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Teleprompter Accessories

Discover a fantastic range of quality teleprompter accessories here at DigiBroadcast, the industry experts in broadcast equipment and accessories. Here you’ll find a wide variety of products to fully customise and kit out your teleprompter ready for a range of applications across the film and television industry. Whether you’re looking for wireless and wired controls or monitors and carry cases, we stock a high-quality selection of products from big name brands including Autocue, Datavideo and PrompterPeople among others. Browse below for our high-quality selection of teleprompter accessories at DigiBroadcast.

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22 Items
  • Reference: CAS-SSP17/L

    SPECIFICATION:Dimensions700 x 575 x 200mm27.5” x 22.6” x 7.8”

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    £332.75 RRP: £390.00
  • Reference: DATA-WR500

    Datavideo DATA-WR500 (DATAWR500, DATA WR500, DATA/WR500, data-wr500) WR-500 Bluetooth Teleprompter Remote Control

    Bluetooth Teleprompter Remote Control

    Script controller: play/pause, speed Up/show down text scroll, next/previous break marker

    To be used with TP-100 / TP-300 / TP-500 / TP-600 prompter rigs

    Compatible with Android / iOS devices

    Wired or wireless connection

    Features Bluetooth 4 – for longer battery life & enhanced range

    Automatic pairing (via the DV Prompter app)

    Tablet / Phone Compatibility

    Bluetooth 4 required


    * check the tablet/phone manufacturers specifications

    £118.89 RRP: £139.00
  • Reference: SW-FQPROUSB


    Flip-Q Pro teleprompting software for Mac and PC on USB drive. The Flip-Q USB drive version contains both the PC 2.4 version and Mac 1.6 versions of the Flip-Q Pro teleprompting software. These latest versions of the Flip-Q software allows the user to run Flip-Q on any Mac or PC where they have full permissions. The software "lives" on the USB stick and is easily movable between computers. PC version runs on Windows platforms from XP - WIN10. Mac version runs on any Intel equipped Mac.

    Flip-Q is a premier teleprompter program for the most demanding professional applications. Its dual screen scrolling engine reverses the secondary output of a PC laptop while leaving the operator's display non-reversed. This allows less expensive non-reversing VGA displays to be used without sacrificing functionality or performance.

    Flip-Q USB dongles work on any computer where the user has full permissions.  Software download is also included with purchase of the USB software, download is sent same or next business day.

  • Reference: GL-MWA

    GL-MWA Glass for SSP17

    Large wide-angle, broadcast quality prompter glass (70:30), designed to produce the clearest mirror image as part of our MSP 20 or MSP 17/ PSP17 teleprompters (when used with large studio box lenses).

    **Please note that due to the sensitivity of this product additional delivery charges will be requested. We highly recommend you to purchase the cardboard box for Prompter Glasses from Autoscript. This cardboard box is used for storing and transporting Autoscript prompter glasses. It can hold up to four pieces of glass.  Note: If the item bought without the cardboard case arrives broken is not liable for free replacement. (A9990-1014)

    £264.00 RRP: £300.00
  • Reference: GL-SWA

    Compatibility: SSP08/10/iPAD/DSLR Panel: 70:30 transmission glass

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  • Reference: GL-ESP

    GL-ESP Glass for Conference Stand



    A spare piece of high quality conference glass (70:30), designed to produce the clearest mirror image, whilst remaining transparent to the audience.


