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  • Reference: PAN-AGBRD50E

    Features : 12V Dual Battery Charger For AG-VBR118G, AG-VBR89G, AG-VBR59 Also Supports VBD58, VBD55, D54, VBD29 36W Power Consumption

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    £174.95 RRP: £208.00
  • Reference: PAN-AGCX350EJ

    General Power: DC 7.28 V (when the battery is used), DC 12 V (when the AC adaptor is used) Power Consumption: 17 W (when the LCD monitor is used), 11.5 W (1080i / 422ALL-I 100M recording, when the LCD, monitor is used, no external device connection) Operating Temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C (32 °F...

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    £2,774.00 RRP: £3,484.00
  • Reference: PANAGCX350PACKB

    Dimensions: 180mm x 173mm x 311mm (W x H x D) Weight: 1.9 kg

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    £3,054.14 RRP: £3,810.32
  • Reference: PAN-AGMC200G

     Features : Sensitivity: -40 dB 3.5 dB              (0dB=1V/Pa, at 1kHz) Maximum Input Level: 127 dB             (1000Hz, Distortion within 1%) S/N: More than 69 dB

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    £306.50 RRP: £371.00
  • Reference: PAN-AJC10050G

     Features :    cable length : 50m  

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    £1,228.38 RRP: £1,348.00
  • Reference: PAN-AJMC700P

    Panasonic PAN-AJMC700P ( AJMC700P, PAN/AJMC700P, PANAJMC700P, PAN AJMC700P) 3 Pin Mono Microphone Holder Kit

        Panasonic AJ-MC700P Super-Directional Phantom Powered Microphone.
        This is a camera mounted condenser microphone with superior directional characteristics than that of standard unidirectional microphones. Aimed at the Shoulder Mounted Camcorders


    £807.94 RRP: £887.00
  • Reference: PAN-AJMC900G

    Panasonic PAN-AJMC900G ( AJMC900G, PANAJMC900G, PAN/AJMC900G, PAN AJMC900G) Stereo Microphone for DVCPRO HD Camcorders 

    The Panasonic AJ-MC900G is a stereo microphone designed specifically for Panasonic's line of DVCPRO HD camcorders. Using a 5-pin connection, it mounts directly onto cameras such as the AJ-HDX900, AJ-HPX2700 and AJ-HPX3000.

    £1,322.00 RRP: £1,348.00
  • Reference: PAN-AJMH800G

    Panasonic PAN-AJMH800G ( AJMH800G, PANAJMH800G, PAN/AJMH800G, PAN AJMH800G) Microphone Holder HPX2100

        The Panasonic AJ-MH800G is a microphone holder for the AJ-HDX900 camcorder.
        The holder will house a standard shotgun microphone and is ideal for news gathering, weddings, documentary, and sports.


    £289.66 RRP: £344.00
  • Reference: PAN-AWCA15H29G

    Panasonic PAN-AWCA15H29G ( AWCA15H29G, PANAWCA15H29G, PAN/AWCA15H29G, PAN AWCA15H29G) Pan/Tilt Cable HC1500 / PH400 / PH405

        The Panasonic AW-CA15H29G is a single remote control cable designed for simple configuration of a Panasonic AW-RP655/555 controller to an AK-HC1500G HD camera and AW-PH400/CB400 pan/tilt head combination.


    £162.00 RRP: £181.00
  • Reference: PAN-AWCA24T24G

    Panasonic PAN-AWCA24T24G ( AWCA24T24G, PANAWCA24T24G, PAN/AWCA24T24G, PAN AWCA24T24G) Pan & Tilt Control Extension Cable 30m PH650

        The Panasonic AW-CA24T24G is a control cable for AW-PH400 and AWPH650 pan and tilt systems. This cable connects the pan and tilt systems with the AK-HC1500.


        This cable measures 20 meters in length and offers specific connectivity.



  • Reference: PAN-AWCA28T9P

    Panasonic PAN-AWCA28T9P ( AWCA28T9P, PANAWCA28T9P, PAN/AWCA28T9P, PAN AWCA28T9P) 5m RS232 Cable for PH300/360L
        The AW-CA28T9 control cable connects the AW-PH300/360L to a PC. It enables the pan-tilt head to be controlled by a PC.


