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  • Reference: NERO-S

    Mount Type : V – Mount ( V-lock holder ) Power Meter : Blue Color 4-LED Power Monitor ( Display 100%, 75%, 50%, or 25% batt. capacity ) Product Color : Dark Grey Bat. Cell Model : LG High Load Stand 18650 x 8 Bat. Cell Chemistry : Lithium-Ion Output Voltage : 14.8V DC Minimum...

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  • Reference: AO-ATOMDCK003

    Supported Caddy Models : Master Caddy, Master Caddy II USB Connectors: 1 x USB 3.0  1 x USB 2.0 Packaging Info Package Weight : 0.23 lb Box Dimensions (LxWxH) : 8.5 x 3.5 x 1.1"

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  • Reference: ZC-LP

    Available cameras: Sony / Canon / Panasonic Weight: 0.12kg (0.3lb) Size: 80 x 55mm (3.1 x 2.2") Cable: 2.5 mm sub mini plug Cable Length: 0.7 m (27.55") Clamping Width: 10 mm-45m (0.4"-1.8") Operating Temperature: -10°C - 40° C Functions Converter switch: LANC for Sony, Canon cameras, P for Panasonic cameras REC button:: Start/Stop Zoom...

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  • Reference: GP2011

        Construction: polycarbonate    Strap: nylon

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  • Reference: GP3039

    Includes:        12 anti fog inserts

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  • Reference: S-7210U

    Output Voltage 14.4V Applicable Camera Sony PMW-F3 Applicable Battery SWIT S-8U62 Dimension L=49.3mm, D=19mm

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  • Reference: SON-SDSXS-E34


    DHC Card Adapter / Reader for SxS cards - suitable for use in Sony SxS cameras


    • Very economical alternative to SxS memory cards—enables use of lower cost SDHC memory cards in place of SxS media in Sony XDCAM camcorders
    • Designed for use in Sony XDCAM camcorders—SDHC cards fit flush inside the Sonnet adapter, making it interchangeable with SxS cards and allowing the camcorder's memory card door to close completely when in use
    • Duplicates SxS memory card functionality—supports overcrank and undercrank modes when used with required Class 10 or faster SDHC cards
    • Doubles as SDHC card reader—compatible in MacBook Pro and Windows notebook computers with an ExpressCard slot

    Low Cost Alternative to SxS Memory Cards

    Do you love your new Sony camcorder, but not the prices for SxS memory cards? We've got an alternative—Sonnet's SDHC Adapter for SxS Camera Slot. This Sonnet adapter is designed expressly for use in Sony XDCAM camcorders which record to SxS memory media, and enables you to use lower cost SDHC memory cards in their place(1). When used with Class 10 or faster SDHC cards, the Sonnet SDHC Adapter for SxS Camera Slot duplicates SxS Pro memory cards' functionality, including support for overcrank and undercrank modes.

    Sonnet’s SDHC Adapter for SxS Camera Slot is the same size as an SxS memory card, and, unlike standard memory card adapters, allows the SDHC card to fit flush inside its shell. This critical feature makes the Sonnet adapter interchangeable with SxS cards, and ensures your camcorder's memory card slot door closes completely with the adapter inserted. Using the SDHC Adapter for SxS Camera Slot is easy. Just insert your SDHC card into the Sonnet adapter, and then insert the Sonnet adapter into your camcorder and format the card—you're ready to record.

    After recording is complete, remove the SDHC Adapter for SxS Camera Slot from the camcorder and swap out SDHC cards using the integrated push-to-eject mechanism. Because SxS cards share the same form factor and interface as ExpressCard/34 adapters, you can insert the Sonnet adapter directly into your notebook computer’s ExpressCard slot to offload the files from the SDHC card.

    If your computer lacks an ExpressCard slot, you can remove the SDHC card from the Sonnet adapter and use it with any SDHC-compatible card reader.

    For the price of one SxS memory card, you can purchase Sonnet's adapter and several equivalent-capacity SDHC cards to increase your recording capacity and lower your recording costs. You'll get hours of extra shooting time without the need to stop, offload the footage and reformat the card to use it again!

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  • Reference: D-8161A

    Specification: D-8161A Voltage:14.4V Capacity:190Wh Max Output Power:80W Max Output Current:5.5A Over Current Protection:10A Mount Type:Gold mount Operation Temperature:0 - 40 °C Net Weight:Approx 1.3kg Dimensions:168×98×70mm

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  • Reference: URX-P03/K42

    System Type of System: Camera-mountable UHF-synthesized wireless system RF Carrier Frequency Range: 638 to 694 MHz RF Bandwidth: 72 MHz Approx. Working Range: Not Specified by Manufacturer Receiver Type of Receiver: Camera-mountable, true diversity, crystal-controlled PLL synthesizer Reception Type: True diversity Antenna Type: 1/4 wave length wire Frequency Response: 23 to 18,000 Hz (typical) Signal...

