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Blackmagic ATEM Constellation 8K

  • £8,189.00
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  • Ultra HD live production switcher with so many features, you can combine them all to make an incredibly powerful 8K switcher
  • Creative Transitions - Choose from a wide range of built in transitions
  • Upstream Keyers - Amazing multi layer live action
  • Downstream Keyers - Add bugs, logos andlower thirds
  • Audio Mixer - Mix cameras and audio inputs with the built in audio mixer
  • SuperSource - The advanced ATEM Constellation 8K features two amazing SuperSource layers built in
  • Multi View - Includes HD, Ultra HD or 8K Multi View with labels, tally and meters
  • Multiple Television Standards - Switch television standards for any type of live production
  • Photoshop CC Plug‑in - Create and download graphics directly to your ATEM


The new ATEM Constellation 8K is an Ultra HD live production switcher with so many features, you can combine them all to make an incredibly powerful 8K switcher. You get 4 M/Es, 40 x 12G‑SDI inputs, 24 x 12G‑SDI aux outputs, 4 DVEs, 16 Keyers, 4 media players, 4 multi viewers, 2 SuperSource and standards conversion on every SDI input. Then when switched to 8K, all these features combine to make a powerful 8K switcher. You even get built in talkback and a professional 156 channel Fairlight audio mixer with EQ and dynamics. That’s an audio mixer so big, you can connect and use a full Fairlight audio console. ATEM Constellation 8K has also been designed as an ideal upgrade for ATEM Television Studio.

Designed For Massive Live Events

With so many inputs, ATEM Constellation is ideal for concerts and music festivals because you can place cameras on all areas of the stage for amazing coverage. Even live sports benefit from the huge number of inputs and four DVEs let you build multi‑layer compositions to cover the action. The fastest way to produce programming is live. With powerful internal graphics and four ATEM Advanced Chroma Keyers, you get everything you need for complex program production. ATEM Constellation is also perfect for house of worship programming as it has the size to produce professional results, but it’s simple to learn so it’s easy to train volunteer crew.

The Ultra Hd Switcher Ready For An 8K Future

Because ATEM Constellation is so incredibly big, you can use it as a massive HD and Ultra HD switcher, then instantly combine all of these features together to work in native 8K. You get the power of 40 independent 12G‑SDI inputs when working in HD or Ultra HD, or when switched to 8K, these 40 inputs transform into 10 Quad Link 12G‑SDI 8K inputs. Each input even has up and cross conversion. That means you can instantly switch 720p, 1080p, 1080i, Ultra HD and 8K video standards. Plus, you get 4 independent Ultra HD multi views that also transform into a full resolution 8K multi view. Even the keyers, DVE, Super Source and downstream keyers all switch to native 8K.

Seriously Advanced Broadcast Power

ATEM Constellation 8K features a compact 2RU rack mount design with a built in control panel. This allows operation of the switcher, critical during setup or for emergency use. Also included is a large LCD so you can see program output and change switcher settings via on screen menus. Although only 2RU size, the rear of the switcher has a massive 40 x 12G‑SDI inputs, 24 x 12G‑SDI aux outputs, plus balanced audio, Ethernet, RS‑422 control and MADI digital audio extra inputs to the internal Fairlight audio mixer. Even with all this power, ATEM Constellation is extremely quiet with its innovative high efficiency thermal system and three low speed cooling fans.

Full Front Panel Control

With a built in control panel, you can simply walk up and take full control of ATEM Constellation at any time. Because it works similar to ATEM Television Studio, it’s a fantastic upgrade when you need a bigger switcher. You get incredible power with both PGM/PVW or cut‑bus style operation. The buttons are the same premium type used on full sized panels, and allow control of transitions, upstream/downstream keyers, media players and fade to black. You also get professional talkback with engineering and production loops, plus an XLR talkback headset connection. But you're never limited, as the LCD menus also allow every single operational feature of the switcher to be accessed.

Massive 40 Standards Converted 12G‑Sdi Inputs.

You get 40 independent 12G‑SDI inputs, with each input featuring its own dedicated up and cross converter. That means it’s possible to convert 1080p and Ultra HD sources to stunning 8K to use them in your 8K programs. When used in HD or Ultra HD, you can connect up to 40 different sources in all formats up to 2160p60. When running 8K formats, connect 10 Quad Link 12G‑SDI 8K sources in all formats up to 4320p60. You can even loop out audio channels 1, 2, 3 and 4 from SDI inputs 1 to 30 to the two MADI digital audio outputs, so you can hand off the audio from all switcher sources to an external audio engineer for mixing.

