Hands on Blackmagic Mini URSA Pro

Blackmagic Mini Ursa Pro with Studio configuration

Fitted with lens, studio viewfinder, zoom focus control, tripod.


Blackmagic Mini Ursa Pro Camera is made to record life events, studios, concerts and similar and for people who want versatile camera.

Blackmagic Mini Ursa Pro is mainstream multipurpose studio camera which competes with Arris and Reds to some degree (same life sensor abilities) and it can be switched into cinematography mode if the “Drama factor”  is required.


The standard and unique ablity to change lenses

At the moment there are 5 mini URSAs in the range – two 4k ones – (EF and PL) and three 4.6k sensor ones (EF, PL and PRO).

Standard to Blackmagic URSA Pro is EF mount but Ursa Pro has advantage that its 4 screws can be used to remove the front mount to change it to any required mount adapter.

While changing the mount and the lenses we can easily switch from studio shoot to cinematography shoot which makes this camera versatile and the best one of all the URSAs.



AC adapter, DC input, SDI output, phantom power facilities, filter wheel (helps reduce the flare)

2 types of recording formats  – CFast 2 cards and SD card slots.

RAW and ProRes format recording to dual media CFast or SD cards

It will record in HD on SD card as the data is not as demanding as 4k and if 4k is required it will record on CFast 2 cards as 4k footages take a lot of space.

If you are recording 4k at 50 FPS you will need to set the camera on the pairing system which will store the footage on 2 cards (as it records in RAW which are quite big files) saving mixed up frames onto 2 cards as one individual card isn’t quick enough to process the data.

Then when we put it in Davinci Resolve editing software and transfer files they will be sorted in the editing process. This is quite unique feature to this camera.

Ursa Pro will use the same shoulder mounts and viewfinders as on any other URSA.

Using the different power of the batteries (Gold mount V-lock batteries) will last according to the which other parts (studio viewfinder, video lights or similar) are connected to the camera. 90 Watt battery will last aproximately 2 hours with a studio viewfinder.

D-tap connector feature can power a light or other device you need to connect to the body and it won’t lose the power if we swap the battery over.


One camera that can do multitude of things


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