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Canon kh10ex3.6irse HD Wide Angle HD Zoom Lens

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Canon kh10ex3.6irse, KH10ex3.6IRSE 1/2inch HD Super Wide Angle HD zoom lens with 2X extender - Suitable for XDCAM HD camcorders

The KH10ex3.6 is the widest angle of view (capable of some 88 degrees horizontally) portable HDTV production lens within the 1/2-inch image format sector of the HDgc family.

This particular lens is intended for broadcast and cable news photographers having as their foremost priority really wide angle shooting with minimum chromatic aberrations and low geometric distortion (at the widest angle) – contained within a lightweight mobile package.

It was specifically designed for the new HD XDCAM camcorders of Sony, which utilise three 1/2-inch 1440-element CCD imagers. It is an important member of the emerging family in terms of facilitating HD imaging with equivalent operational capabilities as the established 2/3-inch SDTV systems.

The new lenses combine the best optical features of Canon’s remarkable lenses, including reduced chromatic aberration, and high and well-controlled MTF, with digital operational tools that include Shuttle Shot, Framing Preset, Speed Preset, and more in a line-up that delivers HD optical quality and other higher-end lens advancements. The HDgc lens line includes for 1/2-inchCCD cameras: the KH21ex5.7IRSE (telephoto version), theKH10ex3.6IRSE (wide angle lens), and a 16X standard version which will be available late 2006. Digital “eDrive” is available on all three of these lenses, and represents a principal difference (along with a built-in 2X extender) between these models and the more economical KH20x6.4KRS (for 1/2-inch HD CCD cameras) and the KJ20x8.5B KRS (for 2/3-inch HD CCD cameras).


Enhanced Digital Drive
The KH21ex5.7, KH16ex5.7 and the KH10ex3.6 carry Canon’s original Enhanced Digital Drive, a drive unit equipped with an information display and a digital function selector so that the user can customize the enhanced digital functions much more easily and precisely. The new design enables the user to fully bring out the digital functions.

Shuttle Shot 
By memorizing any two focal lengths, the digital drive can automatically “shuttle” between the two points, moving in either direction.

Framing Preset

An angle of view can be preset in either of two memories and the lens will zoom to that position by pushing a simple button. During a performance, framing preset will reproduce the zoom position decided upon at the rehearsal. It is easy to repeat the same zoom as often as you like at the highest speed or in a preset zoom speed.

Speed Preset 
A specific zoom speed can be preset in memory and it is possible to repeat the zoom speed as often as you like by pushing a simple button. 

Equipped with Canon's original Rotary Encoder Device 

Canon is introducing a new series with a new enhanced digital drive unit which 16 bit resolution Rotary Encoder Devices has built in.


Lens Model Number KH10ex3.6 IRSE
Zoom Ratio 10x
Built-in Extender 1.0x 2.0x
Range of Focal Length
(with Extender)
3.6~36mm 7.2~72mm
Maximum Relative Aperture
(with extender)
1:1.45 at 3.6~27mm
1:1.90 at 36mm
1:2.9 at 7.2~55mm
1:3.8 at 72mm
Angular field of
view (with Extender)
Aspect Ratio
(9.6 x 5.4mm)
88.1? x 57.1?
11.1? x 6.2?
51.7? x 30.5?
5.5? x 3.1?
Minimum Object Distance (M.O.D.) 0.3m (10mm with Macro)
Object Dimensions
at M.O.D.
(with Extender)
Aspect Ratio
(9.6 x 5.4mm)
67.4 x 37.9cm at 3.6mm
5.9 x 3.3cm at 36mm
32.7 x 18.4cm at 7.2mm
3.0 x 1.7cm at 72mm
Approx.Size (W x H x L) 168.2 x 110.6 x 240.8mm
Approx.Mass 1.83kg
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