24 Customizable 12G‑Sdi Outputs

ATEM Constellation 8K features 24 independently routable 12G‑SDI outputs that can be fully customized. All of these outputs are similar to aux outputs, however they're more powerful because you can route any external SDI input and all internal sources to any of these 12G‑SDI outputs. That’s flexible enough to run independent program feeds, clean feeds, or outputs for on stage projectors and video walls. It’s like having multiple switchers all running at the same time with everyone getting the custom feed they need. All 12G‑SDI outputs contain embedded program audio, plus you get mix minus support, RP‑188 embedded timecode, SDI camera control, tally and talkback.

Choose From Hardware Or Software Control Panels

All ATEM switchers feature a wide range of hardware and software control options, plus it’s possible to share control panels between all ATEM models for different live events. Included with ATEM Constellation is a full software based control panel for Mac and Windows. The software connects to the switcher via ethernet and you can control the switcher, upload media, mix audio and control cameras. You can even run multiple copies of the software switcher at the same time. Then, when you need more power, you can add an ATEM Advanced Panel for switching or even an ATEM Camera Control Panel allowing dedicated control of your cameras. There's even a developer SDK for your own custom control solutions.

Includes 8K Multiview With Labels, Tally And Meters

The built in multi views let you monitor multiple sources in a single monitor. You get 4 independent multiview outputs that can each be individually customized or transformed into a single full resolution 8K multiview when you switch to 8K. You get the stunning quality that only an 8K multiview can provide. Plus all external inputs and all internal sources can be routed to any view. Plus each multiview can be independently set to 4, 7, 10, 13 or 16 simultaneous views. Each view also has on screen status including a custom label, VU meters and tally. The four 12G‑SDI multiview outputs support HD and Ultra HD up to 2160p60, and up to 4320p60 via Quad Link 12G‑SDI when switched to 8K.

Dve, Stingers And More

ATEM Constellation 8K includes a wide range of broadcast quality 8K native transitions such as mix, dip, wipe, and more. All transitions can be customized by adjusting parameters such as their duration, border colour, border width, position and direction. Transitions are even fully 8K native. You also get exciting DVE transitions, perfect for graphic wipes and even stingers when used with the internal media players. To eliminate errors, ATEM Constellation also includes a preview transition feature so you can check your transitions before putting them to air.

Full Resolution 8K Dve

ATEM Constellation features 4 independent Ultra HD DVEs that all work together as a single full resolution 8K DVE when you switch to 8K formats. You get amazing quality and the DVE supports position, resize and scale, all in real time. The DVE lets you create professional picture in picture effects with customizable 3D borders, shadows and lighting. DVEs can also be used to create amazing DVE transitions with squeeze, push and swoosh effects for adding excitement to your programming. You can even combine DVE transitions with custom graphics to create your own graphic wipe transitions.

Full Resolution 8K Dve

ATEM Constellation features 4 independent Ultra HD DVEs that all work together as a single full resolution 8K DVE when you switch to 8K formats. You get amazing quality and the DVE supports position, resize and scale, all in real time. The DVE lets you create professional picture in picture effects with customizable 3D borders, shadows and lighting. DVEs can also be used to create amazing DVE transitions with squeeze, push and swoosh effects for adding excitement to your programming. You can even combine DVE transitions with custom graphics to create your own graphic wipe transitions.

Internal Media For Stills And Motion Graphics

The built in media pool stores broadcast quality RGBA graphics and animations that can be played back instantly by the two media players. Media players simply appear as additional input sources on the ATEM Constellation 8K, so you don’t have to use extra SDI inputs for graphics. For the highest quality, the media pool can hold up to 24 full resolution 8K stills, or 64 Ultra HD or HD stills. Motion graphics clips for use in animations and stingers can be up to 100 8K RGBA frames, 400 frames in Ultra HD or a massive 1,600 frames in 1080HD. You can easily manage all of your media using the included ATEM Software Control or download directly from Photoshop using the ATEM Photoshop plug‑in.

Includes New Atem Advanced Chroma Key In 8K

For news or virtual set work, ATEM Constellation is the perfect choice as it features 16 ATEM Advanced Keyers for high quality chroma or luminance keying. The chroma keyer is incredibly powerful and features a colour picker to sample background colours for automatic generation of the key parameters. You get precise controls for edge and flare, and there is even a foreground colour corrector so you can match the "look" of the foreground layer to the background layer making seamless compositions possible. The keyer can also be used for pattern and DVE keying allowing incredible versatility. Then when you switch to 8K, you still get four independent full resolution 8K ATEM Advanced Keyers.

