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Sony F5 Full HD 4K Camera + Wide Lens Kit

  • £14,233.00
  • RRP: £14,233.00
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  • AXS-R5 records onto ASXM memory cards
  • 16-bit RAW 2K/4K recording options with bolt-on AXS-R5 recorder
  • Super 35mm equivalent 4K single-chip CMOS sensor
  • Choice of HD/2K internal recording formats
  • High speed shooting up to 120 fps 2K internally and 120 fps 2K RAW with optional AXS-R5 recorder
  • Next generation high-speed SxS PRO+ memory cards
  • Real world workflows
  • Vast exposure latitude to 14 f-stops
  • Simultaneous RAW and on-board camera SxS recording
  • Choice of viewfinders includes amazing OLED technology
  • Optional shoulder rig
  • Small lightweight design for added versatility in 3D
  • Incredible flexibility with the choice of PL-mount, FZ-mount and still lenses
  • Intuitive one-touch interface
  • Wide choice of connections
  • Long-life Olivine battery and quick charger
  • Features standard Cooke lens interface


Sony 4K sensor for gorgeous, super-sampled HD and 2K.

  • The PMW-F5 CineAlta allows you to shoot spectacular images with its 8.9 megapixels (effective) Sony 4K image sensor. Superior, super-sampled pictures with higher contrast, rich colour reproduction and greater clarity. Robust built-in recording modes, all with vibrant 4:2:2 colour. Irresistible options include the amazing precision of 16-bit linear RAW 2K/4K recording and high speed shooting at up to 120 fps without cropping.

Multiple recording formats

  • Includes 16-bit RAW 2K/4K on AXSM media and HD/2K on SxS memory, MPEG-2 HD422, MPEG4 SStP*, XAVC 2K*/HD and 16-bit RAW 2K/4K**.
  • Simultaneous recording on internal high-speed SxS PRO+ memory cards and RAW 2K/4K recording on sleek AXSM™ memory cards using the optional bolt-on AXS-R5 recorder, designed specifically to attach seamlessly to the F55 and F5 cameras. There is also high speed shooting up to120 fps XAVC 2K/HD* internally and 120 fps RAW 2K onto the AXS-R5.

Lightweight modular design to maximise versatility in 2D and 3D.

  • The F5 is exceptionally small, light and modular, letting you build up the right configuration for each job – or each shot. As well as the choice of formats and internal and external recording options, you can attached a variety of viewfinders, including the revolutionary optional DVF-EL100 OLED viewfinder, PL-mount, FZ-mount and still lenses, including second-generation Sony PL-mount lenses, and extra long-life Olivine – Lithium Iron Phosphate – batteries. The chassis is only slightly wider than a typical PL-mount prime lens, perfect for 3D rigs. An optional shoulder rig provides for hand-held and shoulder-mounted shooting.
  • This camcorder includes a wide-angle zoom 1.5-times 11-16mm T3.0 lens aimed at high-end cinema, drama, documentary and commercials productions.
  • The SCL-P11X15 has been specifically designed to fit to the PMW-F3K via the camcorder’s supplied PL Mount Adapter, which also means the lens is compatible with any other PL Mount camcorder from Sony and also camcorders from many other manufacturers.


  • This product comes with PrimeSupport – fast, hassle-free repairs and a helpline offering expert technical advice. Which gives you the peace of mind that Sony is looking after your equipment, and your business.


