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IDX A-E2NP NP Battery Adapter

code: A-E2NP
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  • RRP: £230.00
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  • NP-Style to V-Mount adapter enables NP batteries to charge on ENDURA V-Mount chargers
  • Mounts to all ENDURA chargers
  • Precision design and high-grade components ensure secure locking and connectivity to an ENDURA charger

IDX A-E2NP (AE2NP, A E2NP, A/E2NP, a-e2np) NP Battery Adapter - for Endura V Series.

DX A-E2NP (AE2NP) Adaptor to charge IDX NP-L7 Batteries on ENDURA Chargers. The A-E2NP is an adaptor for charging IDX NP-type Lithium Ion batteries on an ENDURA V-Mount charger.


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  • Compatible Batteries: NP-L7S
  • Compatible Chargers: All ENDURA chargers
  • Dimensions: 76(W) x 143(H) x 41(D) mm
  • Weight: 270 grams approx.
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In The Box

  • IDX System Technology A-E2NP NP Battery Adapter - for Endura V Series Chargers
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