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Camera Lenses

With an extensive range of camcorder lenses on offer here at DigiBroadcast, you’ll never have to worry about not finding what you need. We offer a variety of different products to ensure that there’s something to suit everybody’s camcorder needs. From interchangeable mount sets to wide-angle lenses, here at DigiBroadcast we want to offer a vast choice so that everybody feels that there’s something for them. If you like what you see here but want to explore more, our Cine cameras and 4K camcorders are a great place to start!

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  • Reference: 3219-91

    VISION HEAD PAN BARSPart No.  Description3219-110 Black, non-telescopic pan bar and clamp for Vision 3AS to Vision 10AS3219-91 Black, telescopic pan bar and clamp for Vision 8AS, 10AS,100 and 250

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  • Reference: 1620C005

    Physical Specifications: Product Weight Input-1 215g Product Dimensions (Wxhxd) 66.5 x 61.8 Optical Characteristics: AF Actuator STM Distance Information Yes Magnification With Extension Tube Ef12 Ii 0.55-0.23 [5] Angle Of View 64º 30' - 23º 20', 45º 30'- 15º 40', 74º 20' - 27º 50' Magnification With Extension Tube Ef25 Ii 0.91-0.51 [5] Lens Construction...

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    Cable Type is Camera extension / video / power cable Designed for Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera

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  • Reference: SEL50F12GM


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  • Reference: TRT-11-1366

    Features : MK3.1 Canon, Blackmagic, Sony LANC R/S - For MK3.1 Receiver Use to trigger Record/Stop on Canon, Blackmagic and Sony cameras featuring a LANC (remote) socket Works with: Sony FS7, FS700, Blackmagic, Canon C100/300/500, etc. ALSO: Will trigger run/stop on a Panasonic GH4 In the menu, set the CAMERA to ARRI. Hirose to 2.5mm...

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  • Reference: TRT-11-1424

    Teradek TRT-11-1424 (TRT/11/1424, TRT_11_1424, TRT111424, 11-1424, trt-11-1424) 0.8mod Motor Gear Wide - Double Thick

    This RT Motor Gear (0.8-Mod Wide) from Teradek is designed for use with an RT MK3.1 or MK3.0 lens control motor. The wide surface of this gear provides a larger interface for lens barrels that move through an extended focus or zoom range. This 32-pitch gear is compatible with the focus, iris, and/or zoom rings on select cine and/or ENG lenses as listed below.

    Compatible Lenses/Functions

    • Including but not limited to:
    • Angenieux, ARRI, Fuji PL-mount, RED, Sony, Zeiss Cine F/I/Z
    • Panavision focus 1
  • Reference: 2569A018

    Accessories: Extender Compatiblity  Compatible Physical Specifications Product Weight Input-1 1310 g Filter Diameter (Mm) 77 Maximum Diameter X Length (Mm) 84.6 x 193.6 Optical Characteristics: AF Actuator Ring USM Distance Information Yes Lens Construction (Elements/Groups) 18/15 Minimum Aperture 32 AF Actuator AF Footnote Full time Manual focus Magnification With Extension Tube Ef12 Ii 0.22-0.06 Magnification...

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    £1,036.00 RRP: £1,077.76
  • Reference: 4427B005

    Physical Specifications: Product Weight Input-1 540 g Filter Diameter (Mm) Filter Holder Maximum Diameter X Length (Mm) 78.5 x 83 Water/Dust Resistance Yes Optical Characteristics: AF Actuator Ring USM Distance Information Yes Lens Construction (Elements/Groups) 14-Nov Minimum Aperture 22 AF Actuator AF Footnote Full time Manual focus Magnification With Extension Tube Ef12 Ii Not Compatible Magnification With Extension Tube...

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  • Reference: 2752B005

    Physical Specifications: Product Weight Input-1 595 g Filter Diameter (Mm) 72 Maximum Diameter X Length (Mm) 78.6x102 Optical Characteristics: AF Actuator Micro Motor Distance Information Yes Lens Construction (Elements/Groups) 16-Dec Minimum Aperture 22 - 38(36)2 Magnification With Extension Tube Ef12 Ii 0.39-0.065 Magnification With Extension Tube Ef25 Ii 0.56-0.145 Angle Of View 64° 30' -...

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    £373.17 RRP: £379.96
  • Reference: 2540A011

    Angle of view (horzntl, vertl, diagnl): 15°40', 10°35', 18°40' Lens construction (elements/groups): 43381 No. of diaphragm blades: 6 Minimum aperture: 16 Closest focusing distance (m): 0.24 Maximum magnification (x): 5 AF actuator: - Filter diameter (mm): 58 Max. diameter x length (mm): 81 x 98 Weight (g): 710 Magnification - Extension Tube EF12 II: -...