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PMW-F5 Specifications

  • Imaging Device (Type): Super 35mm equivalent Single- chip CMOS
  • Imaging Device (Pixel Count): 11.6 M (total), 8.9 M (effective)
  • Built-in Filters: Clear, 0.9 (1/8ND), 1.8 (1/64ND)
  • Sensitivity (2000 lx, 89.9% reflectance): Video Gamma: T13 @24p
  • (3200K Light source)
  • ISO Sensitivity: S-Log2 Gamma: ISO 2000 (D55 Light source)
  • Lens Mount: PL mount (with supplied lens mount adapter)
  • Flange Focal Length: FZ mount (without supplied lens mount adapter)
  • Latitude: 14-stop
  • S/N Ratio: 57dB (Video Gamma, 24p, Noise Suppression OFF)
  • Shutter Speed: 1/24s to 1/6,000s
  • Shutter Angle: 4.2°to 360°(electrical shutter)
  • Slow Shutter (SLS): 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8-frame accumulation
  • Slow & Quick Motion Function: XAVC HD/2K: 1-120p (NTSC), 23.98p/29.97p, XAVC HD/2K: 1-100p (PAL), 25p
  • White Balance: Preset (3200K, 4300K, 5500K), Memory, ATW
  • Gain: -3, 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 dB, AGC
  • Gamma Curve: Standard (x6), HG1, HG2, HG3, HG4, HG7 and HG8 S-Log2 Gamma
  • Audio Input: CH-1/CH-2: XLR-type 3-pin (female) (x2), Line/Mic/Mic, +48V/AES/EBU selectable
  • Video Output: HD-Y or HD Sync (tri-level) V1.0, Analog Composite (VUP)
  • Audio Output: Phono jack (CH-1, CH-2)
  • DC Output: 4-pin (x1), 11 V to 17 V DC (MAX 2.0A) w/ battery adapter
  • HD-SDI Output: SDI 1/2 Line Output, SDI 3/4 Monitor Output (character on/off)
  • Timecode Input/Output: TC IN/OUT (x1) switchable
  • Genlock Input: BNC (x1)
  • Remote: 8-pin (x1)
  • HDMI Output: A Type (x1)
  • USB: USB device, Mini-B (x1), USB host, type-A (x2)
  • Headphone Output: Stereo mini jack (x1)
  • Speaker Output: Monaural
  • Shutter: BNC (x1)
  • Wi-Fi: USB host, type-A (x1)
  • Media Type: ExpressCard/34 slot (x2), SD card slot (x1)
  • Recording Format (Video): MPEG-2 Long GOP, HD 422 mode: CBR, 50 Mbps max, MPEG-2 422P@HL
  • Recording Format (Audio): Linear PCM (2 ch, 24-bit, 48-kHz)
  • Recording Frame Rate: XAVC 2K: 2048 x 1920, 23.98p/24p/25p/29.97p/50p/59.94p, XAVC HD: 1920x1080, 23.98p/25p/29.97p/50p/59.94p, MPEG4 SStP: 1920 x 1080, 23.98p/24p/25p/29.97p, MPEG2 HD: 1920x1080, 50i/59.94i/23.98p/25p/29.97p, MPEG2 HD: 1280 x 720, 50p/59.94p
  • Battery Operating Time: Approx. 160 min with BP-FL75, Approx. 230 min with BP-GL95A
  • Power Requirements: DC 12 V (11 V to 17.0 V)
  • Power Consumption: Approx .24 W (while recording XAVC HD 60p, EVF Off, LCD
  • monitor Off, HD-SDI On)
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
  • Storage Temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 15.1 cm x 21.0 cm x 18.9 cm
  • Weight: 2.2 kg

Lens Specifications

  • Mass Approx.: 1,100 g
  • Operating temperature: 0 ºC to + 40 ºC (32 ºF to 104 ºF)
  • Storage temperature: –20 ºC to + 60 ºC (–4 ºF to 140 ºF)
  • Supplied accessories: Operating Instructions (1), Lens cap (1), Mount cap (1), Retainer (1), Foot (1)
  • Focal length: 11 mm to 16 mm
  • Zoom: Manual
  • Zoom ratio: 1.5 ×
  • Maximum relative aperture: T3.0
  • Iris: Manual T3.0 to T22
  • Focus: Manual Ranges: 0.35 m to (from the imaging plane)
  • Filter mounting screw: M 105 mm, pitch 1.0 mm
  • Mount system: Sony PL mount
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In the box

  • 1x FZ-to-PL Lens mount adapter
  • 1x 11-15mm / T3.0 Wide Angle Zoom PL Mount Lens
  • 1x V-Mount battery adapter
  • 1x Audio input module
  • 1x IFU-WLM3 wifi antenna
  • 2x CD-ROM
  • 1x Lens cap
  • 1x Mount cap
  • 1x Retainer
  • 1x Foot
  • 1x Operating instructions
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