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Kino Flo SYS-FTS4004 FreeStyle 4ft LED DMX System (4-Tube), Univ

code: SYS-FTS4004
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  • 4 x FreeStyle 4' LED Tube
  • 4 x FreeStyle Tube Mount Baby Pin
  • 4 x 25' Head Extension Cable
  • FreeStyle 140 LED DMX Controller.

Kino Flo SYS-FTS4004 (SYSFTS4004, SYS_FTS4004, SYS/FTS4004, SYS FTS4004) FreeStyle 4ft LED DMX System (4-Tube), Univ.

This FreeStyle 4' LED DMX System Universal from Kino Flo features four 4' LED Tubes and the FreeStyle 120 LED DMX Controller. Also included are four FreeStyle Tube Mounts with baby pins, four 25' extension cables, and a FreeStyle 4-to-1 Splitter. The FreeStyle LED Tubes are designed with a built-in aluminum rail system for multiple mounting options, and the included Tube Mounts allow the tubes to be rigged into custom lighting designs.

Kino Flo LED Tube for Freestyle T44 Fixture (4')

  • Specially designed for the fixture, the 4' LED Tube for Freestyle T44 Fixture from Kino Flo conforms to Kino's True Match white light and RGBW management system. It displays a soft, subtle light quality and accurate color rendition that earns it a CRI of 95. When used in the fixture with the reflector in a group of four, the output is similar to a 1000W tungsten soft light.

Kino Flo 25' Head Extension Cable for FreeStyle T44

  • The 25' Head Extension Cable for FreeStyle T44 from Kino Flo allows you to place the light's controller at a greater distance, from the head to hide it or prevent water damage.

Kino Flo 4-to-1 Splitter for FreeStyle T44

  • The 4-to-1 Splitter for FreeStyle T44 Light from Kino Flo has a single connector for the controller that splits into four cables with female connections so that the T44's LED tubes can be attached and run without the shell components. Each of the four connectors can be attached to a 25' extension cable for extra distance from the controller.

Kino Flo FreeStyle 140 LED DMX Controller for FreeStyle T44 Bulbs, (120 VAC Cord)

  • This Kino Flo FreeStyle 140 LED DMX Controller for FreeStyle T44 Bulbs comes with a power cord for running on 120 VAC while controlling and powering up to four T44 LED tubes. The controller features four modes that provide near total control of the output of the LED tubes (LED tubes not included). In white mode, the unit drives LED tubes output light with a color temperature range between 2700 to 6500K. It also enables dimming and green/magenta adjustment. Gels/Hue expands the color temperature range to 2500 to 9900K while providing access to background keying presets and over 100 lighting gel looks.
  • RGB mode provides access to the individual red, green, and blue LED luminaries for precise control. FX Mode provides customizable presets. The integrated display screen shows dim, Kelvin, green/magenta shift, and the DMX Channel. Four built-in buttons default to four Kelvin presets, but you can customize the settings of the buttons. The built-in control knob lets you set dimming, Kelvin, green/magenta levels and DMX address. The controller supports both wired and wireless DMX, and it accepts worldwide power inputs as well as 18 to 36 VDC.


  • White: dimming, tunable Kelvin range from 2700K tungsten to 6500K daylight; Green/Magenta controls
  • Gels/Hue: extended Kelvin color range from 2500-9900K and provides access to Kino Flo presets such as blue & green screen, sodium vapor, mercury vapor as well as over 100 well-known lighting gels
  • RGB: provides access to individual red, green, and blue control. Works with Apps with predetermined RGB presets or color wheels
  • FX: custom presets like Candle, Fire, TV, Police, Lightning, Paparazzi, Pulse, and Scroll with control parameters that can be altered. For example, Lightning effect has a "Storm" and "Frankenstein" preset, but can change the Rate to provide additional variation
  • The controller can dim your LED tubes from 100% brightness down to 1%
  • The controller comes with a Lumen Radio Wireless 120 VAC power cord, but can run off of 100 to 240 VAC at 50/60 Hz. You can also power the controller vie a 24 VDC battery with 3-pin XLR connector.
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  • Length: 4.0' / 1.2 m
  • CRI: 95
  • Color Temperature: 2500 to 9900K
  • Connector 1: 1 x Proprietary
  • Connector 2: 1 x Proprietary
  • Connections: Power, AC Input: IEC Connector
  • DC Input: 3-Pin XLR, DMX In & Out: 5-Pin XLR (Male & Female)
  • USB: Mini-B, Dimming Range 100 to 1% Brightness
  • Power: Voltage, AC: 120 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, DC: 18 to 36 VDC, 150 W, Draw, AC: 1.25 A @ 120 VAC, DC: 6.25 A @ 24 VDC, Fuse 3.15 A/250 V
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 4.5 x 2.5" / 24.13 x 11.43 x 6.35 cm
  • Weight: 4.5 lb / 2.04 kg
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  • Kino Flo SYS-FTS4004 FreeStyle 4ft LED DMX System (4-Tube), Univ.
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