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Kino Flo ParaZip 400 Louver-Honeycomb 90°

code: LVR-Z490
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Low amperage draw, energy savings

Long lamp life, low lamp replacements, low maintenance labor

Low operating temperature

Low air-conditioning costs

More efficient heat management design for stable color temperature

Full spectrum (CRI 95) lamps available in 3200K and 5500K

Kino Flo 55W lamps also available in 420nm blue and 550nm green for blue and green screen applications

High color rendering True Match lamps work well alongside conventional quartz lights or HMI’s

DMX control for stable color temperature and light level control

Color gels do not burn out or fade due to low heat of fixture

Traditional Yoke Mount with two position setting, Pole-Op

Honeycomb louvers 90°, 60° and 45° reduce the need for barndoors

Kino Flo ParaZip 400 Louver-Honeycomb 90° (LVRZ490)

The ParaZip has distinct advantages over conventional quartz softlights.

Generally, fluorescents have a very broad, soft light output. The light tends to drop off rapidly which means the fixtures need to be positioned close to the subject they are lighting. The ParaZip has a computer aided designed (CAD) parabolic reflector that was designed to maximize the light output at about 16 feet (5 meters). This achieves two things: it doubles the light output of the lamps and concentrates the light where the lighting director needs it most. Compared to the Diva-Lite, which uses the same four 55Watt compact lamps and the same ballast, the ParaZip is twice as bright.

The 90° Louver concentrates the light and behaves much like a 24” barndoor.
The beam is slightly oval with a hot center. The light tapers off to a nice soft edge.

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Kino Flo ParaZip 400 Louver-Honeycomb 90°

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