    £177.00 RRP: £181.00
  • Reference: PAN-AWCA50T9P

    Panasonic PAN-AWCA50T9P ( AWCA50T9P, PANAWCA50T9P, PAN/AWCA50T9P, PAN AWCA50T9P)PC Camera Control Cable

        Panasonic AW-CA50T9P PC Control Camera Cable

  • Reference: PAN-AGC20020G

    Features : Length: 65' (20 m)

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    £453.00 RRP: £462.00
  • Reference: PAN-SHANTM700

    Features :Camera Section     CCD Elements: 2/3” HD Progressive CCD     Picture Elements: Total: 1370 (H) x 744 (V), Effective: 1280 (H) x 720(V)     Optical System: F 1.4 prism system     Optical Filters: CC: Cross, 3200K, 4300K, 6300K     ND: CLEAR, 1/4ND, 1/16ND, 1/64ND     Quantization: 14 bits...

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    £311.00 RRP: £317.00
  • Reference: PAN-VWVBG6E-K

    Features: 7.2V 5,800 mA Lithium-ion battery pack Ideal for the AG-HMC81, AG-HMC151, AG-AC130A, AG-AC160A and AG-AF101A camcorders

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    £155.86 RRP: £172.00
  • Reference: PAN-AJP2M032AG

        Features: Lower cost High reliability benefiting from Panasonics proof5 technology High speed transfer (up to 2Gbps) for faster ingest of content Content protection system, securing the mircoP2 cards content * The microP2 card and microP2 card adapter will not support all P2 products. To use the microP2 card adapter, a firmware upgrade of current...

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  • Reference: PAN-AGC20003G

    Features : 3m Connection Cable

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    £231.00 RRP: £235.00
  • Reference: PAN-DC100V10CE01PSSC

    Features : Lenght: 100m

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    £537.63 RRP: £647.00
  • £613.39 RRP: £738.00
  • Reference: PAN-AVHS04M4

    Features : 2 x HD Analogue Component Output Board

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    £830.60 RRP: £986.00
  • Reference: PAN-AWIF400G

       Features : External use as a stand-alone unit Internal use on a desktop PC with 5"/12.7 cm bay Five P2 card slots Data transfer in high speed USB 2.0 standard and IEEE1394b Direct editing on P2 card(s) with non-linear editing software Supported by Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Mac

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    £1,020.00 RRP: £1,041.00
  • Reference: PAN-HF007014E

    Closest Focusing Distance: 0.25m at all focal lengths Dimensions: Length: Approx 83.1mm / 3.27" (from top of the lens hood to the base side of the lens mount) Filter Size: φ70mm Focal Length: 7mm to 14mm (35mm film camera equivalent 14mm to 28mm) Geared Focus / Iris: N General Diagonal Angle of View: 114°(Wide) -...

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  • Reference: PAN-AGYDX600G

    Panasonic PAN-AGYDX600G ( AGYDX600G, PAN-AGYDX600G, PAN-AGYDX600G, PAN-AGYDX600G) Proxy Board for HPX-600

    This option board enables the recording of proxy files onto SD/SDHC memory cards or onto P2 cards. It supports high-quality video (QuickTime/H.264) and audio formats at low bit rates.

    High-quality proxy files can be used for breaking news and other scenarios benefitting from proxy workflows. Moreover, this streamlines the production workflow by allowing the editor to review the content details during offline editing.


    £1,215.13 RRP: £1,403.00
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At DigiBroadcast we strive to bring you the very best equipment available to the broadcast industry and the great selection of Panasonic products which you can see below are just one example of the leading brand names that we have available in our online store.

Founded in 1918 as a vendor of lamp sockets, Panasonic has now been in business for one hundred years having also been trading under the brand name ‘National’. The company quickly moved on from selling lamp sockets to producing motors, irons, wireless equipment, radios and even bicycles after World War II.

A major turning point for the brand came in 1961 when, after the brand’s founder travelled to America, they began to produce television sets and first began trading under the name which we all know today – Panasonic.

Nowadays Panasonic is well known for everything from high definition television screens to hand held cameras and are one of the leading names in the broadcast industry. At DigiBroadcast we stock a long list Panasonic equipment including their massive 98” 4K HD television screens to camera controllers and 3D polarised eyewear.

Browse the full range of Panasonic broadcast equipment below or use the settings on the left to find exactly what you require. We also stock other leading brand names such as SonyCanon and JVC.