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Batteries Buying Guide

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If you are out on location for a shoot then the last thing you want to be doing is running out of power, therefore having spare or back up batteries is usually a very wise decision.

Like most types of broadcast industry equipment though, the world of batteries and power can be a bit overwhelming to those who are new to the subject.

In order to make things a little clearer for anyone looking to buy a new battery or power supply, we have broken down some of the key terms below so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing new equipment:

With the levels of power needed for broadcast industry cameras, using ordinary batteries would just not be efficient, so cameras and camcorders tend to run on rechargeable batteries. 

There are three main kinds of rechargeable batteries at DigiBroadcast: DV, Professional and NP-style with each battery type used by certain bits of kit or by certain brands.

NP-style batteries and battery holders are the most popular in the world of professional video and so many manufacturers use them not only for camcorders but for things like LED video lights, sound recorders and monitors.

When it comes to battery chargers there are a long list of variations for you to choose from. Fast chargers are chargers which are built to recharge batteries at high speed, ideal if you run out and are in a hurry to get back to it. 

Sony Charger

Then, there are multi-channel models such as dual battery chargers which have two channels for charging batteries. Multi-channel chargers are not limited to just the dual models though, three, four and even eight channel charger canons are available.

Wall mount chargers, which hang on a wall with batteries slotted into them, are also available for studios or locations where space is at a premium such as broadcast production facilities or OB vans.

Some chargers also have intelligent display features. These are displays which allow the user to see data such as charge status directly from the battery’s CPU, without having to unplug and test it.

At DigiBroadcast we always recommend RedPro batteries and chargers as we have found these charge faster and last longer than most other leading brands. Brands such as Anton Bauer also offer a whole host of high quality batteries and charging equipment.

You can browse the full range of batteries and power equipment online at DigiBroadcast.

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