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  • Reference: SLR-MP35E

    Closest Focusing Distance: 0.3m Dimensions: Length: 87mm Filter Size: φ82mm Focal Length: 35mm Geared Focus / Iris: Y Lens Construction: 9 Elements in 8 Groups Lens Type: Prime Maximum Aperture: T1.3 Minimum Aperture: T16 Mount Type: E No. Diaphragm Blades: 13 diaphragm blades Sensor Coverage: Full Frame (35mm) Weight: 700g / 1.54lbs

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    £595.00 RRP: £649.00
  • Reference: SLR-APL-EF

    Adapter Type PL to EF Mount Material Aluminium

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    £173.00 RRP: £185.00
  • Reference: 3680C005

    Optical Features Image Size: Full Frame Angle of view (horzntl, vertl, diagnl) 74° - 29°, 53° - 19° 30', 84° - 34° Lens construction (elements/groups): 21/15 No. of diaphragm blades: 9 Minimum aperture: 22 Closest focusing distance (m): 0.21 wide/ 0.38 Tele Maximum magnification (x): 0.30x (at 32mm) Distance Information: Yes Image stabilizer: 51 AF...

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  • Reference: SR2905

    Product Dimensions: 42 x 47.5 x 30mm Package Dimensions: 76 x 63 x 40mm Net Weight: 76g±5g Package Weight: 102g±5g Material(s): Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel Compatibility: SmallHD Focus Series SmallHD Focus OLED Series SmallHD UltraBright Series SmallHD 500 Series, 700 Series Atomos Ninja Series Atomos Shogun Flame Blackmagic Video Assist 5” Blackmagic Video Assist 4K...

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    £18.16 RRP: £25.00
  • Reference: J22ex7.6

    Canon J22ex7.6B IRSE/IASE. High specification & light weight 1.79kg X-Element & Power Optical System Vari-Polar Hood Digital Drive Equipped with Canon's original Rotary Encoder Device.       Technical Specifications -          Lens J22ex7.6B IRSE/IASE     Zoom Ratio 22x     Built-in Extender 2.0x     Range of Focal Length (with...

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  • Reference: ACM-17

    Adapter Type: JVC 1/3" Chip Mount to Sony 2/3" B4 HD Mount

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    £799.00 RRP: £1,140.00
  • Reference: ZC-9EX

     Clamp Distance: 0mm (0.39in) , 30mm (1.18in) Connector cable: EX Adaptor Connector Weight: 250g Cable Length: 1080mm / 36inch Operating temperature: -10C / 40C  

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    £175.18 RRP: £199.00
  • Reference: PAN-AJC10050G

     Features :    cable length : 50m  

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    £1,228.38 RRP: £1,348.00
  • Reference: PAN-AWCA15H29G

    Panasonic PAN-AWCA15H29G ( AWCA15H29G, PANAWCA15H29G, PAN/AWCA15H29G, PAN AWCA15H29G) Pan/Tilt Cable HC1500 / PH400 / PH405

        The Panasonic AW-CA15H29G is a single remote control cable designed for simple configuration of a Panasonic AW-RP655/555 controller to an AK-HC1500G HD camera and AW-PH400/CB400 pan/tilt head combination.


    £162.00 RRP: £181.00
  • Reference: PAN-AWCA24T24G

    Panasonic PAN-AWCA24T24G ( AWCA24T24G, PANAWCA24T24G, PAN/AWCA24T24G, PAN AWCA24T24G) Pan & Tilt Control Extension Cable 30m PH650

        The Panasonic AW-CA24T24G is a control cable for AW-PH400 and AWPH650 pan and tilt systems. This cable connects the pan and tilt systems with the AK-HC1500.


        This cable measures 20 meters in length and offers specific connectivity.



  • Reference: PAN-AWCA28T9P

    Panasonic PAN-AWCA28T9P ( AWCA28T9P, PANAWCA28T9P, PAN/AWCA28T9P, PAN AWCA28T9P) 5m RS232 Cable for PH300/360L
        The AW-CA28T9 control cable connects the AW-PH300/360L to a PC. It enables the pan-tilt head to be controlled by a PC.


    £177.00 RRP: £181.00
  • Reference: PAN-AWCA50T9P

    Panasonic PAN-AWCA50T9P ( AWCA50T9P, PANAWCA50T9P, PAN/AWCA50T9P, PAN AWCA50T9P)PC Camera Control Cable

        Panasonic AW-CA50T9P PC Control Camera Cable

  • Reference: PAN-AGC20020G

    Features : Length: 65' (20 m)

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    £453.00 RRP: £462.00
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Bring things into focus with our fantastic selection of standard lenses, wide angle lenses and high definition lenses from DigiBroadcast. Here you’ll find a huge range of lenses for a variety of different cameras and settings.

Whether you’re after a wide angle lens to take stunning landscape photography or HD lens to capture all those important little details, we offer a great selection of high-quality products from industry-leading brands such as Canon, Century and Optitek, manufacturers renowned for the crispness and clarity of their camera lenses. 

Look for other products to help you capture the perfect photo? Be sure to check out our other camera lenses and related products, including our selection of wide angle converters and adapters from DigiBroadcast.