atomos-packages 14/12/2017

Discounted Atomos packages – Ninja Flame

Change the way you shoot with the latest Atomos Ninja Flame packages… Ninja Flame overcomes the display challenges of shooting log, displaying the full brightness range on a field monitor for the first time, with true-to-life vibrant colours.   Why buy a package? It’s better value for money… Digi Broadcast have applied a discount to all Atomos packages, saving you a substantial amount if you’re planning to buy more than just one standalone product. So, what’s the difference in packages? Atomos Ninja Flame 7.1-inch AtomHDR package A Atomos Ninja Flame 7.1-inch... Read More

used broadcasting equipment 30/11/2017

Atomos HDR V SDR

 Which is right for you – High Dynamic Range V Standard Dynamic Range? Last year saw a leap forward in technology that changes the way every professional works. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a “you have to see it to believe it” technology, pushing the boundaries of conventional capture and display capability and bridging the gap between what we see on TV monitors and reality as we see it with our eyes. Rather than increasing the number of pixels we see, HDR revamps the brightness range we can see in... Read More

Atomos Cashback & Trade In Promotion

Claim your cashback or trade in your Atomos recorder* bought from 15th November  through 31st January 2017. *Cash back Customers purchasing a new Flame series or Blade series product can claim up to £240 / €300 cash-back directly from Atomos, with up to a further £160 / €200 available in cash-back if existing customers trade-in their old Atomos product. *Claim cash-back against Shogun Flame (ATOMSHGFL1), Ninja Flame (ATOMNJAFL1), Samurai Blade (ATOMSMB001) and Ninja Blade (ATOMNJB001) on the link below: Additional cash-back can be claimed for the trade-in of an existing... Read More


Atomos Ninja Flame & Shogun Flame HDR Monitors & Recorders

To understand how the new Atomos Flame Recorders work, let’s remind ourselves with the basics first. What is HDR? HDR or High Dynamic Range is image processing technology that lets you shoot with the high brightness range of your camera’s Log profile while maintaining vibrant true-to-life colours. Dynamic range is the ratio of the light to the dark in the image. HDR has better pixels rather then 4k which has more pixels, meaning HDR gives attention to colours and light of the image preferably then the amount of pixels. With HDR in action you don’t need... Read More

Save Expense in Buying Single Branded Filming Production Requirements

Claim More Benefits in Package Selection Atomos Ninja is a popular brand for HDMI smart production equipments. DigiBroadcast offers extensive range of packages at a reasonable price. We are authorized dealers of Atomos and other reputed brands. DigiBroadcast serves as one stop destination for all sorts of broadcast and filming requirements. Atomos Ninja 2 Package A This package is provided with Ninja 2 10-bit HDMI Field Recorder (AO-ATOMNJA003), Atomos Ninja ABS Waterproof Carry Case (AO-ATOMCAS001).  The carry case is customized in design and stays a good companion to protect field... Read More


Atomos Ninja HDMI Field Recorders an Innovative device with Multilevel in Video Recording Mission

Why Touchscreen is regarded as the most Convenient Source for Accessing? Touchscreen is not only meant for personal computer or mobile device, with technological innovations touchscreen option has been implemented for monitors of all sorts. Touchscreen increased the ease of managing internal operations of the device and stays user-friendly. Ninja Field Recorder Atomos Ninja-2 10-Bit HDMI Field Recorder, 2013 model is a compact HD recorder with touchscreen navigation facility. Professionals can feel the ease of applying several operations during recording and can feel the difference with other traditional recording devices.... Read More