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  • Reference: SON-ECHOEXPSE1

    In the box: Echo Express SE I Thunderbolt 2-to-PCIe Card Expansion System(2) Universal power adapter Power cord Thunderbolt cable ThunderLok (Thunderbolt connector retainer clip)(4) Documentation   Note: PCIe cards sold separately

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  • Reference: KT_PL-R-64

    Features: Organized: The Double-Decker design allows you to arrange your rig, additional lenses and accessories on both levels. Create modular partitions according to your exact needs using the padded Aeriform dividers. Easy Access: Dedicated laptop compartment fits 17 inch models, keeping it protected and in place. Side pockets neatly hold all your small accessories, accessible at any...

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  • Reference: SLR-77VNDII

    Features: 77mm Variable Neutral Density Filter Provides 1.3 to 6 Stops of Light Control Rotating Ring to Choose Degree of ND Larger Front Filter Ring to Avoid Vignetting Specifications Thread diameter: 77mm (rear), 86mm (front) Weight: 82g Includes In The Box: 77mm 0.4-1.8 Variable Neutral Density Filter Protective Case Front Lens Cap

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  • Reference: CAME-GH5

    Came-TV CAME-GH5 (CAME-GH-5, CAME GH5, CAMEGH5, CAME/GH5) Protective Cage for GH5 Camera Rig.

    Our cage is designed to fit the Panasonic GH5 with the LCD flip out accessible. The front of the cage has a cut out that when the camera is placed into the cage, prevents the camera from twisting. This cage provides easy access to the battery and sd card without removing the camera from the cage. The top handle is tool-less allowing for easy assembly and storage. The included base plate has 15mm rod holes which allows for mounting accessories and expanding the rig. CNC Machined from aluminum this cage is lightweight and very strong. There are lots of threaded holes on the cage to attach accessories. Included are two cold-shoe mounts, one on the cage and another on the handle. The top handle is reversible for fitting the GH5 XLR Microphone adapter.

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  • Reference: MB-EF-E-BT5

    Tested Camera Bodies: A9, A7SII, A7RII, A7II, A7S, A7R, A7 A6500, A6300, A6000, A5000 PXW-FS7M2, PXW-FS5, PXW-FS7, NEX-FS700, NEX-FS100 NEX-EA50, NEX-VG900, NEX-VG30, NEX-VG20, NEX-VG10 NEX-7, NEX-6, NEX-5R, NEX-5N, NEX-5, NEX-C3, NEX-3     Fast AF on all E-mount cameras (phase detection AF only with Sony A9)   Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L USM Fisheye* Canon EF-S...

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  • Reference: WC-221800

    Weight: 136 g (0.3 lbs) Dimensions: 25.4 x 152.4 x 203.2 mm (1 x 6 x 8 in)

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  • Reference: RP-NPF550

    Model: RP-NPF550 Info-Lithium Battery Pack Apply For: Sony and all other Video Camcorders and units that use NP-F style batteries Product Color: Dark Grey Bat. Cell Model: Samsung SDI AA High Quality 18650 x 2 Bat. Cell Chemistry: Lithium-Ion Output Voltage: 7.4V DC Capacity (mAh): 2200 mAh Capacity (Wh): 16.28 Wh Data Comm.: Built-in Microprocessor...

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  • Reference: AO-ATOMSUN006

    Compatibility : Atomos Flame and Inferno Series Monitors Colour : Black

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  • Reference: VM05

    Came-TV VM05 (V-M05,V M05,/VM05, VM0/5) V-Mount Battery Adapter Suitable For Our CAME Prodigy And CAME Argo.

    The VM05 V-Mount Battery Adapter works with our CAME Prodigy and CAME Argo and provides extended use of the gimbal so that you don't have to worry about changing batteries when working on a long session. There is an on/off switch built in to control the v-mount battery. We recommend our compact v-mount batteries for this mount due to the height. This combination was specifically design to fit into our Prodigy and Argo gimbals.

