Different Types of Camcorders by www.digibroadcast.com [INFOGRAPH]

A camcorder (formally a video camera recorder) is an electronic device that features a video camera and a video recorder into one element; typically for out-of-studio consumer video recording. Camcorders are no doubt one of the most common electronic gadgets used worldwide owing to their prime functionality of capturing and recording video. This infograph gives information about the camcorders including what are camcorders, types of camcorders, mini DV camcorder, flash memory camcorder, advanced video coding high definition (AVCHD), XDCAM camcorders, 3D camcorders and more. For more information about camcorders, kindly... Read More

Camcorder Bags/Cases – Important Accessories for Proper Maintenance of Camcorders

Importance of Camcorder Bags & Cases The use of electronic gadgets has made us more aware of the importance of protecting these gadgets from physical or environmental harm. Camcorder bags and camcorder cases protect the camera from scratches and damage from rain or even from falling. Some bags come with options of waterproofing and dust proofing to protect the camera from a wide range of conditions like rain, snow or sand storms. Camcorder bags also provide the user with storage space for power cords and other clutter that would otherwise... Read More

Buying of Used Broadcast Lenses – Opportunities & Risks

Benefits of Buying Used Broadcast Lenses from Authentic Online Shops Broadcast equipments hold a niche position in the world of broadcasting, use of the ideal equipment will go a long way in ensuring that high quality production is achieved. However, the cost of buying new broadcast equipment is a challenge to many people thus the need to source for used broadcast equipment. Used equipment for broadcasting offer a myriad of benefits to the user with the following advantages most prolific: · Continuity of Work: – Purchasing used broadcast accessories will... Read More

How to Deal with Popular Broadcast Lenses?

What are Broadcast Lenses? Broadcast lenses comprise a highly distinguished class of lenses developed to aid in the fabrication of prime pictures and outputs via high-accuracy focal length lens networks. Like the Bebob lenses and Canon lenses available today, the series of versatile focal length lens systems used produce a wide range of extremely high quality digital photo and cinematography yields meant to suffice the sharpest eyes’ vision of high definition. Types of Most Popular Broadcast Lenses One of the latest types of broadcasting types of lenses is the newest version of the Digisuper series of both studio... Read More


All You Should Know about Lighting Equipments – Camcorder Lights, LED Panels, Chroma Key & Studio Lighting Kit

Lightings are important tools to produce quality photographs whether it is a still, studio or snap shots. To produce a beautiful image, a good lighting effect should be prioritised by amateur or professional photographers. Photography is an expensive hobby because there are various lighting equipments needed to achieve a perfect work of art. Autocue lighting is noted for their lightings which are preferred by professionals and media practitioners. The Importance of Lighting Equipments Lighting equipment has made the art of photography and cinematography an excellent source of income. Most photographers... Read More

Types of Camera Lenses & Monitors Available in the Global Market

Camera Lenses Camera lenses are an important part of any camera. They determine the type and quality of the photographs. An impeccable quality lens will give the best shots in terms of clarity and contrast. Photographers choose the type of a photographic lens to use depending on the kind of photographs that they want to capture. Some camera lenses are specialized while others are for general purpose. The general purpose lenses are suitable for amateur photographers. For instance, a camera with high definition lenses cannot be compared to one with the standard definition lenses.... Read More

Tips for Buying Used Broadcast Equipments

Why People Purchase Used Broadcast Equipment It goes without argument that broadcasting equipment plays an important role in the society; it ensures the smooth running of operations such as capturing and editing raw data as well relaying the finished production. However, the cost of purchasing broadcast equipment does not come cheap consequently leading to people buying used broadcast equipment .The market for used broadcast equipment is experiencing an upsurge as more and more people opt for used broadcasting accessories such as used camcorder, cameras, used lenses both zoom and focal,... Read More

Latest Technology VTRs, DDRs & Recording Media Products Market

VTRs & DDRs: DV/DVCAM VTRs, HDV VTRs, XDCAM, DVCPRO, P2 Solid State, Digital Library Management VTRs or video tape recorders have been existence for many years and are primarily used to record video on a magnetic tape. The VTRs have been used in a wide range of applications such as film shooting to domestic home viewing through a video cassette recorders (VCR).The VTR technology works by reading and writing tracks onto the tape in motion. Over the years direct to disk recorders (DDRs) have been used professionally to replace video tape recording. The... Read More


Mixers, Switches & Signal Processors – Useful Audio Video Broadcast Equipments

A sound mixer is a vital component in catching and receiving signals in radio and other electronic gadgets. It functions as check and balance of any given frequencies so that it can transmit good quality sound to its target audience. Different Types of Mixers & their applications Applications of mixers vary for a different purpose. Generally a mixer has a non-linear trait which could either be passive or active. A passive mixer has more than one diodes and it depends solely on its non-linear traits and its correlation with the... Read More

How to Buy Cheap Camera Lenses that are best as per Industry Standards?

Lenses that make your camera perfect Great moments deserve to be remembered. The best way to do this is to capture them, on camera. The type of lenses of a camera affects the quality of the images captured. A perfect camera ought to be fitted with superior quality lens to capture excellent pictures. Unfortunately, the lens of a camera makes or breaks the essence of a picture; therefore, photographers have no choice, but to get the very best lens. It is the eye of the camera; it is through these lenses that... Read More