Buying Guide: Bags, Cases & Covers

So, you’ve sifted through the countless amazing cameras and lenses on offer at DigiBroadcast with help from our camera buying guide and camera lens buying guide, but how’s best to protect all of your new gear? 

Thankfully, here at DigiBroadcast, we think of everything, and so we make sure to stock an amazing range of bags, cases and covers for all of your prized broadcasting equipment. Read on below for 6 categories of camera cases and their uses. 

Rain Covers & Camera Gloves

When you’re out and about shooting in different environments, the elements can quite quickly become your enemy. The last thing you want is for expensive camera gear to succumb to damage from dampness and moisture, and so it’s wise that you invest in a rain cover or camera glove

Products such as Camrade’s EFP range come in small and large sizes to suit different sized cameras from a selection of the industry’s leading brands, as well as a choice between black and grey colour finishes.

Underwater Camera Housing

If you’re going to be shooting beneath the water’s surface, sense says that you’ll need to properly protect your cameras and equipment. Here at DigiBroadcast, you’ll find a selection of watertight camera housing to ensure that your gear is safe while capturing stunning underwater shots. 

At DigiBroadcast, you’ll find a whole host of products from the likes of Ewa Marine, who provide underwater camera housing for many of the industry’s leading camera brands, as well as high-quality products from Camrade and Sony.

Equipment Cases

When you’re travelling with expensive camera equipment, it’s vital that you protect your gear wherever in the world you’re going. With an equipment case from DigiBroadcast, you’re investing in a premium quality product that’ll protect your equipment and give you that extra peace of mind. 

Whether you need a hard case for a flight or specialised audio equipment cases, there’s a fantastic array of equipment cases to suit your specific needs from the likes of Kino Flo, Portabrace and Sony.

Camcorder Soft Cases

When you’re not going far afield, a flight case often isn’t necessary – but you’ll still need to ensure that your equipment is properly protected. In instances such as this, you can get away with a good quality camcorder soft case rather than a bulky, heavier equipment case. 

We house a huge range of stock here at DigiBroadcast, among which you’ll find camcorder soft cases from the likes of Camrade, Monfrotto and Portabrace, all of which are renowned for their high-quality, dependable and durable camera bags and cases.

Camcorder Backpacks

Camcorder backpacks and camera backpacks present the ideal product for those who wish to travel light while still ensuring their camcorders, cameras and equipment are well-protected from damage, dust, dirt and moisture. Their two strapped design means that you can move around freely while your gear is still safe and sound. 

At DigiBroadcast, you’ll find a wide range of backpacks with a light and comfortable yet hard-wearing design and compartmentalised padded interior that safely and efficiently houses a range of camera equipment. With products from leading brands such as Manfrotto and Portabrace, you can be sure that you’re investing in only the highest quality goods for your gear.

Pelican Cases

Pelican cases are among the most hardwearing equipment cases on the market, priding themselves on being “the world’s toughest cases” for a range of equipment. In fact, such is their robustness and reliability, you can find a Pelican case used everywhere from police forces and aviation to the military and industrial sectors. 

With an amazing selection of cases from the likes of Peli and Teradek to choose from, you can be sure that at DigiBroadcast, you’re purchasing only the best quality Pelican cases in the broadcasting equipment market. 

If you’d like any further information on any of our camera bags, cases and covers featured, or you have any other queries, contact our friendly team of experts at DigiBroadcast – they’re always on hand and happy to help!

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