The ultimate guide to used broadcasting equipment

Before you buy:

Choosing the right piece of broadcasting equipment is important to professionals and amateurs alike.

Broadcasting equipment is often expensive, so do your research to make sure you find the right piece to suit your needs.

If your budget is limited, consider used equipment to cut the cost of buying new.

Good quality used equipment can be just as functional as an item straight from the shelf.

Whether shopping online or in person, consider all of your options before purchasing new electronics.


Check the condition:

Always check the quality of what you’re buying.

Terms to look out for are ex-display, open box, refurbished, and second-hand.

  • Ex-display equipment usually means just that; it’s been used for display purposes (taken out of its box). It will still cost less than a new boxed model despite the fact it has never actually been used.
  • A refurbished item is one that has been returned after previously being used, but has been restored to factory settings / new condition.
  • A second-hand item can vary in quality, having been used and resold with varying degrees of wear and tear. It may be one month old, one year old or ten years old.


Find a reputable seller

As important as it is to research your items, it’s also important to find out the reputation of the seller.

Licensed sellers or those with good reviews are the ones to lookout for. Buying from someone you don’t know and have no reason to trust might save you some money short-term, but it could cost you more long-term should the item be faulty, stolen or not as described.

Top tip: Does the seller offer a written item warranty or returns policy? Generally, reputable sellers will give you the option to return what you buy as long as you haven’t tampered with the product or damaged the packaging; or will offer a replacement for faulty goods.

Always double-check the condition of your items as well as who’s selling them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Reputable sellers will be happy to answer your queries.


Sell your Gear

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Where can I buy used equipment online?

We stock lots of used broadcasting equipment, from broadcasting camcorders and lenses to batteries and bags. Click here to view our selection of used equipment.

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