Atomos Shinobi: It’s bright and beautiful

A review

So imagine this: you’re filming, you have a production on the go and you want to monitor in 4K everything you are filming. You want to see exactly what you’re getting and not only rely on the camera’s monitor. The Atomos shinobi is made for doing exactly that. It is an HD 4K monitor that allows you to see in real time and HD definition the material you get from your camera.Not only that, but this is a monitor that’s easy to use and lightweight. The most-known product of the shinobi series is the Shinobi 5’’ monitor. It provides 1000 nits of brightness and has a battery life up to 6h (when it has 7.800 mAh battery capacity) and with an HDMI video input. An important feature for any monitor is also resolution and framerates. Here, we are talking about a monitor in 4K DCI that can reach up to 23.98p, 24p,25p,29.97p, the same when in 4K UHD and FHD 1920X1080 progressive.

Cut to some time later and with the popularity of the Shinobi 5’’,Atomos launched the new Shinobi 7” . The new bigger screen of 7’’ with 2.200nits brightness is the first thing anyone can notice as different. It’s not only ’’Big, bright and beautiful’’ as atomos says, but its specs have also advanced. In this version of the monitor you can find dual battery slots and video input with 1x HDMI(2.0) 4K p60 and 1x 3G SDI-2K p60. The video output has the same specs for the HDMI with 1x HDMI(2.0) 4K p60 and a small difference in SDI with 1xx 3G SDI-2K p60.The new advanced features extend also to its resolution and framerates. You can find, concerning the monitor only the 4K DCI,UHD and 2K DCI 2046×1080 with 23.98p,24p,25p,29.97p,50p and 59.94p.The same frame rates apply to FHD 1920×1080 progressive and interlaced with the addition of 60p. In reality, the two monitors are both a tool for creators to see the real image they get from their filming process, in 4K and high resolutions. It supports a wide range of log formats as well as HDR from Arri,canon,nikon,sony, Panasonic and RED.

According to someone’s budget they both do great work in their goal. It depends if you want the latest specs or if the ones of the 5.2’’ model are working for you. It also depends if you are new in the industry and want to start and see how these monitors work and what they’re needed for.On the other hand, or if you need the latest model and the advanced specs and you’re a professional of many years and want the best possible. Whatever your needs are, the two models can provide you with the technology you need at the time for your filming. It’s a great addition to your gear as it will help you know exactly your material. It is certainly worth a think.

You can find both products in great prices on Digi Broadcast’s website: Shinobi 5”  and Shinobi 7”  

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