Multi Rate 12G‑Sdi For Hd, Ultra Hd And Native 8K

With 40 multi rate 12G‑SDI input connections, ATEM Constellation 8K is compatible with HD, Ultra HD and 8K SDI sources. When working in HD, it's easy to operate at high frame rates up to 720p60, 1080p60 and 1080i59.94 formats. When you switch to Ultra HD, you can work in 2160p formats up to 60 frames per second all using a single 12G‑SDI connection. When switched to 8K it’s now possible to operate in 4320p formats up to 60p using Quad Link 12G‑SDI which allows real time 8K using 4 BNC cables. Only multi rate 12G‑SDI allows switching between HD, Ultra HD and 8K formats so you can instantly adapt to the needs of the job you are doing anywhere in the world.

The First Switcher With Big Professional Audio

ATEM Constellation 8K is the world’s first live production switcher that fully embraces live professional audio production. All SDI inputs are connected to a built in Fairlight audio mixer that features 6 band parametric EQ, compressor, limiter, noise gate and expander on each input. There is even a MADI for an extra 32 input channels into the internal audio mixer. ATEM Constellation 8K can even be connected to a professional Fairlight mixing console. Plus, there are 2 MADI outputs for breaking out channels 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the first 30 SDI inputs out for an external audio engineer. You can even mix audio from analogue inputs, talkback microphones for voice over and more.

Professional Fairlight Audio Mixer

With a built in Fairlight audio mixer, the ATEM Constellation makes it possible to do extremely complex live sound mixing. The internal mixer features a massive 156 channels, for the biggest audio mixer in a live production switcher. 80 mixer channels are de‑embedded from the SDI inputs, while an extra 64 audio channels are input via MADI in. Each input channel features the highest quality 6 band parametric EQ and compressor, limiter, expander and noise gate as well as full panning. You get extra channels for the analogue input, talkback microphone and media players. All this audio power can be controlled via the ATEM Software Control, a Mackie compatible panel or Fairlight Audio Console.

Includes Free Software Control Panel

The ATEM Software Control Panel gives you total control over your switcher and is included free. ATEM Software Control Panel features a beautifully designed interface with a visual switcher and parameter palettes for making quick adjustments. Multiple users can connect to the switcher via Ethernet and all work on different parts of the event at the same time. The ATEM Software Control also lets you access camera control, audio mixing, media, macro programming and even control of HyperDeck disk recorders. You can even save the full state of the switcher as XML files, plus all media is backed up from the media pool. Plus you can run the software on Mac or Windows.

Add The Speed And Power Of An Atem Hardware Panel

All ATEM switchers have a wide range of control panels allowing customization for the kind of work you do. ATEM hardware control panels feature a fast program/preview style which is the industry standard for switcher control. All transitions have direct access buttons and a t‑bar is included when performing manual blending of transitions. For accurate control of the DVE, a joystick provides X, Y positioning and rotate for DVE zoom. Then you can use the LCD menus to control features that don't have dedicated knobs and buttons. You can even setup and trigger Macros right from the panel. The ATEM panels feature internal power supplies as well as an IEC AC power connection.


  • Total Video Inputs 40 x up to Ultra HD / 10 x in 8K
  • Total Video Outputs 28 x up to Ultra HD / 7 x in 8K
  • Total Aux Outputs 24 x up to Ultra HD / 6 x in 8K
  • SDI Rates 1.5G, 3G, 6G, 12G
  • Total Audio Inputs 2 x balanced 1/4 inch Jack, 1 x 32 stereo channel BNC MADI in.
  • Total Audio Outputs 2 x balanced 1/4 inch Jack, 2 x 32 stereo channel BNC MADI out.
  • Timecode Connections None
  • Reference Input Tri-Sync or Black Burst.
  • Video Input Re-sync On all 40 inputs.
  • Frame rate and format converters On all 40 inputs.
  • SDI Video Inputs 40 x 10-bit 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 2160p and 10 x 4320p switchable.
  • Extra Audio Outputs 1 x 5 pin XLR Talkback.
  • SDI Audio Outputs 2 Ch embedded into SDI output on all outputs.
  • Extra Audio Inputs 1 x 5 pin XLR Talkback.
  • SDI Program Outputs Any of the 24 SDI outputs.
  • Down Converted SDI Program Output None
  • SDI Preview Outputs Any of the 24 SDI outputs.
  • Total Multi Views 4 x up to Ultra HD / 1 x in 8K
  • SDI Multi View Outputs 4
  • HDMI Multi View Outputs None
  • Control Panel Connection Ethernet supports 10/100/1000 BaseT. Allows direct connection between panel and chassis, or via network.
  • Internal Timecode Generator Yes
  • Tally Output Added via ethernet connection to Blackmagic Design GPI and Tally Interface product. (Not included).
  • Computer Interface 1 x USB 2.0 port.


