Camera Head 13/02/2017

Our 5 Top-Selling Cameras of Right Now

It’s a fantastic time for camera technology and innovation and we predict an even greater growth spurt in the popularity of filming, broadcasting and video media to come. In celebration, we’ve decided to name our most popular, top-selling cameras of the moment. Take a look through and see if yours is here. Or if not, why it perhaps should be. Canon XC10 Ultra High Definition Camcorder Package With an ultra HD camcorder, RedPro digital dual battery charger, and two RedPro battery charger plates; this camcorder package was hugely popular in... Read More

Atomos Cashback & Trade In Promotion

Claim your cashback or trade in your Atomos recorder* bought from 15th November  through 31st January 2017. *Cash back Customers purchasing a new Flame series or Blade series product can claim up to £240 / €300 cash-back directly from Atomos, with up to a further £160 / €200 available in cash-back if existing customers trade-in their old Atomos product. *Claim cash-back against Shogun Flame (ATOMSHGFL1), Ninja Flame (ATOMNJAFL1), Samurai Blade (ATOMSMB001) and Ninja Blade (ATOMNJB001) on the link below: www.atomos.com/offers/hdr-upgrade Additional cash-back can be claimed for the trade-in of an existing... Read More


Capturing Fireworks Displays With Your DSLR Camera

Autumn is here and that means that Bonfire night is almost upon us. Big, bright fireworks make for some amazing photographs, especially larger displays, so maybe it is time to start looking ahead to the big day and planning a shoot of your own? With this is mind, we’ve put together a few hints and tips for anyone thinking about capturing their own firework photography… Finding a spot is the first and ultimately one of the most crucial steps in capturing great firework photography. If you know an area is... Read More


Canon EOS 5D MK IV DSLR Camera for outstanding shoots

After more then 4 years of developing and improving very popular Canon 5D MK III, its successor has finally arrived. it has 30.4 megapixel sensor, amazing 4K (4096 x 2160) resolution, 1.62 MP full touch screen and touch focus functionality which let you simply tap on where do you want the focus to be. You can also adjust the speed of the focus from quick to slow motion if prefered. Built in GPS is very useful for travel and lanscape photography. Accessible at any time, you can check your shoots... Read More

Thinking About Buying Getting A Drone? These Videos Will Help Make Your Mind Up

It is now easier than ever to own your own UAV, or drone, thanks to great, groundbreaking technology getting cheaper and cheaper for consumers and professionals. Here at DigiBroadcast we have dozens of great deals on drones, drone accessories and full drone package, and many of these can be found in our DJI collection, which includes the Phantom 3 & 4, Inspire, Matrice 600, S1000, S900 and more. If you needed any persuading about purchasing a new drone, then we have just the thing for you as we have rounded... Read More


UK Drone Laws – Infographic

  Perhaps you’ve just bought yourself a new bit of kit from our drone range – which includes dozens of vehicles and packages from leading brand DJI – or maybe you’re looking to swat up on the dos and don’ts before taking your maiden voyage. Whatever your circumstance, understanding UK drone laws is essential for anyone taking flight. To help our customers keep themselves and their drone equipment safe, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to UK drone laws in one tidy infographic.   Browse drones or the full range... Read More


How To Clean & Maintain Your Tripod

If you’re using tripods out in the elements, they will always end up getting dirty or clogged up at some point. While this is not ideal, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. By simply caring for and maintaining your tripods you can help to prolong their lifespan and keep them working at the best of their ability for years to come, therefore helping you to get more for the money you originally invested in your kit! Some of the worst conditions for tripods are salt water and sand –... Read More


Take to the skies with the DJI Phantom

Drones have revolutionised the world of photography and videography in recent years, redefining the possibilities of capturing footage from unprecedented angles. One brand in particular that has been riding the crest of this wave and helping to push the boundaries of commercial and recreational aerial photography is DJI who have become one of the go-to names within the drone community. With a product range spanning from aircraft and controllers to batteries, chargers and propellers, DJI offers both professional and amateur photographers all the tools they need to bring their ideas... Read More


How to Clean Your Microphones

If you own any kind of broadcasting equipment, then chances are you like your gear to be in the best condition possible – you’ve paid good money for it after all so why wouldn’t you! This is the same whatever area of the industry you’re in, but for those dealing with audio; you might find that your microphones are slightly grubbier than you think. Mouths are odorous places and spit will naturally get lodged in your microphone as it gets used – this can’t be helped. The likes of coffee... Read More

Ewa-marine underwater – because you wouldn’t go diving without underwear

Do you like to watch documentary movies about underwater life or you aspire to Jacques-Yves Cousteau and have a passion for the ocean? Maybe you have an idea of making the new Captain Nemo movie? Think about all that deep burried treasures at the bottom of the sea and the wildlife. Did you ever experience diving? If not, you should because it is beautiful. Admit it or not – everyone loves sea and oceans, unexplored blue and clear waters. With holidays approaching most of us will go on a beach holiday to enjoy... Read More