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  • Reference: FMP53521MLSH

    CODEC: Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD, R3D HDMI Output: No Recording Media: SSD SDI Output: No Video Resolution: 4K Camera Type: Large Sensor Form Factor: Modular Maximum Video Resolution (recorded): 4096x2160 Sensor Resolution (Mega Pixels): 8.8MP

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  • Reference: FMP54031TGSH

    Product Specification AEB (Bracketing) 2, 3, 5 or 7 Shots +/-3 EV 1/3 or 1/2 stop increments Aspect Ratio 3:2 Autofocus Points 61 Autofocus System TTL-CT-SIR Battery Model LP-E6 Connectivity Hi-Speed USB, HDMI mini output, Video output (PAL / NTSC), Headphone mini jack, External microphone (Stereo mini jack) Crop Factor 1.0x Exposure Compensation +/-5 EV...

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  • Reference: FMP54601TGSH

    Bundle of GoPro accessories, notably including: 1 x ARMTE-001 WiFi remote 1 x Wasabe Power charger and Battery 2 x GoPro WiFi Remote and smart remote charging cable 1 x full housing for GoPro Hero 3/4 5 x Bulky skeleton back door (for GoPro 2) 1 x standard skeleton back door 7 x Gopro Mounts...

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  • Reference: FMP55788ABSH

    3 month warranty, very good condition

    Sony PXW-FS7M2 (PX-WFS-7M2, PXWFS7M2, PXW/FS7M2, pxw-fs7m2) Mark II 4K XDCAM Super 35mm Camcorder

    Expanding on the original FS7, Sony's PXW-FS7M2 XDCAM Super 35 Camera System is a flexible 4K camera system. Designed as a camera that is at home on productions as diverse as "Cinéma Vérité"-style documentaries, reality TV, commercial, and corporate applications It features a Super 35mm sized sensor that allows you to capture images with cinematic depth of field. The camera incorporates a stronger locking E-mount that is fully compatible with E-Mount lenses, and supports all electronic connections. The locking mount reduces lens play, and allows you to use most 35mm lenses including PL, EF, Leica, and Nikon via optional adapters. This stronger E-mount is ideal for using heavier-long cine-zooms without the need for additional lens support.

    Just behind the lens mount sits an electronic variable ND system that provides a clear filter and 3 user definable presets. The variable ND can be adjusted to provide between 2 and 7 stops of ND. The camera can capture footage to optional on-board XQD media cards in either DCI 4K (4096 x 2160) or UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) at up to 59.94 fps or HD at up to 180 fps.

    The camera records in your choice of XAVC-I, XAVC-L, or MPEG-2. However,

    MPEG-2 recording does not support the high data rates the camera is capable of generating when shooting in UHD, and is limited to recording HD video only. The camera incorporates Dual XQD media card slots that support simultaneous or relay recording. An ergonomically designed handgrip provides control of many of the camera's functions and features an adjustable length support arm.


    The 4K Super 35 EXMOR sensor features 14 Stops of latitude and a wide color gamut. It offers a choice of XAVC or MPEG-2 codecs. The XAVC codec can be used for 4K and HD recording, while MPEG-2 is limited to HD recording.

    XAVC comes in two flavors, XAVC INTRA, and XAVC Long, allowing you to encode from HD to UHD using Intra-Frame or Long GOP compression with 10-bit 4:2:2 for HD and the choice of 10-bit 4:2:2 or 8-bit 4:2:0 for UHD. XAVC intra compression is very efficient, recording at modest bit rates and XAVC Long also substantially extends the recording time while attaining very high quality and low noise.

    Signal Processing

    The Camera supports two signal processing modes; Cine-EI and Custom.

    Cine-EI offers three color grading spaces for electronic cinematography production. The Custom mode supports Rec-709 and Rec BT-2020 at UHD 3840 x

    2160 with Y, Cb, Cr color subsampling. You can set the PXW-FS7M2 to record onboard and monitor on a BT 2020 compliant monitors via HDMI 10-bit 4:2:2 or SDI at 10-bit 4:2:2 with a 709 monitor LUT applied.

    Locking E-Mount

    The PXW-FS7M2 is equipped with a locking E-Mount that provides improved stability and strength compared to a standard E-Mount. It features a safety interlock system that helps prevent accidental disengagement of your lens from the camera body. The locking mount also reduces lens play compared to a standard E-Mount and the locking mount is strong enough to support long cine and ENG zooms that normally require a lens support.

    It accepts optional E-Mount lenses from Sony, Zeiss and other manufacturers. The shallow flange distance of the E-Mount allows you to mount most 35mm lens types such as PL, Canon EF, Leica, Nikon, as well as many others with simple mechanical adapters.

    Electronic Variable ND

    Behind the lens mount sits a retractable clear filter. When you engage the internal ND filters, the clear filter retracts and a stepless electronic ND filter drops into place maintaining the proper flange focal distance. You can program the electronic ND filter to act as three individual filters and rotating the filter knob will step between these presets.

    Additionally, you can manually adjust the density of the filter from 2 to 7 stops. One of the advantages of the electronically variable ND filter is that you can use the iris on your lens to set your depth of field, and then make exposure adjustments with the ND, as it does not introduce any color shift as the strength of the ND changes.