  • Reference: DN-VGA/002

    DN-VGA/002 VGA 1 in 4 out video splitter

    VGA splitter with 4 Outputs


        VGA splitter with 4 Outputs


    £169.00 RRP: £170.00
  • Reference: MON-PSP/12

    SPECIFICATION:Hardware    Size: 12” (307 mm)    Reading Range: 4.5 m (15 ft)    Brightness: 380 Nits    Aspect Ratio: 4:3    Contrast Ratio: 1000:1    Resolution: 800 x 600    Image Reverse: Yes    Tally Light & Sensor Ready: No    Video Inputs: BNC (Composite), VGA (by request), DVI    Weight: 7.7 kgs (16.9 lbs)    Compliance: CE, FCC, ROHS  

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    £1,469.50 RRP: £1,730.00
  • Reference: MT-MATTE

    MT-MATTE (MTMATTE MT MATTE MT/MATTE) Pair of 15mm Telescopic Matte Box Bars


        15mm telescopic mattebox rods

    Lightweight mounting option, ideal for steadicams, ENG cameras and other devices with matte box bar sockets.

  • Reference: MT-ROD/LONG

    MT-ROD/LONG (MTRODLONG MT ROD LONG MT/ROD/LONG) 12" Telescopic Rod (used in pairs)


         Single 12" telescopic rod (used in pairs)

    Superior mounting for pedestals - reduces weight load, leaves camera position unaffected, improves balance and stability, and enables quick removal.


  • Reference: BKT-STE/PP

    BKT-STE/PP (BKTSTEPP BKT STE PP BKT/STE/PP) Stabilizer Bar Kit for Gold Plate/ Pro Plate


         Stabilizer Bar
         Mount Clamps for Pro Plate or Gold Plate

    Stabiliser kit provides additional rigidity to the mounting system for use with robotic stand systems.



  • Reference: BKT-STE/LR

    BKT-STE/LR (BKTSTELR BKT STE LR BKT/STE/LR) Stabilizer Bar Kit for Long Rods


        Stabilizer Bar Long Rods

    For use with teleprompter telescopic rods.


  • Reference: MT-PP

    MT-PP (MTPP MT PP MT/PP) Pro Plate


    • Pro Plate
    Versatile mounting system, recommended for use with 17" and 20" Master and Professional Series teleprompters.
  • Reference: MT-GP

    MT-GP (MTGP MT GP MT/GP) Gold Plate


        Gold Plate

    Lightweight and versatile mounting system, ideal for use with lightweight camera stands, steadicams and jibs.

  • Reference: MT-GP/CAM

    MT-GP/CAM (MTGPCAM MT-GP-CAM MT GP CAM) Additional camera plate for Gold Plate


         Additional Camera plate for Gold Plate

    Additional camera plate can be added to the Gold Plate to provide greater stability for larger ENG cameras.


  • Reference: GL-LWA

    GL-LWA (GLLWA GL LWA G/-LWA) Glass for Large Wide Angle Hood (Top 26" - Bottom 15" = Center 19.5")


         LWA Glass

    Large wide-angle, broadcast quality prompter glass (70:30), designed to produce the clearest mirror image as part of our MSP 20 or MSP 17/ PSP17 teleprompters (when used with large studio box lenses).


  • Reference: DATA-DVP100KIT

    Scripts can be added in real-time Playback speed can be altered at will

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    £960.25 RRP: £1,149.00
  • Reference: PPLUS-FS-MD

    PrompterPeople PPLUS FS MD(PPLUS-FS-MD, PPLUS_FS_MD, PPLUS/FS/MD) Medium Duty 8 ft Stand for 15" 24" Teleprompters

    PROLINE PLUS teleprompters come completely assembled and ready to use right out of the included padded carry case*. Just add your camera and connect to your tripod. When you are done prompting the beamsplitter folds flat for instant breakdown.

    The monitors are self-reversing and can display prompting with the included Pro Version PC and Mac software or use an app like PowerPoint, our monitors do the flip for you. PROLINE PLUS teleprompters ship pre-assembled with standard beamsplitter models from 12" to 19" shipping in a  padded carry case, with wireless This KIT is only to add or replace a the Long Back Sled, with the Lowboy and Riser to 2017 ProLine Plus Models - will not work with legacy ProLine Model


    Short Back Sled

    Stand -Medium Duty 8' Stand for 15" - 24" Teleprompters

    Rapid Adapter (For our Tripod Adapter Plate)


    Works with all ProLine Plus models.