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    Connectors: 1 x D-Tap Battery Plate Mount Type: V-Mount Dimensions: 5.6 x 3.6 x 0.8" / 14 x 9 x 2 cm Weight: 0.6 lb / 272 g

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  • Reference: CAM-WS-PXWFS5

    Packaging Dimensions of the storage pouch with the product enclosed. Outside dimension: cm: 33 x 29                             inch: 13.0 x 11.4 Weight: kg: 0.45             lbs: 0.99

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  • Reference: Bp-970G

    Nominal Capacity:7200mAh

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  • Reference: 9304

    PAG 9304 PAGlink PL96T Time Battery

    Model 9304 FEATURES:

    • 96 watt-hours, 14.8V 6.5Ah
    • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
    • V-Mount compatible
    • Batteries in any state of charge can be linked to combine capacities
    • Current draw capability of 12A when linked
    • Hard-wearing, high-current contacts
    • Numeric run-time and capacity display
    • Provides percentage display of capacity with multiple viewfinder information systems
    • Charges on PAG or Sony V-Mount Li-Ion chargers
    • Batteries can be charged whilst linked
    • Battery can reveal status and usage data stored in microprocessor
    • Battery software can be updated externally
    • 2 year guarantee with no restrictive conditions
    • 133 x 84 x 50mm, 0.73kg

    The PL96T is a high-power, intelligent linking battery, and part of the PAGlink system.

    PAGlink is the only system that allows you to combine the capacities of two to eight batteries in any state of charge, to achieve super-high capacities and a higher current-draw capability.

    It is the only system that allows you to charge batteries whilst linked.

    PAGlink batteries can be used individually or linked to power a variety of cameras including: high-definition broadcast cameras, digital cinema and 3D camera set-ups, HDSLRs and handheld camcorders.

    An individual PAGlink battery has a capacity of 96 watt-hours, making it unrestricted, in quantity, for air transportation. Linking two batteries doubles the capacity to 192Wh; three batteries provide 288Wh. No other system offers as much power.

    Hard-wearing, heavy duty contacts are incorporated for high-current applications. The rated maximum continuous output is 12A when linked (8A individually).

    PAGlink is smarter. Other manufacturers use more expensive cell-technology to sustain a current draw of only 10A, while PAGlink achieves a superior 12A, using cheaper, standard Li-Ion technology.

    As well as being smarter, PAGlink batteries are smaller and lighter, with a higher energy density than any linking system marketed to date.

    Linked batteries form a high speed serial network that enables them to communicate with each other to control charge and discharge.

    The rear battery can be hot-swapped for constant, uninterrupted camera power.

    The battery features long-life, premier-quality Li-Ion cells, which have no memory effect, and are completely recyclable. In keeping with PAGs total battery design philosophy it is designed and constructed to provide the longest possible working life.

    The PL96T Time Battery incorporates a numeric run-time and capacity display, unique to PAG. Remaining run-time is shown, on-load, expressed in hours and minutes, to a resolution of 1 minute. Remaining capacity is shown as a percentage (1% increments).

    The display maintains its accuracy by tracking the performance, and adjusting calibration values to compensate for the ageing of the cells, and does not require a periodic ‘service’ charge.

    The PL96T can be linked to a PL96e battery to provide a numeric display of remaining run-time for all linked batteries.

    PAGlink batteries support four different data systems that display capacity in the camera viewfinder: Sony, IDX, Red and Anton-Bauer, and adapt automatically when connected.

    PAGlink batteries store data in their microprocessor, such as capacity, voltage, number of cycles and software version, which can be revealed using the PAGlink Battery Reader (Model 9647), to assist with the management of battery stocks.

    The battery software can be updated using a PAGlink Battery Programmer, ensuring that you benefit from PAGs continually advancing technology.

    PAGlink batteries can be charged while linked, using any reputable V-Mount Li-Ion charger.

    The new, 2-position PL16 charger (Model 9707) will simultaneously charge up to 16 PAGlink batteries (8 on each position), from any state of charge.

    PAGlink batteries display their individual status during charging. When using the PL16 charger, the PL96T numeric display can be inverted, for legibility, with a single button press, and reverts automatically after removal from the charger.

    The PL96T has been independently tested and certified to comply with UN transport safety regulations. Its capacity is below 100 watt-hours and it is therefore suitable for air transport on passenger aircraft, in hand-luggage, without quantity restriction.

    The batterys advanced electronic protection system is fail-safe and features Parylene coated circuits to protect against electrolyte.

    Enhanced low temperature performance allows PAGlink batteries to operate at -20°C.


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  • Reference: DEADCAT

    Weight: 22.00g Dimensions: 31.00mmH x 105.00mmW x 208.00mmD

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  • Reference: DEADKITTEN

    Material: Faux Fur Outer Diameter: 3.2" / 8 cm Length: 3.2" / 8 cm Weight:  25.00gm Dimensions: 80.00mmH x 80.00mmW x 80.00mmD  

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