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Sony Multi-format Switcher

code: XVS-7000
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  • Supports Networked Media Interface (NMI) and SMPTE ST 2110
  • 12G-SDI interfaces
  • 6 M/E for large HD production systems
  • Upgradable to 4K operations
  • 6 M/E for large HD production systems
  • 112 inputs and 48 assignable outputs for HD
  • Resource sharing for multiple productions
  • Variety video format support
  • Up and down conversion between 4K, HD and SD
  • Sophisticated layering on M/E cards
  • Variety of M/E mode selections
  • Adjustable resizer function for each keyer
  • Precise effects
  • Enhanced frame memory system with CG wipe
  • Mix function on aux bus outputs
  • Colour correction function
  • Simplified live operations with programmable macros
  • Optional integrated DME processor
  • Intelligent multi-functional tally system
  • External device control
  • Flexible X-Panel assignable modular design
  • Single panel and multi-panel configurations increase your options
  • More Freedom of control with the Virtual Shot Box and Virtual Menu
  • Data Manager for sharing switcher data
  • More Freedom of control with the Virtual Shot Box and Virtual Menu

Sony XVS-7000 (XVS_7000, XVS/7000, XVS 7000) Multi-format Switcher

Flexible switcher for HD live production operations upgradable for 4K and IP at any time

The latest generation XVS-7000 multi-format video switcher delivers massive benefits in terms of flexibility and operability for top end and mid-range productions, giving you the ability to realise a powerful mixed environment with SDI and IP. Utilising the flexible ICP-X7000 X-Panel assignable modular design, you can configure the control panel to suit your specific operations. 

The XVS-7000 features 6 M/E, 112 inputs, 48 assignable outputs and format convertor outputs, plus up to 24 keyers in HD. According to your production environment and workflow requirements, the XVS-7000 is upgradable to 4K production switcher with powerful 4K features, as well as IP and SDI mixed production capabilities.

IP Live switcher:

The core of the new generation IP Live production system supports Networked Media Interface (NMI) to realise a mixed SDI and IP environment.

Powerful 4K switcher:

4K production capability with 3 M/E, 28 inputs, 12 assignable outputs for 4K and format converter outputs, plus up to 6 full keyers and 6 sub keyers

Evolutionary switcher controller:

The XVS-7000 utilises the ICP-X7000 X-Panel for very flexible panel configuration with a modular style design, OLED display, RGB XPT buttons and LCD button pad. The button layout is also re-designed. The X-Panel has a flexible mounting style for flat or curved mounting, or even for splitting into two positions.

Switcher Processor Options/ Multi-format Switcher Processor:

  • XKS-S8110 - SDI Input Connector Board
  • XKS-S8111 - SDI Input and FC Connector Board
  • XKS-T8110 - IP Input Connector Board
  • XKS-Q8111 - QSFP IP Input and FC Connector Board
  • XKS-8160 - Output Processor Board
  • XKS-S8165 - SDI Output Connector Board
  • XKS-T8165 - IP Output Connector Board
  • XKS-Q8166 - QSFP IP Output and FC Connector Board
  • XKS-7210 - Mix Effect Board
  • XKS-8440 - Frame Memory Board
  • XKS-8460 - Frame Convertor Board
  • XKS-8470 - HD DME Board
  • XZS-7510 - Switcher Upgrade Software
  • XZS-7520 - Switcher Upgrade Software
  • XZS-7530 - Switcher Upgrade Software
  • XZS-7200 - Multi Program 2 Software

Switcher Control Panel/ ICP-X7000 Series:

  • MKS-X7011 – Menu Panel
  • MKS-X7017 – 36 XPT Module
  • MKS-X7018 – 28 XPT Module
  • MKS-X7019 – 20 XPT Module
  • MKS-X7020 – Standard Transition Module
  • MKS-X7021 – Simple Transition Module
  • MKS-X7023 – Key Transition Module
  • MKS-X7024 – FlexiPad Module
  • MKS-X7026 – 10-key Pad Module
  • MKS-X7031TB – Track Ball Module
  • MKS-X7032 – Key Fader Module
  • MKS-X7033 – Utility/Shot Box Module
  • MKS-X7035 – Key Control Module
  • MKS-X7040 – Blank Panel (1/3)
  • MKS-X7041 – Blank Panel (1/2)
  • MKS-X7042 – Blank Panel (1/6)
  • MKS-X7075 – Extension Adapter
  • PWS-110SC1 – Switcher Control Station

Remote Panel:

  • MKS-8080 – AUX BUS Remote Panel
  • MKS-8082 – AUX BUS Remote Panel

Device Control Unit:

  • MKS-X2700 – System Interface Unit
  • MKS-X7700 – System Interface Unit
  • MKS-X7701 – Tally/GPI Output Board
  • MKS-X7702 – Serial Interface Board

Virtual Shot Box Software:

  • BZPS-7020 - Virtual Shot Box Base Software
  • BZPS-7021 - Virtual Shot Box Additional Software

Switcher Data Management Software:

  • BZPS-7010 - Switcher Data Management Software


  • Power requirements: 100 to 240 V ± 10% AC 50/60 Hz
  • Current consumption: 22A to 9.2A (when equipped with all installable option boards)
  • Operating temperature:5ºC to 40ºC (41ºF to 104ºF)
  • Performance guaranteed temperatur: 10ºC to 35ºC (50ºF to 95ºF)
  • Storage temperature: - 20ºC to 60ºC (- 4ºF to 140ºF)
  • Operating humidity: 10% to 90%
  • Dimensions (W/H/D)(excluding projections): 440 x 354.4 x 585 mm
  • Mass: Approx. 53 kg (when equipped with all installable option boards)
  • Remote Control Controller: NETWORK (MVS LAN): RJ-45, complies with 1000BASE-T standard , NETWORK (UTL LAN*): RJ-45, complies with 1000BASE-T standard

Reference Input

  • Reference input: REF IN BNC type, 75Ω with loop-through output, HDTV systems: HD tri-level sync / SDTV analog black burst / SDTV analog sync, SDTV systems: Analog black burst / analog sync

AC Input

  • AC IN A, B, C, D: 3-pin AC connector

Input/ Output

  • Maximum number of inputs: BNC (x 112) for primary inputs
  • Maximum number of outputs: BNC (x 48) for outputs, BNC (x 16) for format converter outputs**, BNC (x 8) for Multi Viewer (2CH)

In the box

  • Multi-format Switcher
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