  • SD Video Standards None
  • HD Video Standards 720p50, 720p59.94, 1080i50, 1080i59.94, 1080p23.98, 1080p24, 1080p25, 1080p29.97, 1080p50, 1080p59.94
  • Ultra HD Video Standards 2160p23.98, 2160p24, 2160p25, 2160p29.97, 2160p50, 2160p59.94
  • 8K Video Standards 4320p23.98, 4320p24, 4320p25, 4320p29.97, 4320p50, 4320p59.94
  • SDI Compliance SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 296M, SMPTE 424M, SMPTE 425M Level A and B, SMPTE 2081-1,
  • SMPTE 2081-10, SMPTE 2082-1 and SMPTE 2082-10, SMPTE 2082-12.
  • Video Sampling 4:2:2
  • Color Precision 10-bit.
  • Color Space REC 601, REC 709, REC 2020.
  • SDI Auto Switching Automatically detects between level A and level B 3G-SDI, 6G-SDI and 12G-SDI. Requires 2SI in 8K mode.

Product Specifics:

  • Upstream Keyers 16 x up to Ultra HD / 4 x in 8K with Chroma/Linear/Luma key.
  • Downstream Keyers 4 x up to Ultra HD / 2 x in 8K.
  • Advanced Chroma Keyers 16 x up to Ultra HD / 4 x in 8K.
  • Talkback Support Yes
  • Mix Minus Support Yes
  • Linear/Luma Keyers 21 x up to Ultra HD / 7 x in 8K
  • Transition Keyer (Stinger/DVE) 4 Stinger, 4 DVE .
  • Total Number of Layers 28 x up to Ultra HD / 7 x in 8K
  • Pattern Generators 21 x up to Ultra HD / 9 x in 8K
  • Color Generators 2
  • DVE with 3D Borders & Drop Shadow 4 x up to Ultra HD / 1 x in 8K
  • Control Panel Front fascia emergency switching, software or optional hardware panel.
  • Routable Windows 64 x up to Ultra HD / 16 x in 8K
  • Tally Red for program and green for preview indication.
  • Windows Source Labels Yes
  • Multi View Monitoring:
  • Multi View Monitoring 4 x 16 Multi View pattern options for up to 64 total views.
  • Multi View Video Standard Select HD, Ultra HD or 8K.

Media Player:

  • Media Players 4 x up to Ultra HD / 1 x in 8K
  • Channels Fill and key for each media player.
  • Media Pool Still Image Capacity 64 x up to Ultra HD / 24 x in 8K with fill and key.
  • Media Pool Clip Capacity 4 x up to Ultra HD / 2 x in 8K with fill and key.
  • Media Player Clip Length in 720 HD 3200 frames.
  • Media Player Clip Length in 1080 HD 1600 frames.
  • Media Player Clip Length in Ultra HD 400 frames.
  • Media Player Clip Length in 8K 100 frames.
  • Media Pool Still Image Format PNG, TGA, BMP, GIF, JPEG and TIFF.
  • Media Pool Video File Format TGA Sequence.
  • Media Pool Audio File Format WAV, MP3 and AIFF.


  • Interface Minimum monitor resolution of 1366 x 768.
  • Front panel Built in HD LCD monitor for video, 42 LED buttons for setup and emergency switching, 8 source buttons, 4 transition buttons, 6 talkback selection and mix buttons, menu control knob and set button, front panel lock button.


  • Processing Delay < 7 lines in up to Ultra HD / in 10 lines in 8K
  • Audio Mixer 156 Channel mixer, Selectable On/Off/Audio-Follow-Video. Level and Peak metering. Master gain control.
  • 6 band parametric EQ, Dynamics including Expander, Gate, Compressor and Limiter.
  • Down Conversion None


  • Control Panel Included ATEM Software Control Panel included free for Mac 10.13 High Sierra, Mac 10.14, Mojave or later and Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit.
  • Software Updates Using USB 2.0 connection directly connected to Mac OS or Windows computers. Includes ATEM Setup Utility.
  • Configuration Set via ATEM Software Control Panel, excluding ATEM chassis IP address which is set via the ATEM Setup Utility connected via USB to chassis.
  • Operating Systems Mac 10.13 High Sierra,
  • Mac 10.14 Mojave or later.
  • Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit.

Power Requirements:

  • Power Supply 2 x Internal 100 - 240 AC.
  • Power Usage 300W

Physical Specifications:

  • Dimensions 19 x 13.23 x 3.54in
  • Weight 8.4kg (18.52lb)
  • Environmental Specifications:
  • Operating Temperature 0° to 40° C (32° to 104° F)
  • Storage Temperature -20° to 60° C (-4° to 140° F)

In The Box

  • ATEM Constellation 8K
  • SD card with software and manual
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