Panasonic PAN-HHSA12035E LUMIX X Vario 12-35mm F2.8 ASPH. Camera Lens 01/03/2019

Buying Guide: Camera Lenses

So you’ve found the perfect camera body for you, but now comes the process of deciding which lens is the right option. The camera lens is arguably the most important components in your camera, and so it’s integral that you do your research and buy right. Purchasing a high-quality camera lens can be seen as a wise investment, as although the technology in your camera’s body will shift more quickly and be replaced more regularly, a quality camera lens will stand the test of time and won’t need to be... Read More


How to Clean Your DSLR Camera Lens

Cleaning your camera lens should be a regular part of any camera owner’s duties and if you are starting to notice that smudges are showing up on your photographs then it is maybe time to give it a go. While cleaning your camera lens is vital to keeping it working and in good quality, it should only be done when the lens is actually dirty – don’t make a habit of doing it too often as this too can have a detrimental effect on the condition of your lens. To... Read More