    Magnesium Construction

    The camera body is made from magnesium, which is lighter and stronger than aluminum. This allows the camera body to weigh only four pounds. It also incorporates a shoulder pad and is designed to sit on the operator's shoulder by extending the support arm of the SmartGrip, which allows the camera to be held in front of the operator without requiring a support rig.


    The camera includes an ergonomic handgrip that Sony calls a SmartGrip, which features Zoom, Start/Stop, and Assign controls. The SmartGrip facilitates camera operation with the right hand, leaving the left hand free to operate the lens. Both the arm and handgrip can be positioned at different angles permitting great flexibility, and it has been re-designed for additional extension adjustment.

    Redesigned Viewfinder and Mic Holder Mount

    With the PXW-FS7M2 the viewfinder and mic holder mount has been repositioned. The viewfinder and mic holder now attach to a replaceable 15mm rod. This allows you to swap out the included rod with a longer rod (not included), allowing you to move the position of the viewfinder or mic holder relative to the camera. You can adjust the position of the viewfinder so a left-eye shooter can use their left eye, while the camera is resting on their right shoulder.

    In addition, the viewfinder itself now rides on a square mounting rod that ensures level operation.

    Internal Recording

    The PXW-FS7M2 records internally in both DCI 4K and UHD 4K at up to 59.94 fps, and in HD up to 180 fps using XAVC-I or up to 120 fps with XAVC-L. DCI 4K (4096 x 2160) can be recorded internally without the need of an external recorder.

    Media Card Slots

    The camera features two XQD media slots that support simultaneous or relay recording. The XQD card slots are shallower on the PXW-FS7M2 compared to the FS7, making inserting and removing media cards easier.

    Genlock and Timecode

    Genlock and timecode breakout is available with an optional XDCA-FS7, this also allows for raw and ProRes recording with optional recorders.

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  • Reference: FMP55825MLSH

    PDW-700 camcorder Kit with HDVF 20A Viewfinder- Laser Hours 2011, Used

    3 months warranty

     Fair condition

    Since its introduction in 2003, the Sony XDCAM system has revolutionised video production. The combination of file-based operation, optical recording and Sony's industry-leading camcorder technology has opened up new ways of working to broadcast and production facilities around the world. Now, Sony has expanded the XDCAM line-up at the top end with the PDW-700 XDCAM HD422 camcorder.


    The PDW-700 captures stunning HD images. It features three newly developed 2/3-inch progressive Power HAD FX CCDs at 1920 x 1080 resolution. 14-bit A/D conversion and advanced digital signal processing are also used to ensure the highest picture quality.


    The PDW-700 records at a data rate of up to 50Mb/s using an MPEG-2 4:2:2PHL compression technology called MPEG HD422.


    The camcorder features multi-format recording at 1080/50i, 1080/59.94i, 1080/25P, 1080/29.97P, 720/50P and 720/59.94P It also supports record and playback of XDCAM HD (4:2:0) at 35Mb/s, 25Mb/s and 18Mb/s, and XDCAM standard definition MPEG IMX and DVCAM material.


    With fast file-based operation and outstanding picture quality, the XDCAM

    HD422 line-up has widened the appeal of XDCAM for applications such TV drama, documentaries and general entertainment programs, and for ENG where speed of operation is a critical requirement.


    1080/29.97P, 720/50P, 720/59.94P and XDCAM HD (4:2:0) operation requires

    V1.2 firmware.


    Operation in MPEG HD at 18Mb/s is replay only.


    SD operation requires CBKZ-MD01 option.


    2/3-inch-type Three HD Power HAD FX CCDs


    The PDW-700 is equipped with three 2/3-inch-type 2.2-megapixel full HD progressive CCDs, which are also used in the well-proven HDC-1500 HD Camera from Sony. Based on Sony's Power HAD FX sensor technology and the latest on-chip lens structure, this type of CCD offers a high sensitivity of F11 at


    59.94 Hz (F12 at 50 Hz) and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio of 59 dB in Noise Suppression (NS) mode, which helps to reduce the high-frequency noise elements of video signals using Sony's advanced digital processing technology.

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  • Reference: FMP55850ABBR

    In Box: Included: -Epic Dragon -Side SSD -4x 64GB SSD cards. -1 card readers (one is USB 3.0). -Ti PL Mount + Cap. -Side Handle -Redmote. -Fan upgrade. -Red Bomb EVF -Red Touch 5'' -LCD/EVF cables. -OLPF interchangeable system + Low-Light + Skin-Tone OLPFs. -Bebob Hot Swat Adapter -Easy Top. -RED PRO & Top Handle.

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  • Reference: FMP56414MLSH

    In the Box Panasonic Cinema VariCam LT 4K S35 Digital Cinema Camera (EF Mount) EF Mount Control Panel Top Handle Viewfinder Touch Screen IDX V-mount plate

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  • Reference: FMP56435ABSH

    Canon C200, Camcorder, 72 hours, used 

    3 month warranty

    The  EOS C200 is a compact and versatile high-performance camera for a wide range of shooters that captures sharp 4K 50P images.



