Now back in stock – Came TV lights

  Due to popular demand, Came TV lights are now back in stock.   Came F-55W-2KIT 2 Pcs Boltzen 55w Fresnel Focusable Led Daylight The video light includes an adjustable Fresnel lens to help focus the light and provide a longer throw. When used without the lens, the light becomes a wider flood and the included barn doors help to control the spill. This versatility allows you to go from a tight spot to a wide flood all in one continuous light. The 55 Watt video light has a built-in... Read More


Came-Prodigy V Came-Argo

Came-prodigy and Came-argo sold out fast! But they are available to pre-order with delivery expected in ten days.   What is the Came-Prodigy? The came-prodigy gimbal is physically the largest of our gimbal family and is a great platform for larger cameras and lenses.   What makes the Came-Prodigy unique? The new Prodigy is running the latest 32-bit Controller with Encoder Technology for enhanced stability and battery efficiency. All motors rotate a full 360 degrees without limitation for greater range and flexibility during operation. Featuring a quick release camera plate... Read More


New Came stock has landed

Now in stock at Digi Broadcast: The new Came-Prophet gimbal – ready for delivery! What is the Came-Prophet? It’s the successor to the very successful Came-Argo gimbal. Both have been designed to support small to medium sized DSLRs with a maximum payload of 6.6 lbs (3 kg). What makes the Came-Prophet unique? While the Argo contains a dedicated 2-handed setup, the Prophet comes with a single-handed pistol grip handle (similar to the CAME-Optimus), but with the option to use them with a variety of compatible two-handed accessories – including the... Read More


Useful tips for CameTV Optimus – our best selling Gimbal

What does CameTV Optimus 3-axis Gimbal include? The box includes hard pelicase, plug, power cable, base plate, single handle, tripod balancing stand for single handle, 2 batteries, screws, dual handles, joystick, wireless joystick remote, rubber grips, magic arm, clamp, instructions and the Optimus gimbal itself protected by foam inserts. This gimbal is designed for small and mirrorless cameras including Panasonic GH4, GH5, Sony A7r and A7S series, A6300 with lighter lenses which makes the payload up to 2.6 lbs / 1.2 kg (including the lens and accessories).   First impression on... Read More