  • Reference: UL-iPADBRPRO

    PrompeterPeople UL iPADBRPRO(UL-iPADBRPRO, UL_iPADBRPRO, UL/iPADBRPRO) iPad Bracket for ProLine Series

    Proline Plus iPAD teleprompters are ultra adjustable with easy, tool-less control of camera and monitor position and includes a Bluetooth wireless keyboard remote. Our iCUE prompting app is available from the app store. Self-contained prompting with no need to connect to a laptop.


    ProLine Plus Teleprompters feature the same patten pending Removable Sled that makes it fully modular to adapt to Rail-Mount or Freestanding with an easy upgradeable conversion kit. 

    Choose SledMount Base or Freestand base and start building your kit from there!

    The removable sled mount also allows the ProLine Plus iPad to break down to half the size of our legacy ProLine Model making it more compact for storage and transit.

    Removable Sled

    Modular Design

    15mm Rail Mount Kit

    FreeStanding Kit

    Sled Mount Kit

    More Compact for Storage

    More Compact for Portability

    TabGrabber Pro - iPad Pro, Surface Pro, and Tablet Teleprompter cradle designed to work with all current models of iPads, Surfaces, and Tablets up to 12.9" display size. 

    This Bracket may be used to mount an iPad in the position your LCD monitor normally occupies, ships standard with current Prompter People iPAD Teleprompters.  This model is for Proline and FLEX series Teleprompters.  Also available in a model for UltraLight Teleprompters. Fits iPAD and other tablets up to 12.9"  Rugged all metal construction.

    Compatible MODEL: 


    Pre 2017 - Discontinued (Flex, ProLine, UltraFlex) models select "Legacy ProLine/Flex/UltraFlex - w/ VESA" 

  • Reference: TVPROMPT-15LEM

    Connections: DVI, HDMI, VGA, CVBS PAL in-out loop y HD/SDI in-out loop inputs. Brightness: 450 nits. Aspect ratios: 4:3 / 16:9 / 16:10 / 2.35:1 / 2:1 / 1:1. Resolution: 1280 x 1024 ppp. Electrical voltage: 12V DC, adapter AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz. Camera support: Support plate for professional cameras. Measurements of the glass: 349 ×...

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  • Reference: TVPROMPT-elev2

    PrompterPeople TVPROMPT-elev2 (TVPROMPT/elev2, TVPROMPT_elev2, TVPROMPTelev2, TVPROMPT elev2, tvprompt-elev2) Variable Elevator

    Special Bracket with variable height for small cameras

  • Reference: FLEXP-24-DESKTOP

    General Reading Range: 27' / 8.2 m Beamsplitter Ratio: 65/35 Beamsplitter Size: 24" / 61 cm (Diagonal) Beamsplitter Shape: Rectangular Beamsplitter Material: Glass Monitor Size (Diagonal): 22.5" / 57.1 cm Maximum Brightness: 400 cd/m2 (Sustained) Input: 1 x HDMI 1 x VGA 1 x Composite Self Reversing: Yes AC Input Power: 100 to 240 VAC,...

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Here at DigiBroadcast, you’ll find a fantastic selection of industry-leading teleprompter accessories from which to choose. You’ll discover all you need to accessorise your teleprompter among our extensive stock, whether you’re looking for wired or wireless controllers, prompter stands, monitors or carry cases, we have you well covered with high-quality range of products from major manufacturers including Autocue, Datavideo and PrompterPeople. Our teleprompter equipment is extremely dependable and ideal for a number of uses both in and out of the television or film studio, being lightweight enough to take to conferences or shooting on location, yet durable enough to withstand the rigours of any journey or studio environment too. Fully kit out your teleprompter equipment with our range of industry-leading accessories, and if you’re looking for related products to our teleprompter accessories, be sure to check out our wider range of free standing prompters and location LCD monitors online at DigiBroadcast.