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DPA S5 Surround Microphone Mount - Five Point Microphone Mount

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  • Surround Microphone Placement
  • 2 to 7' Microphone Spacing
  • Full Kit with Storage Case

DPA S5 (s5) Surround Microphone Mount - Five Point Microphone Mount

The DPA S5 Surround Microphone Mount accommodates up to five cardioid microphones and two omnidirectional microphones as outriggers for blending in between front and rear channels. This method was originated by NHK's Akira Fukada and is a proven method for capturing surround audio in performances, film, sound stages, etc.

The microphones may be spaced up to 2 to 7' (60.96 to 213.36cm) between each other and the center disc features a cable-through hole and inscriptions for correct pole alignment. The kit includes all necessary poles, extensions and accessories, and all may be neatly packed and transported in the included road case. The S5 Surround Microphone Mount is ideal in orchestra capturing, ambiance recording, sound reinforcement, location recording and more.

DPA or Third Party Microphones

  • The S5 is optimized for use with DPA microphones but the 3/8" threaded mounts allow for any microphone to be used.

Spacious Surround Perspective

  • The five point configurations provide spacious, surround recordings of full orchestras, performances, ambiance, etc.

Easy Setup and Breakdown

  • The center disc features a cable channel and is inscribed with markings for easy pole setup. The main poles telescope and extensions are also provided for adding length.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum, Steel
  • Mounting Threads: 5/8" Thread, Center Discs with 3/8" Thread Adapters
  • Weight: 12 lb (Including Case)

In the Box

  • DPA Microphones S5 Surround Microphone Mount - Five Point Microphone Mount
  • CD5000 Center Disc with Thread Adapter
  • RDC5000 Rear Center Disc
  • 5 x TBH5000 Telescopic Boom with Microphone Holders
  • 8 x SEU5000 Short Extension Unit
  • 9 x LEU5000 Long Extension Unit
  • TEU5000 Telescoping Extension
  • MT5000 Measuring Tape
  • PMH5000 Protractor
  • 5 x SH5000 Suspension Hook
  • Storage Case
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