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Varizoom VZ-STEALTH-LX Miniature Joystick Control

code: VZ-Stealth-LX
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Varizoom VZ-STEALTH-LX (VZStealthLX, VZ Stealth LX, VZ/Stealth/LX, vz-stealth-lx)  Miniature Joystick Control with Extra Features for Prosumer camcorders with LANC Jack


  • The VX-StealthLX features a unique variable speed zoom thumb control

The VX-StealthLX features a unique variable speed zoom thumb control allows user to maintain the slowest crawl or gradually ramp up speed and then decrease speed gradually all in one smooth motion! Because your thumb never leaves the speed control you have quick response time and smooth actions to zoom in, zoom out, zoom faster or zoom slower. Simply push forward to zoom in (telephoto) and pull back to zoom out (wide). No shaking the camera or time lost fumbling to find the right button to zoom in or zoom out.

The intuitive rocker focus control provides you with smooth ergonomic control. Place your thumb in center of the rocker and move thumb forward to focus near or shift your thumb back to focus far.

A low profile record button ("R") avoids accidental activation.

And finally, the Wake up from standby button ("ON") Your camera manufacturer wisely created this safety feature to protect your camera. VariZoom controllers respect this feature and utilize it to the videographers greatest advantage. The purpose of this critical safety feature is to prevent damage to your cameras tape heads and the tape itself. When a camera is in pause mode the tape is still engaged with the spinning recording heads of the camera. Because the tape is not moving when in pause mode the heads will be spinning in place on the tape. The standby safety mode activates the tape transport to disengage the tape from the recording heads. This of course eliminates wear and tear on your camera and your tape.

Shuttle Search Control! Surf through your tape with the new Frame Forward (F+) and Frame Reverse (F-) shuttle buttons. Press this button once and it surfs through your tape one frame at a time. Or, jog through your tape by pressing and holding the button down.

On-Screen Data Control! Turn your on-screen data in your view finder on and off (DATA)! Works much like your "display" button on your camcorder.

And Finally, Auto Focus (A) Turn your focus control from auto focus to manual and back again with the StealthLX! (This feature not available on all camera models)

The LX version of the Stealth has 3 additional features: Data, Autofocus, Tape Search. A stylish, lightweight body houses our improved, second-generation proprietary electronics. The pressure-sensitive 'throttle' control allows you to ease into zooms in either direction, hold a steady speed, or instantly accelerate into a 'crash' zoom. The Stealth is completely intuitive and smooth, requiring no setup, power, or operator skill. This unique miniature control offers unmatched convenience, value, and performance.

  • Throttle provides variable-speed zoom control
  • Dedicated “rocker style” focus button
  • Low profile record/pause button
  • Power On/Off button for toggling camera into or out of standby mode
  • Switch between auto and manual focus with the ‘A’ button
  • Toggle onscreen information (tape time, settings) on and off with 'Data' button
  • Review taped footage with F+ & F- (edit search)
  • LED light indicates recording, low battery power, and tape end

VariZoom is the world's largest manufacturer of lens controls with the widest variety of controls offered anywhere. Our controls are used by CNN, CSPAN, National Geographic Society, Nickelodeon and many other professionals.


Width 2"
Length 1.75"
Max Clamp Diameter 1.25"
Cord Length 40"
Weight 0.20 lb.
Construction ABS
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