorder, we also stock a selection of cases specifically designed to protect your other pieces of equipment, such as tripod cases, monitor cases, production cases and audio equipment cases as well as hard cases which can be used to transport and store a variety of supplies. 

Browse the full range of bags, cases and covers online at DigiBroadcast. 

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