Buying Guide: Lighting

There’s so much more when it comes to achieving the perfect shot or capturing fantastic footage than simply investing in a high-quality camera or camera lens.

Whether you’re shooting out on location or in the confines of a studio environment, you’ll find yourself having to deal with and adapt to a whole host of different lighting conditions. From gloomy rooms to the unpredictable great outdoors, ensuring that your shots are well lit is a vital part of obtaining fantastic-looking footage.

To aid you in achieving the best results during filming, our expert team here at DigiBroadcast have compiled a list of studio lighting and lighting accessories that are available right here in our handy buying guide.

LED Lighting Panels

Datavision LG-53000M 5600K LED Fresnel Light

LED panels are an extremely efficient means of lighting, using around 60% less energy than fluorescent light fittings and up to 90% less than halogen lighting.

At DigiBroadcast you’ll discover a fantastic range of LED light panels, such as the LG-D3000M from Datavision, pictured here, as well as a selection of LED lighting kits that will cover all of your needs.

LED lighting provides a long-lasting, high-quality source of light for a multitude of different shooting locations and settings.

Studio Lights

CAME-TV M90-110V HMI Facetted Reflector

Light is essential for capturing photographs and footage, and in locations such as studios that often lack any natural light, studio lighting is a must.

Studio lights allow you to mimic natural lighting across a variety of settings, and contrary to what the name suggests, this lighting is not restricted to use within a studio, you’ll also find plenty of portable options available too.

A studio light such as the M90-110V from CAME-TV (pictured) will provide a powerful and reliable source of light for a range of productions.

Chroma Key Lighting

Datavideo DATA-DVK300HD Rackmount HD Chromakeyer

Lighting a chroma key, or the lighting of a green screen or blue screen is used across a wide range of media production elements.

It allows for the creation of impossible shots, and the proper lighting of both your screen and subject will result in a better quality of footage and finer results during the editing process. An even and consistent light is best, and products such as our DATA-DVK300HD Rackmount from Datavideo offers a simple yet high-quality means of keying in a high-resolution of up to 1080p.

Camcorder Lights

Rotolight NEO 2 LED Light

When filming out on location, achieving adequate lighting for your shot can be an issue, especially during the likes of conducting an interviewing and shooting indoors.

Camcorder lights allow you to take the light with you wherever you shoot, giving you amazing footage whenever you’re on the move. Products such as Rotolight’s impressive NEO 2 (pictured left) allow you to shoot in a huge variety of locations while achieving a wide field of high-quality lighting.

Lighting Kits

Dedolight CBH3S Cirro Budget Kit

Lighting kits offer an amazingly versatile and efficient all-in-one solution to a variety of lighting problems wherever you are, be that out on the move, visiting a location or in the studio.

You’ll find that video lighting kits are available in a wide range of packages, from budget kits such as the CBH3S Cirro Budget Kit from Dedolight, pictured left, to all-inclusive Master Traveler Kits that will prepare you for shooting at any location.

Lighting kits include all manner of equipment, such as light heads, softboxes, power supplies, cables, carry bags and much, much more.

Lighting Spares & Accessories

Panasonic PAN-AVHLC100 Live Streaming Production Center

Whatever scenario you’re shooting in, the chances are that you’re going to need the aid of lighting accessories at some point in filming, whether that’s in the studio or on location.

Accessories include a wide range of products, from lighting gels and lamps to stands, supports, dimmers and controllers such as the PAN-AVHLC100 Live Streaming Production Center from Panasonic, pictured here on the left.

This particular device is capable of everything from camera control to audio mixing functions across locations that require audio and visual solutions, such as live streaming and conferences.

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