    Capture sharp and natural 4K images internally in Cinema RAW Light, MP4 or XF-AVC formats, recording to CFast 2.0T or SD cards respectively; additionally, shoot 120P slow-motion in Full HD, making the EOS C200 suitable for a variety of productions.

    Professional 4K/UHD/50P entry into the Cinema EOS range offering flexibility and ease-of-use for single-user operation


    Shoot 4K/UHD/50P internally in MP4 or Cinema RAW Light formats

    • Easily shoot and record UHD/50P footage to internal SD cards in MP4 format and use Cinema RAW Light to film moments in stunning 4K to internal CFast 2.0™ card. Explore your creativity in Full HD with high frame rates up to 120P.


    4K Cinema EOS starts here

    • Enter professional 4K filmmaking with a camera boasting a Super 35mm CMOS sensor capable of recording high-definition UHD/50P MP4 footage internally to dual SD card and Full HD up to 120P.


    Internal RAW recording

    • Record 4K Cinema RAW Light footage in 10-bit/50P or 12-bit 24P/25P internally to CFast 2.0™ card with simultaneous MP4 proxy.


    Pro quality image and audio

    • Up to 15-stops dynamic range with Cinema RAW Light, high sensitivity ISO 100-102,400 and 4 channel audio recording.


    Extensive shooting functions

    • Advanced autofocus options with touchscreen control plus HDR monitoring and 10-stop electronically controlled optical ND filters.


    Flexible configuration

    • Robust, compact body featuring an EF mount supporting a huge range of EF and Cinema lenses. Built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet, SDI and XLR terminals for professional use.
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  • Reference: FMP56791ABBR

    With features like cable-free peripherals, integrated media bay, wireless control, and more - DSMC2 is also compatible with a growing arsenal of modules and accessories - from RED and other Third-Party manufacturers. Tack on interchangeable OLPFs and lens mounts and DSMC2 gives you the ultimate control over your footage.

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  • Reference: FMP56795ABBR

    Hitachi DK-H100 Camcorder, used

    The DK-H100 is Hitachi's Multi-format, self-contained, Digital Processing HD camera. Designed for advanced remote observation systems, it provides outstanding images from three 2/3-inch CCD image sensors and the latest generation Hitachi DSP with 14-bit A to D converters.

    The DK-H100 is a high-performance special application HDTV/SD camera.The camera is ideal for graphic stands point of view and remote observation applications. With its new 2.3 million pixels native 1080i 3-CCD, the DK-H100 provides outstanding performance. The camera offers sharper and cleaner HD images due to its 14-bit A/D converters and Hitachi's implementation of the latest digital processing technology. The camera achieves outstanding high sensitivity and a low vertical smear specifications.

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  • Reference: FMP56806ABSH

    Sony PMW-500, 1400 hours, camcorder, used

    3 month warranty

    Good condition PMW-500 - a few superficial scratch marks, operation manual

    (English) & multi-language CD.

    The PMW-500 is Sony Professional's first XDCAM HD422 Camcorder with solid state recording. It supports full-HD 422 50-Mbps MXF record and playback based on highly developed MPEG-2 Long GOP compression technology. Uniquely, it can also be switched to record in HD 420 35-Mbps MP4 format which makes for seamless integration when used alongside XDCAM EX models.

    Its 2/3-inch type three Power HAD FX CCD sensors deliver the same outstanding picture quality and low-light performance as the acclaimed PDW-700, however it records onto Solid State SxS media rather than optical Professional Disc.

    The exceptionally ergonomic chassis is a development of the acclaimed PDW-700/F800, while already class-leading power consumption is further reduced along with weight for superb on-location usability.

    Sony's XDCAM product range sets the benchmark for high speed, exceptionally flexible, file-based workflow. XDCAM Professional Disc products were first introduced in 2004, followed by high-speed memory-based XDCAM EX in 2007. A common technology platform provides a unique hybrid workflow meeting a broad variety of customer application needs.

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  • Reference: FMP56807ABBR

    Alexa Classic with High Speed Licence, 1715 hours, Camcorder, used

    Good condition 

    3 months warranty


    A 35 format film-style digital camera with an electronic viewfinder and a 16:9 active sensor area. Records QuickTime ProRes (4444,

    422 HQ or 422) files onto in-camera SxS PRO or SxS PRO+ cards.

    MXF/DNxHD (444, 220x and 145) recording available with optional DNxHD license key. HD video or ARRIRAW T-link output via HD-SDI.

    Frame rate: 0.75 to 60 fps (0.75 - 120 fps available with High Speed license key). Exposure through electronic rolling shutter: 5.0°

    - 358.0°.

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  • Reference: FMP56809MLSH

    Specifiactions   Mass: Approx. 2.4 kg (5 lb 4.7 oz) (body), Approx. 2.8 kg (6 lb 2.8 oz) (with lens hood, eyecup, BP-U30, battery, a SxS memory card) Dimensions (W x H x D): 168×161×331 mm (6 5/8 x 6 3/8 x 13 1/8 inches) (without   protrusions) Power Requirements: DC 12V Power Consumption: Approx....

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